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Cozy Fabric Choices for Fall Pajamas

As the weather cools down and we transition into the cozy embrace of fall, our thoughts naturally turn to revamping our wardrobe for the season. And what’s more essential than finding the perfect pair of pajamas for those chilly nights spent lounging at home? With a plethora of fabrics to choose from, navigating the world of pajama shopping can be a delightful but daunting task. Here, we’ve curated a selection of the finest fabrics to consider when embarking on your fall pajama quest.

Flannel: Get ready to wrap yourself in the warm embrace of flannel pajamas! Crafted from soft, inviting cotton, flannel is your go-to choice for cozy comfort during the cooler autumn months. Whether you prefer solid colors or charming patterns, flannel offers a variety of styles to suit your taste.

Fleece: Experience the ultimate snuggle with fleece pajamas! Soft, snug, and wonderfully lightweight, fleece ensures a night of uninterrupted slumber. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Thermal: Dive into the luxurious comfort of thermal fabric! This blend of Rayon and Elastane delivers softness and warmth like no other, making it your perfect companion for staying snug on those crisp fall nights.

Satin: Elevate your bedtime routine with the opulence of satin pajamas! Soft, lightweight, and expert at regulating body temperature, satin is a dream come true for those who seek cool, elegant slumber. And, it’s easy to maintain, promising years of luxurious relaxation.

Jersey: Get ready to stretch out in style with pima knit pajamas! This soft, stretchy fabric offers both comfort and breathability, ensuring a good night’s sleep. Lightweight and flexible, jersey is your ideal choice for nights when you tend to get warm. Plus, the variety of colors and styles available means you’re sure to find the perfect pair.

Modal: Discover the magic of modal fabric! Crafted from beech tree cellulose and blended with Pima Cotton, modal offers an unbeatable blend of softness, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties, making it an ideal choice for pajamas. Best of all, modal pajamas are conveniently machine washable, ensuring easy care.

When embarking on your fall pajama shopping adventure, remember to consider not just the fabric but also the style. Seek out pajamas that offer a comfortable fit and versatility to be worn in various seasons. And don’t overlook the care instructions, as different fabrics may require special washing and drying techniques. Here’s to warm and cozy nights ahead!

Back to School Blues: Staying Focused When Summer’s Still in the Air

As the leaves begin to change color and a crispness fills the morning air, it’s clear that autumn is just around the corner. But for our little ones, going back to school when it’s nice outside it can be tough.  Balancing the excitement of outdoor adventures with the demands of studying can be a real challenge. So, how can we keep our kids focused on their studies when the call of summer fun lingers? Let’s explore some tips that will help your child transition smoothly from beach days to school days.

Set a Consistent Sleep Schedule: One of the keys to maintaining focus and productivity during the school year is ensuring your child gets enough restorative sleep. During the summer, bedtimes often become more relaxed, and late nights are the norm. A consistent sleep schedule will help them wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day, even when the sun is still shining brightly.

Experience the Quality of Comfortable Pajamas: When it comes to ensuring a good night’s sleep, comfortable pajamas are a game-changer. Invest in top-notch, cozy pajama sets that your child will eagerly look forward to wearing. Not only do these pajamas provide an unparalleled sense of comfort and relaxation, but they also contribute to a deeper, more restful sleep. Quality sleep is the key to enhanced learning and academic success, and the right pajamas can make all the difference.

Create a Dedicated Study Space: When the weather outside is inviting, it’s essential to have a designated study area that minimizes distractions. Set up a well-lit and comfortable workspace where your child can concentrate on their schoolwork. Keep this area stocked with all the necessary supplies, such as pens, notebooks, and reference materials. By creating an organized study environment, you can help your child stay on track even when the allure of the great outdoors beckons.

