Back to School

School Supplies You Didn’t Think You Needed (Until Now)

It’s back to school time and by now you probably have the list of supplies your student will need for the upcoming year. These necessities usually include pens, pencils, a backpack, a laptop, and paper.

But beyond these typical school supplies, there are other things you should consider adding to your shopping list that you may not have thought of. We’ve got several must-haves you should purchase now to keep you one step ahead as the chaos of a new academic year starts.

Pajamas – Every student should have new pajamas to start the school year out with. A comfy pair of PJs will ensure your kids sleep well at night, look great for weekend sleepovers, and have something perfect for pajama day during spirit week. Get them a couple pairs just to be safe!

Water Bottles

Water Bottle – Having their own refillable water bottle will make sure your kids don’t accidentally drink from someone else’s container and will also keep the water cold over the course of the day. Make the bottle their own by letting them choose the color and style. You can even have them personalized with your child’s name or picture.

Mini Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer – While all classrooms and public spaces will have sanitizer available to everyone, somewhere a bottle will inevitably run out. A mini bottle of their own kept in their backpack will give them the ability to sanitize and stay safe when otherwise unavailable.


Parental Apps – If your student has their own phone it’s essential that you download some apps to it for their safety and your peace of mind. From location tracking to online monitoring, every parent should make sure these apps are installed on their child’s phone.


Flash Drive – Because technology glitches and breakdowns happen, a good flash drive will make it possible to backup all your child’s hard work.


Compact Umbrella – Fall can be a rainy time of the year so make sure your student stays dry by packing a mini-umbrella in their school bag. They come in so many fun colors, prints, and styles that your child will actually want to use it when the showers come.  And these days umbrellas are so compact, carrying one won’t take up any room at all!


Multivitamins – During summer break you have control over what your child eats and their overall nutrition. Once you send them off to school, it’s a different story. They may tell you they ate the healthy lunch you made them… but did they really? Having your child take a multivitamin every day will guarantee that they are getting all the nutrients they need to grow up big and strong.


Wine – Ok so this one is for mom and dad and not the kids, but trust us – you’re going to need it. Your already hectic day coupled with all the activities your kids are involved in will sometimes make your head spin. On those occasions after you tuck the kiddos into bed for the night (in their new jammies), pop the cork and wind down yourself. It’s a long school year ahead. You can thank us later.


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Relaxation (1)

How to Celebrate National Relaxation Day

National Relaxation Day is August 15th. If you’ve ever wanted to take a day to unplug from technology and social media, you’ve come to the right place for ideas on how to do just that. Take a relaxing bath, relax with a good book, or get a massage. Whatever your reason for celebrating, relaxation can be beneficial for your mind and body.

Stress is one of the most common distractions we have, and taking some time to relax is essential for overall wellness. Taking breaks, watching TV, and light gardening are just a few of the ways to relax every day and unwind but if you’re looking for the best ways to spend a whole day relaxing, you should start planning now.  Listed below are 8 ideas to get you started.

Nat. Relaxation Day (1)

Take a mental health day. You can’t spend the day relaxing if you have to work. If possible, take a mental health day to reflect and do Inner Work. This day can be spent doing something you enjoy or trying something new, spending time with friends, or engaging in some challenging activity. While the latter might seem like a luxury, it will give you a relaxing feeling of accomplishment.

thecats aurorasgardenclassiclife

Start the morning slow. Enjoy the time you get to spend in your pajamas. Sleep late, have a special breakfast, and work into your day. If you have others in the home that may interrupt your morning Zen, tell them in advance this is your day. Or better yet, get the whole gang involved. A whole morning in PJs for everyone!

Spa Day (1)

Visit a spa. There are so many benefits to visiting a spa. Aside from feeling good, spa treatments can help improve your skin’s health and organ function. Some spas even offer services to remove unwanted hair. If you’re looking for a day to relax, visiting a spa might be the perfect way to unwind. And you can easily schedule well in advance for your treatment.

