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Stepping Out In Pajamas

Pajamas are showing up in more places than just your bedroom this season. Earlier this fall we saw Rachel Roy donning her Bedhead PJ’s on the red carpet and Swedish fashion blogger, Elin Kling, shopping in her loungewear.

Now, Lucky Magazine is weighing in on the trend. They say you can wear your pajamas out in public and still be the best dressed in the room. Of course, we couldn’t agree more.

To help transform your nighttime look into night wear, Lucky provides five easy rules.

The most important in our book: Don’t neglect your hair and makeup. Take a shower, do your hair and makeup as usual, put on a freshly ironed pair of pj’s and feel confident stepping out in style.

Do you wear pajamas out of the house? Share your photos with us on shows fashion designer Rachel Roy wearing Bedhead pajamas on the red carpet.

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Doing Good In Pajamas

While we sat comfortably in our pajamas we learned of a startling statistic: around the world, a woman dies every 90 seconds due to complications of pregnancy. We knew that was one statistic that our founder (a mother of three) and most of our customers would not be able to ignore. When we learned that 90 percent of those deaths are preventable, we decided to do our part to help.

Today, The Pajama Company is thrilled to announce it is partnering with Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health.

Now you have the opportunity to do your part while wearing your pajamas. Today is Maternal Health Monday at The Pajama Company and we are donating 10 percent of every sale to Every Mother Counts.

As The Pajama Company President and Founder writes on her blog, “Yes, we lounge in pajamas. We celebrate in pajamas. We work in pajamas. Today, we are doing something important in pajamas.” Read more about why the cause of maternal and child health is important to Ellie at Life in Pajamas.

Learn what you can do to make pregnancy safe for all women at

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Ten Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Pajamas


1. White footies and a gold crown makes you Max from Where The Wild Things Are.


2. Put on your purple footies and cover yourself in purple balloons and you’re a Bunch of Grapes.


3. Dress up as someone with Bed Head who overslept by wearing Pajamas, slippers, a robe, tease your hair or put in curlers and carry a coffee cup.

4.  Wear our “Dog Person” nightshirt and carry a basket of stuffed dogs on leashes, dog toys and you’re a Dog Walkerdogpersonmodel

5. Tape googly eyes and a round orange nose to a red knit hat, pair with red footies and you’re Elmo.


6. Make a crown of paper petals, pair with green footies and you’re a Flower.


7. Add a tail and ears to your leopard print pajamas and you’re a Leopard.


8. Put on our Red Bear Bottom FlapJack, add glasses, a cane, grey or white hair and you’re Great Grandpa


9. Put on flannel pajamas and glasses, carry a laptop and you’re a Blogger.


10. For the truly lazy … put a picture of yourself on your Tee Shirt or Hoody and wear this with your favorite pj pants and you’re  a Facebook Profile.

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A Dress Code For Parents

In the rush to get the kids out the door and into the car to go school, getting dressed yourself might not be a priority. But it doesn’t matter. No one will see you, right?

At one school in the UK, parents were surprised recently to learn that was not the case. They were being watched.

We have heard about schools enforcing a pajama-free dress code for kids, but this school has taken it one step further. They don’t want parents parents wearing PJ’s, either.

According to a post on, the school sent the following message home to parents:

“We respectfully request that parents who drop off their children and pick them up from school follow all of the dress code expectations that students are expected to follow including the rule stating that pajamas are not to be worn.”

A mom discussing the ban on the Today Show on Thursday said she thought enforcing a dress code for parents was a bit extreme.

What do you think? Do you ever wear pajamas to drive your kids to school?

Would you drive your kids to school wearing pajamas?

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