Plan for Outdoor Breaks: Since it still feels like summer outside, don’t deny your child the chance to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Incorporate outdoor breaks into their study routine. Set specific intervals for short outdoor playtime or walks in the park. These breaks can rejuvenate their minds and keep them motivated to complete their tasks. Plus, there’s nothing better than slipping into cozy pajamas after a dose of vitamin D from the sun.

Keep Learning Fun: Learning doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Find creative ways to keep your child engaged with their studies. Use colorful markers, sticky notes, or interactive learning apps to make lessons more enjoyable. Encourage them to explore subjects they’re passionate about, and let them take the lead on some of their assignments. When learning is exciting, your child will be more eager to dive into their studies.

Encourage a Balanced Lifestyle: While it’s essential to maintain focus on studies, it’s equally crucial to make time for family, friends, and outdoor activities. Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities that interest them, whether it’s a sports team, art class, or nature club. A well-rounded lifestyle will keep them motivated and engaged, even when the school bell is ringing.

As the days get shorter and the allure of summer lingers, helping your child stay focused on their studies is all about balance and preparation. By implementing these tips you’ll create an environment that supports both their academic success and their enjoyment of the remaining days of summer.

8 Ways to Adjust to the End of Daylight Saving Time

The end of Daylight Saving Time can be difficult to adjust to, but there are ways to get through it. Sure for one night you get an extra hour of sleep but the entire process can mess up your internal clock for weeks after the change.

According to the Better Sleep Council, about 60% of American adults need a couple weeks to recover from Daylight Saving Time. Luckily, there are some simple, inexpensive sleep aids available to help. These tips will help you adjust to the seasonal time change by improving your sleep at night and so you wake up fresh in the morning ready to take on the day.

pjsal cozyupsittingBLUSH-8

Be comfortable at night. We know the benefits of a great pair of pajamas. They don’t just make you look good, they will ensure that you get solid and productive sleep at night. Choose your pajamas based on your individual needs so for instance, if you get warm at night lighter fabrics are the way to go. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to feel confined, go for a loose fitting pair of pjs or a nightshirt. Whatever your style, you’ll find the perfect pair right here on our site!


Install blackout shades or curtains. One way to adjust to the end of Daylight Saving time is by installing dark window in your bedroom. These coverings block out sunlight and give you a really dark room which creates an ideal sleeping environment by stimulating the production of melatonin, which signals the brain to sleep. As an extra benefit, heavy dark window treatments can help insulate a room and minimize noise.


kash eyemaskpinkfrontback

Wear a sleep mask. If blackout curtains are not an option, try wearing a sleep mask to block out light early in the morning. They are quite comfortable and make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your rest and not waking up too early. And, they are quite fashionable so you’ll look fantastic while you snooze!

Sound Machine

Use a sound machine. White noise machines help you get a better quality night’s sleep by masking other noises that disturb your sleep. Not only can they help you get to sleep but also stay asleep, and may even help to train your brain to know when it’s time to hit the sack.

End Nap

Shortening or eliminating a child’s nap. This transition is tricky, and you’ll need to make sure your child is ready for it. Normally, naps are taken in the afternoon which gives them more energy to make it through the rest of the day. By eliminating this nap, your child will be more tired when it’s time for bed and keeping their sleep schedule from being thrown off.


Setting an alarm to go to bed earlier. Setting an alarm to go to bed earlier can be one of the easiest ways to adjust to the end of Daylight Saving Time. Most people find that sleeping between the hours of 10 pm and midnight is the most restful, and by setting an alarm, you can make the change easier. But you should remember to change the clock before you go to bed so you won’t end up playing the “it’s really XX o’clock” game.

Phone off

Turn technology off. The light from your phone, tablet, or computer stimulates the brain and makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Turn off the phone and read a book or take a warm bath to unwind. The general rule of thumb is to avoid screens for at least two hours before bed.

Whole Grain

Eat earlier and smarter. Try eating at earlier in the evening so your body has time to digest the food. Avoid spicy and fatty foods, and choose healthy proteins and whole grains instead. Another thing to avoid is caffeinated drinks later in the day so you have time to pass the caffeine through your system.