Nature walk (1)

Take a scenic walk. Mother Nature can provide some of the most amazing backdrops for your relaxation day. Walk in a natural environment as opposed to an urban street. The mental boost you get from hiking trails, a sandy beach, or a forest can do wonders for your well-being.

meditate (3)

Meditate. Practicing meditation requires you to focus your mind and notice the world around you. If you’re new to meditation, National Relaxation Day is the perfect time to make it part of your daily routine. Try to meditate for a short period of time to begin with and work your way up to longer and more frequent sessions.

Exercize (1)

Exercise. There are numerous benefits of exercise as a way to relax. Exercise promotes stress reduction and strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system by providing a physical activity that makes them work in tandem. Exercise is also proven to improve mood by producing endorphins that make you happy – so get moving and start relaxing!

Write (1)

Write something. In today’s stressful world, it’s important to find a way to escape and relax. Writing is a great hobby and creative outlet. Not only does it relax and inspire you, but it can also improve your logical thinking, narrative skills, and creative thinking. Write about anything you want and remember you’re not a novelist; this is a personal outlet for you!


Get some sun. Getting outside in the sunshine has several benefits, including improving mood. It prevents overproduction of the hormone melatonin, which is produced by the body when it is dark. Additionally, exposure to sunlight improves brain function which allows you to be more clear thinking and in turn organize your thoughts which will help you relax. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

There are a million things you can do to relax and after all, this is a national holiday so do what makes you relax! Don’t forget to spread the word about National Relaxation Day and celebrate your self-care!

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Hot Sun

Keeping Cool on Hot Summer Days

Many of us love, appreciate, and want to take advantage of all that summer has to offer, but sometimes the one thing stopping us from enjoying the season is oppressive heat. Scorching hot days are inevitably going to happen, but there are tons of ways to stay comfortable both outdoors and indoors when the ridiculously high temperatures hit.


Too much fun in the sun can indeed lead to health issues like heat stroke and dehydration, but if you play it smart you can enjoy being outside even on the hottest summer days.


Keep hydrated: Dehydration can cause health problems, including heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and puts additional stress on the body, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, and a reduced ability to cool itself down. If you are extremely active on hot days, consider adding hydration packs to your outdoor activities.  They’re a convenient way to carry water and stay hydrated when exercising, working outside, or simply hanging out.

Cooling Tools

Use cooling tools: When it comes to staying cool, a mister is an indispensable tool. The mist it produces cools the body and provides a refreshing blast of water whenever you’re feeling hot. To keep the water from getting warm, put some ice in it, or better yet, plan ahead and put the bottle in the freezer for an hour before you head out. The slush will melt and keep the mist cooler longer. Cooling towels are also great for providing instant relief as they continue to cool as the water evaporates.


Avoid full sun: Try staying out of the sun as much as possible or alternate your activities by heading indoors to an air-conditioned building to stay cool from time to time. That way, you don’t have to give up all your outdoor fun without overheating. You can also plan to go places that have enough shade so that you aren’t constantly in direct sunlight.


Get wet: Take advantage of opportunities to keep cool in various community locations like public pools, splash pads, and beaches. Spending time in the water cools down your entire body and it feels oh so good!


If you have air conditioning then staying cool in your home is quite easy. If you don’t however, you want to make every effort to stay comfortable while you wait out the heat wave. These tips will definitely help.

Close Blinds

Close your blinds and curtains: Blocking the sun from shining in the house can keep the temperature indoors much lower. Heat rises so pay specific attention to upstairs rooms. Especially the bedrooms as you want to be comfortable when you sleep.

lazyone twotirednight


Wear the right clothing. Light and breathable fabrics are the way to go when the temps hit record highs. Your skin needs to be able to sweat and then dry quickly to keep your internal cooling system at its best. This includes bedtime. Wear light summertime pajamas or even better a nightshirt that is loose fitting and non-restricting.

