16 Things We’re Loving about Spring!

Have you been bitten by the spring bug? There’s definitely something to the idea of spring fever…not only do we get more daylight but there’s something about that new-found spring energy!  Here’s what we’re loving about the new season…

1.the sweet smell of fresh air wafting through the windows

2. trading our boots for cute flats & wedges!

3. opening the mail box & finding a friend’s beautiful wedding invitation

4. happy tulips in a mason jar on the table

5. cute tops in dots and stripes!

6. the sound of kids playing outside

7. new pink sunglasses

8. riding around with the sunroof open blasting our favorite songs!

9. enjoying a bowl of pasta with fresh pesto sauce & grated cheese

10. rediscovering all those warm weather clothes that have been packed away in the back of the closet

11. spotting the first blades of green grass peeking through the dirt

12. enjoying a cocktail with friends al fresco

13. the revival of gingham!

14. a cozy afternoon nap after a hike in the woods

15. pedicures in bright coral

16. knowing that warm, lazy beach days are just around the corner…

Photo Credit: Ezu via Compfight cc

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