8 Must Have Fall Essentials

Autumn is officially here and like it or not, it’s time to pack away summer and think of cooler temperatures and shorter days.

Switching seasons means you should think about the things you’ll need to get you through until spring arrives. We’d like to share our favorite fall essentials that we have found to make the transition easier.

The right pajamas. Because the temperatures can be all over the place in fall, it’s necessary to have a variety of pajamas that you can choose between.  You don’t want to be too hot, nor should you be cold when you sleep. Comfort is key as it ensures a good night’s rest which in turn makes for more productive days. From lighter cotton to flannels and footies, make sure you have choices.


A few good books. On the days when the weather is blustery and cold and you don’t want to go anywhere, there’s nothing like curling up in your most comfortable pajamas and a cozy blanket with a good book. Pick up several books because as we all know, there will be plenty of opportunities in the upcoming months to hunker down.


A variety of tea. When you’re curled up in your favorite pajamas reading a good book, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea to complete the mood. We recommend having a variety to choose from so that you can pick the one that suits your mood. We prefer herbal teas because they help you relax and many can provide immune defense and other health-related properties. With so many brands and flavors on the market to choose from you’re sure to find tons of tasty options.


A heavier moisturizer. The change of season also means drier air both indoors and outdoors which can take its toll on your skin.  A good moisturizer will provide protection and keep your skin healthy and happy.


Baking ingredients. There’s something about fall that brings out the Julia Child in us. Make sure you have all the supplies in your pantry now so that when the urge to bake hits, you’ve got everything you need to make those yummy pies, sweetbreads, and cakes.

Fall candles

Fall-scented candles. Enhance every fall day with scented candles that fit the season. From pumpkin spice to warm vanilla, even the dreariest of days can be significantly uplifted with your favorite scent wafting through your home.


A working slow cooker. Pull out the slow cooker or crock pot and plug it in to make sure it works because it’s chili, beef stew, and pot roast season. There’s nothing better than comfort food during the colder months.  Plus… a slow cooker makes meal time way easier so you have more time to hibernate.

Prog. Therm

A programmable thermostat. OK so this isn’t as glamorous or as fun as the others however it’s a must; especially these days when prices of everything including heat are through the roof. If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, it’s time to look into one. Keep your home comfortable without spending an arm in a leg to do so.

Fall isn’t all bad, we have plenty of warm weather days and the colors in many parts of the country are breathtaking but we all know that there will be some not-so-pleasant days as well. If you have some of these essentials it will make staying in so much better!

Stretching Summer into Fall

Just because the calendar says Labor Day doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to summer just like that. In most areas the weather can remain warm well into the fall, and just because kids are back to school, and the days are getting a little shorter it doesn’t mean the fun is done.

We like to drag out summer as long as possible and there are plenty of things for you to do that will make You feel like the happy summer days have not faded quite yet.

Fall PJ Party

Plan a backyard sleepover. You can do this for either adults or kids. There’s nothing better than setting up the backyard with lots of food, drink, and even an outdoor movie screen. Everybody can wear their favorite pajamas and enjoy the early fall evenings.

Farmers Market

Visit a farmer’s market. The summer bounty is at its height and getting picked and brought to your local market right now. Pick up an array of fresh fruits and vegetables and fill your table with all the amazing flavors of summer. Think about canning some of this wonderful produce for the sweet taste of summer all winter long.


Go to the zoo. Believe it or not, this is the time of the year when the animals are most active. It’s not quite as hot but days can still get into the temperatures where they are out, roaming around, and showing off for all their visitors.


Go to a drive-in for dinner. Most places where you can order and eat dinner right from your car stay open well into October because they know there is plenty of good weather yet to be had. Hop in your car and head to your local drive-in with the family and enjoy your dinner outdoors.