Eat the right foods. Hot days are not the right times to eat heavy meals of foods loaded with fat and sugar. Instead, eat hydrating meals with plenty of vegetables (that are loaded with water) and fruits. Include lean proteins as well to keep up your energy levels.

Dog water

Don’t forget the pets. Animals can suffer from heat stroke and exhaustion as well so make sure your furry friends have access to plenty of water and shade.  Don’t take them along in the car when the temperatures are skyrocketing. It only takes minutes in a hot vehicle for them to become ill.

Remember that it IS summer and in no time many will be complaining about the cold and snow. Embrace the season, enjoy all that summer has to offer, just be careful not to overdo it.


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Planning the Perfect Kids Sleepover

Kids’ sleepovers are fun events that not only bring old and new friends together but also teach children to practice good manners and hospitality. From feeding and cleaning up after others, to comforting a homesick sick child, children can learn valuable life skills by making a meal or playing games with their guests.

The key to planning the perfect kids’ sleepover party is making sure you are well prepared and involve your kids in the entire process so that the night will run smoothly. Read on for more!


Limit the number of guests. One of the most important things to consider when planning a sleepover is the number of guests you will have. If for instance your child already struggles with play dates, it’s best to limit the number of guests to two or three. From there, you can work up to three or four and so on. Be sure to invite an even number of guests as the odd kid out effect can be very frustrating.

Encourage matching pajamas. The kids should have matching pajamas so letting them know in advance will assure they are not without.  If they don’t have them, you can always order them before the party begins so that they can change into them as they arrive. It’s a sure way to make the sleepover a success!

Sweet Bar

Create a Sweet Bar. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make kids’ sleepovers fun, consider creating a sweet bar!  The kids will love decorating their desserts with fun toppings and creating their own signature flavors.  Be sure to start the party early in the evening so that the sugar has time to leave their system before bedtime. Some fun activities for them to do after the sweet bar helps burn that sugar right off.


Provide toiletries. Always make sure to have extra toiletries on hand for the guests. It’s almost inevitable that someone will forget a toothbrush, toothpaste, or other hygiene products, and kids don’t always think of these things. Make sure that they are visible and displayed in a way that your guests will not be embarrassed to ask and know they can use them.

Photobooth (1)

Build a photo booth. Creating a photo booth for the sleepover is a simple but fun activity. You can set up a photo wall with fun items, like hats and beaded necklaces, or even purchase some gear online to make your own DIY photo booth props. Your guests can pose with these props to get some fun pictures. You can also send photos home as party favors.

Ice Breaker

Break the ice. Consider an icebreaker game as the first activity. It’s a fun way to get everyone acquainted with one another and help shy kids feel comfortable. As an example, have everyone write down two fibs and one truth about themselves. Once everyone has written down their items, they share them with the group who then decides which one is true. It’s a great way to lighten the mood of the evening.

Nightlight (1)

Practice safety. Know in advance if any of the kids need to take medications, have allergies, or have fears of certain things. Also, make sure that when they go to bed they know where your bedroom is so they can easily find you if they need something. Make sure to leave hall lights on and place nightlights in the bathrooms.

Organizing a sleepover can be a tricky task but it’s a great opportunity for creative kids to run wild and shy ones to come out of their shell. Your kids will have fun, you will have fun, and tons of memories will be made!




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Summer Vacation

8 Things You Can Do to Prepare For a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Summer vacation season is in full swing and despite the high gas prices, AAA says that more Americans are traveling again. Whether you’re camping in your own state, taking a cross-country road trip, or flying to a tropical or overseas destination it’s important to be prepared.

From before you leave to your return back home, here are some tips you can use to make sure you get the most out of your time off and not feel overwhelmed when you get back.

Vacation Budget

Budget in advance. Conduct adequate research in advance to get the best rates for airfare and hotel rooms, as well as discounts for events and souvenirs Make estimates of what you plan to spend and stick to the budget. Remember, the credit card bill will arrive a month later and you don’t want to be shocked when you open it.