Fall Gardening

Do some gardening. Fall mums, cold crops, and next year’s bulbs can all be planted now and will continue to grow until it freezes.  Did you know that many vegetables can be grown between now and the end of October because they like the cooler weather? You can be eating fresh produce right up until the snow flies

Am Park

Visit an amusement park. Nothing says summer like rides, concession stands, and shows. The great thing about visiting an amusement park at this time of year is that you’ll likely save all kinds of money throughout the park. You might even find an all-inclusive package deal because they are anxious to keep people coming until they close for the season.


Go to the beach. On a warm sunny day pack up the family and head on down to the beach. The wonderful part about going this time of year is that you won’t have the crowds you have during the summer months.


Hang your laundry out to dry. The fresh scents of summer can hang with you for just a little longer if you put your laundry outside to dry instead of using the dryer. There’s something about pulling out a line-dried piece of clothing or towel in the middle of November that will put a smile on your face.

Enjoy every moment of what we have left of summer and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


Easing your pet into the end of Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time ends November 7th and it’s time to “fall back” into shorter days, longer nights, and cooler weather. Typically it doesn’t take long for humans to adjust to the time change but our pets don’t get their routines by following the same clock that we use to stay on schedule. They have what’s called circadian rhythm– which is their biological – or internal – clock that signals when it’s time to eat, sleep, go potty, and more.  So, changing the clock back even an hour can affect your pets.

Since explaining the sudden change to them is not an option, we have to do a little preparation in advance to avoid the confusion, anxiety, and unwanted behavior associated with a schedule change. After all, they’re getting attention, food, exercise, and potty time an hour later than they are accustomed to. Here are some pointers for making the transition a smooth one.


Feeding time. Many pets are fed at a set time in the morning, evening, or both. When you set the clock back, they are being fed a whole hour late. The best plan of attack is to start the week beforehand feeding them later than normal in 10-15 minute increments leading up to the time change so they can acclimate gradually. Don’t be surprised however if during this new cycle your pet is sitting by their bowl looking at you with that “I’m hungry” look we all know too well.


Potty time. Most dogs are used to going out at very specific times to get their business done. When you sleep an hour later their internal clock can go haywire. In the weeks leading up to the time change, hold off on morning or evening walks for 10-minute increments just like feeding. Don’t force your pup to hold it for too long however, — just enough for them to ease into the new time.


Bonding time. Your pet’s time with you is the most important thing in their lives. When you go to work, they miss you. Right after the time change they actually think they are getting an extra hour with you in the morning. But when you’re not home when they expect you as the sun hits that certain point in the sky, they can suffer added anxiety which leads to unwanted behaviors like having accidents or destroying your belongings. Start acclimation early by running a few short errands after work so your pet can adapt to you arriving home when the sun is down. Also, make sure to give your pet a little extra attention in the weeks after the change so they know how much you love them.


Medication dispensing. Some pets may be affected if they are on medications where the time of each dose is critical. Examples would be diabetic pets on insulin or pets on anti-seizure drugs. Contact your veterinarian for specific instructions on how to administer medication during a time change.

Dog Mess

Patience. Unfortunately, not all activities can be gradually eased into. If you are away at work all day and your pet has not completely adjusted an accident or anxiety can happen. Be understanding in these instances and don’t punish them. He or she will adjust quickly and things will return to normal before you know it.

You may also want to consider changing your schedule. Instead of taking the full extra hour of sleep on Sunday, Set the alarm 10 or 15 minutes later each day until everyone in the household is getting up at the new time. It will make the Daylight Saving Time switch a positive experience, as opposed to a stressful one.

Does the end of Daylight Saving Time bother your pet? Do you do anything to help them adjust? Let us know below or over on our Facebook page.

Five Fabulous Ways to Enjoy Fall Football

Fall is many people’s favorite season. Whether it’s the cooler temperatures, the changing of the leaves, or everything pumpkin spice there’s something about fall that is just warm and inviting. It’s also the time when football returns to stadiums, living rooms, and sports bars all across the country.  Regardless if it’s the Friday night lights at your local high school, supporting your alma mater, or cheering on your favorite professional team, one thing is certain; Americans can’t get enough of this exciting sport!