8oak gingerjarpalmshortyflat

Stay well-rested. Sleep is essential to having a stress-free vacation. A good night’s sleep will help you plan better and stay calm. It’s also helpful to try to keep the same sleep schedule not only throughout the summer but also while you are away, especially for kids. This will not only help you avoid being late for planned activities and oversleeping, but it will also assure you won’t be tired during your planned adventures.

No Work

Communicate in advance. When you’re on vacation, it’s best to disengage from work. While you may be tempted to check emails and send IMs, you should treat your vacation as a mandatory break. Leave your work and email accounts in someone else’s capable hands and tell people you plan to disconnect while you are gone.

thecats Bicyclette_Pima_Knit_Capri.White.01_900x1200_crop_center

Pack for anything. Weather and temperature can never be counted on, so making sure you have a variety of wardrobe choices is not only smart for making sure you are comfortable but also helps keep you on budget not having to buy something if you aren’t prepared. This strategy applies even to your pajamas. Of course, you’ll need some summer pj’s but you may also want to bring along something in case its cooler one day or the air conditioning in the hotel is too cold.

Phone off

Reduce phone usage. If you want to have a stress-free summer vacation, limit your cell phone use. Yes, you’ll probably want to have it along to take pictures of all the amazing things you’re going to see and do, but try putting it on silent so you don’t hear notifications or incoming calls.


Clean House

Clean your house before you leave. There is no better feeling than knowing you won’t have to clean the house when you return from a trip. You’ll already have enough to do when you get back but cleaning house won’t be one of them. Don’t forget to throw away food that will spoil while you are gone. No one like a smelly fridge.List

Make a grocery list. Most people come back from vacation to empty refrigerators and then scramble to feed their families the first day back. Almost all stores deliver these days so if you make a grocery list before you leave, you can go online the day you are coming back and order everything from your to be delivered right to your door.


Bring along a babysitter or nanny. If you are planning a vacation with your children, it may be a good idea to bring your nanny with you if possible. The continuity of care will be great for the children, and the nanny will also have the benefit of a paid vacation. It can make the trip more enjoyable for your children and allows you to have some one-on-one time with your spouse as well.

Your vacation is all about getting away, resting, up and making memories. If you plan ahead and follow these tips on how to get the most of it, you’ll come back feeling refreshed, de-stressed, and it will be easy to ease back into everyday life.


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Fathers Day

Special Ways to Honor Dad on Father’s Day

Every year on the 3rd Sunday in June we celebrate Father’s Day to show dad just how important he is to us. That means putting a little effort into planning a day that will be memorable and all about him.


All dads are different when it comes to interests, hobbies, and activity levels so we’ve composed a variety of options that you can incorporate into Father’s Day as your way of saying “thank you dad for all you do.”

Sleep In

thecats menscharlestonlife1

Let him sleep in. Typically dad’s hectic schedule means he’s always on the go. On Father’s Day allow him to catch up on some zzz’s by keeping household activity to a minimum and asking everyone to use their inside voices.

Breakfast in bed

Serve up a tasty breakfast. Once he’s ready to rise and shine, a delicious breakfast made up of all his favorites will provide the fuel he’ll need to take on the day. If you can serve it to him in bed, that’s even better because everyone knows food tastes better when you’re in your pajamas!

Relax (1)

Let him relax. Dad’s like to go go go, so on Father’s Day it’s nice to try and move at a slower pace without all kinds of rushed plans. If he wants to watch the ball game or take a nap, you can use that time to do something extra special like wash his car, clean up the garage, or do one of the many chores he normally does, so he doesn’t have to.


Give him choices. As we mentioned, all dads are different so thinking about what he loves will simplify your plans. If he’s an outdoorsman, take him out fishing, golfing, or for a hike. If he’s a homebody, consider a game day, movie marathon (think movies about dads), or just lounge in the yard. Whatever it is dad wants on his special day, dad gets.

FD Grilling

Feed him well. The number one way people celebrate Father’s Day is with a barbecue. Pull out all the stops and create a feast fit for a king. Dads like to be in control of the grill but just for today, make sure you do the cooking so he can sit back and relax with a nice cold beverage.

FD Gift

Surprise him with something unexpected. Do you remember dad saying he’d like to have this or do that? Father’s day is the perfect opportunity to show him you remember what he said way back when, and surprise him with just that. The little things we do for people have the greatest impact.

Thanks dad

Say ‘thank you’. Sometimes we forget what Father’s Day is really about. It’s the time to honor our dads and thank them for everything they have done, still do, and how they make a difference if our lives every day. Tell them how much they mean and how you wouldn’t be who you are today without them.
To all the amazing fathers out there we say thank you! Enjoy your special day!


If you’d like to share a picture of your dad, feel free to post on our Facebook page.


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Summer Movies

Get ready for summer with these classic movies

We think summer is the best time of year. We love the longer days, warm weather, activities with family and friends, beach vacations, and everything else that comes with it.

So with Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s no doubt that your schedule will be full of activities and social events. Now is the perfect time to take one last day to relax, and get into summer mode. We can’t think of a better way to do that than to put on your favorite summery pajamas, grab a snack, and binge-watch classic summer-themed movies. For some, these flicks will be full of nostalgia and for others unfamiliar with the titles, it’s a peek into simpler times. Here are 8 of our favorite classic summer movies that are sure to get you ready for all the fun the next few months are sure to bring.


Grease (1978) – Danny and Sandy. Need we say more? This American classic will bring back so many memories and have you singing along with all your favorite characters from Rydell High.

Summer School

Summer School (1987) – Freddy Shoop (Mark Harmon)is a gym teacher ready for his summer vacation in Hawaii. When he is told he can either teach summer-school English or lose his job, he ends up teaching a group of less than motivated kids not only their curriculum but also a little something about life.


Meatballs (1979) – This movie, about a not-so-typical summer camp stars Bill Murray as Tripper Harrison, Camp North Star’s head counselor. If you’ve ever been to a summer camp, you’ll probably be able to relate to some of the craziness and hijinks the campers and counselors take part in.


The Sandlot (1993) – A perfect ‘for all ages’ summer sports movie, this coming-of-age story is centered around Shy Scotty (Tom Guiry) who moves to a new town and how a little league baseball team helps him adapt.


Caddyshack (1980) – You’ve never seen a country club like Bushwood. The all-star cast including Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, and Ted Knight will keep you laughing through the entire film and you might even think about taking up golf!


Jaws (1975) – Ok so maybe not the best movie to watch if you’re taking a beach vacation this year but Jaws is one of those classic movies you can watch over and over and it will teach you that when someone says get out of the water they mean it!

Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing (1987) – Ahh the memories. You’ll have the time of your life singing and couch dancing along with this summer classic. And don’t forget “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”


National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) – Hit the road with the Griswolds for their mishap-filled summer vacation. It will make you realize that the little hiccups we may encounter on a road trip aren’t so bad after all.

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused (1993) – Before they were A-listers, Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey star in this coming-of–age comedy about what the last day of school might have looked like in the 70’s.

Endless Summer (1)

The Endless Summer (1966) – This is one of the earliest surfing movies and is sure to become one of your favorites. If you’re not traveling this summer this film is the perfect substitute as it takes you all around the world looking for the perfect wave. The scenery is amazing!

The list could go on and on, but if we named all our picks you’d never leave the couch. Instead, take a day, watch to your heart’s content, and then go enjoy the best season of the year!


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KD (1)

Throwing the Ultimate Kentucky Derby Party

It’s Kentucky Derby time again and this year looks like we’re going to see things go back to the grand event it was pre-pandemic. That means it’s time to go all-out with the food, drinks, decorations, and attire.

If you’re a Derby fanatic and are planning to host an event this year we’ve got some fun ideas you can incorporate into your party that you may not have thought of.

Brown Sandwich (1)

The Food. Have you ever heard of a ‘Hot Brown Sandwich’? This tasty dish has been a Kentucky Tradition since first created in 1926 by the chef at Louisville’s Brown Hotel. It’s an open-faced sandwich made and the original recipe was made with toast, turkey, tomatoes, and cheese. There are a variety of versions available online so do a quick search and find the one that would best suit your guests. Don’t forget the Derby pie!

Mint Julep Derby (1)

The Drink. The race may only last about 2 minutes but the cocktails you make for the gang will keep you in high spirits all day long. Of course, the Mint Julep is typically the star of the party but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring other libations into the mix. Consider the ‘Oaks Lily’ – made with vodka, the ‘Jockey Club’ which is the cousin of the Manhattan, or the ‘Horses Neck’ made with only 2 ingredients. Don’t forget to have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages on hand for your guests that don’t drink.

thecats springflingclassic800

The Attire. When it comes to getting dressed for the derby you can really use your imagination and have some fun with it. How about a pajama theme? Get dressed in your colorful and bright PJs (instead of fancy dresses and suits), but top the outfit off with fancy hats. Not only will your event be a unique experience for your guests, but they’ll be comfortable as can be enjoying the race.

Pool (1)

The Betting. No Derby party is complete without some friendly wagering between friends. There are many different ways you can place your bets and because a scratch can always happen a short time before the race, you’ll want to do your research on how to handle your betting based on the number of people at your party and also what you think they would be willing to wager. Don’t make it something they’ll think is too expensive or too difficult to figure out. This website offers several different options.

Derby HS (1)

The Games. Since you’ll want your party to last longer than the 2 minutes the race is on, you’re going to want your guests to be entertained the rest of the time. Games like Derby Bingo, ring toss, horseshoes, and pin the tail on the horse will keep everyone laughing and engaged with one another.

However you do Derby Day, we hope you’ll make it an event to remember and one they’ll talk about for years to come. We’d love to see your pictures. Share them over on our Facebook page with the rest of our pajama community!


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Mothers Day Gift Giving

7 Mother’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, but with goods and services costing more than ever before finding the right gift for Mom that won’t upset your budget could be a challenge. We all know how important it is to celebrate the most important woman in our lives, and doing so in grand form is a must!

Here are some great gift ideas that show love, caring, and gratitude but won’t set you back too much.

banner Emerson_Street

Pajamas – Spoiling Mom is what the day is all about and giving her the gift of pajamas shows her that she deserves to relax and pamper herself every day. Here at The Pajama Company, we have so many styles, patterns, and options to choose from you’re sure to find something mom will love. And the best part is when she slips into her wonderful gift every night she’ll be thinking of you!

Potted bulbs

A living plant – Flowers are the number one purchase made on Mother’s Day and but they don’t last and in a week your gift will lose its beauty and be discarded. A live plant can last for years and will be a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness. We love the idea of bulb plants like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinth. They bloom in the pot giving you a gorgeous bouquet and then they can be planted outside where every spring she can enjoy the beautiful blooms all over again.

Gift Basket for Mom (1)

A homemade gift basket. Purchasing a pre-made gift basket can be costly and they don’t always contain items that you would necessarily want to give mom. Instead, build your own with all Mom’s favorites. Get her favorite wine, perfume, some cozy socks, a box of chocolates, a gift card to her favorite store, and anything else that completes the bundle, and deliver it with a handwritten note.

Mother's Day Brunch

Make a special meal. It’s her day to relax and instead of dealing with the crowds at your local eatery, cook up a brunch or dinner full of her favorite foods. You can eat at and visit at home where you’ll have uninterrupted quality time without all the noise and hustle and bustle of eating out. And you won’t have to worry about what may or may not be available as you’ve created a personalized menu just for Mom!

Mom Puzzle (1)

A picture puzzle. Any picture can be turned into a puzzle and once they are put together, they make a great conversation piece. Use a family portrait from years past or take a new one. You can even create a collage image and then turn that into a puzzle. These fun gifts provide hours of entertainment for Mom and if you’re lucky, she may even ask you to help which leads to more quality time together. As an extra bonus, give her a gift certificate for framing the finished product.

Mom Gym (1)

A gym membership. We want Mom around for a long time so making sure she gets her exercise and stays healthy is a great way to assure you will have plenty more Mother’s Days ahead of you. A gym membership doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get one for as low as $10 per month. If you have a local rec. center, check with them too as they generally have great prices and lots of different activities to keep things interesting.

Pottery and wine

A day to be artsy. These days you can find all kinds of places that offer different options to show your creative side. From painting old barn boards to creating a piece of pottery, your town likely has more than one option. And did you know that most of these places serve wine?

These are just 7 ideas to get your wheels turning. Of course, the best gift you can give your Mom is your time, and that doesn’t cost a thing. If you were to ask her what she wants she’ll likely say, “the only thing I want is to spend time with you.” Mother’s Day should be every day for the woman that brought you into this world. Make each day special even if you just send a text telling her you love her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms from The Pajama Company!



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Pajamas at work (1)

Our Favorite Holiday is coming! National Wear your Pajama’s to Work Day!

Nowadays wearing your pajamas to work can be an everyday occurrence for those that still have the luxury of working remotely. For those whose employers require their presence back in the office or workplace, there’s one day out of the year where you can flashback to the good old days (a couple of years ago) where you can once again work in your pajamas. This year, on Tuesday, April 19th, go back in time to when working in your most comfortable clothes is once again allowed.

banner harley2

And since our favorite thing here at The Pajama Company is – well – pajamas, we’re experts at making sure you get the most of the best national holiday ever!

To begin with, consider where you work. You are no longer in your home office or at your dining room table. Coworkers and customers will be present so make your pajama-style decision based on who you will be with and what’s acceptable. If your workplace leans to the laid-back side, you can probably be a little more casual with your choice. Otherwise think conservative.You should also think about the weather. After all, in many parts of the country it can still be pretty cold in mid-April so dress accordingly.

banner haley

A fun way to make sure that you stay warm on a cooler day is to use an accessory like a bathrobe as a coat as opposed to your normal jacket. We do suggest wearing regular shoes from home to work and or course, sneakers are a great look with pj’s. If  you’re going all-in bring your slippers along to change into when you get there. Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day is especially fun for teachers and students!

SM Illustration pajamaday

Another thing to consider is that you may end up realizing you have to make a stop or two before or after work, and wearing your pajamas to these locations may not be acceptable. Bring a change of clothes just in case. We never know what might pop up over the course of the day and having them with you could be a real time-saver.

So what about hair and make-up? Well, if you are comfortable with people seeing you as they would if they came over to your house, then by all means, tone it down for the day. Maybe just spruce up a little bit as opposed to the bedhead you might have donned when you worked from home and simply crawled out of bed to your computer with your morning cup of coffee.

Here at The Pajama Company, we have always promoted that we often do our best work in pajamas. We imagine that many who worked at home during the pandemic would agree and perhaps find going back to the office distracting. People working in creative fields often work best in solitude and comfort. We also embrace the individuality of your perfect pajama style. Perhaps it’s a flannel pant with a cashmere sweater, perhaps it’s a lounge pant with a great sweatshirt or a classic pajama set with a print that you love.

me nypostpic


Lastly, make a fun day of it. You don’t want to be the only one walking around in your plaid flannels while the rest of the company is wearing their daily street clothes, so be sure to let everyone know ahead of time that you will be embracing Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day!

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That’s it! All you need now is the perfect pair of PJs and you’re ready to celebrate the happiest day of the year!


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