Going to an actual game and watching in person is something every fan should experience at least once, but it can be very expensive and not practical on a regular basis. It can be just as fun (and with fewer hassles) to get creative on your own and set up the ultimate football lover’s experience. We’ve got 5 great ideas for doing just that!

Outdoor Living Room 1

Set up a backyard living room. Fall temperatures are perfect for hanging out in the backyard with a bunch of snacks, a TV, and your family to watch your favorite team. You’ll get fresh air, you can make all the noise you want, and you don’t have to worry about long bathroom lines! Once the neighbors see how much fun you’re having, don’t be surprised if they bring over their own chairs to join the party!


Homegait. One of the best parts about going to the stadium is the pre-game tailgating. The smell of grills cooking and the sound of fans getting ready for the day’s showdown are exhilarating. Recreate that in your own driveway! Invite your friends and neighbors over, set up a big TV, and get the grill going. Make it a potluck where everyone brings their favorite tailgating dish and you’re on your way to a party they’ll talk about all season!

Radio Listen

Listen on the radio. Believe it or not, back in the day, not everyone had a color TV – or A TV for that matter. Take a step back in time and just listen to the game while using your imagination to visualize the action on the field. The announcers that call the games over the radio airwaves are outstanding at making sure you feel the excitement and understand every detail of every play. Make a day of it by taking a drive to see fall foliage while you listen.

Sports bar

Visit a sports bar. There’s something about being surrounded by a bunch of strangers all rooting for the same team that really instills a sense of community. Many sports bars offer drink and food specials so you don’t have to do the pouring or cooking. You can just sit back and watch the plays while others do the work


Have a football pajama party. Weekends are for winding down and there’s no better way to relax than staying in your PJs all day. Order Pizza, plop down on the couch, and get ready for some football. With no distractions, you won’t miss any of the important plays or game winning touchdown!

How do you do football? Tell us here in the comments of head over to our Facebook page and tell us there!

Specialty care packages for your college student

Sending a child off to college for the first time is a period filled with emotion. Exciting, sad, stressful, and worried are all a part of the experience. You want them to get their education, become independent, and follow their dreams, but you still want to take care of them the best you can.

For the kids, when they are away from home, it may take a while until they realize that they no longer have the comforts of home at their fingertips. Don’t fret – we’ve got some specialized college care package ideas that you can get together and send off that will allow you to take care of them from afar and help them adjust to their new living arrangements.

Plaid Life

The stay warm care package. In many parts of the country, cool fall temperatures are settling in. Make sure that your student stays warm and toasty on those blustery fall days with things like:

  • Flannel pajamas
  • A new mug and hot chocolate or coffee
  • A mug warmer (if the dorm allows it)
  • Instant soup mix and instant oatmeal
  • A cuddly blanket
  • Slippers and socks
  • Scarves and hats

Home away

Home-away-from-home package. One of the hardest things about being away at college is making a dorm room feel like home. Help them make it more than just a place they sleep and study with the care package that includes items they can use to decorate based on their style. Consider items such as:

  • Cute signs with favorite quotes
  • Decorations from their own bedroom at home
  • Seasonal decor
  • A small chalkboard or dry erase board so that roommates or friends can leave notes on for one another
  • Scented candles
  • Homemade cookies

self care

Self-care package. As we all know, toiletries and personal care items can be very expensive and this type of package is always appreciated. Fill it with:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Razors
  • Deodorant
  • Loofahs
  • Toothpaste and tooth brush
  • Scented lotions
  • Plastic flip-flops for the showers

First Aid

A first-aid package. One of the things young adults send it to forget about once they leave the convenience at home is making sure they have first-aid products on hand in case of a minor incident. Get them set up with a box filled with:

  • Band-Aids
  • Vitamin C and multi-vitamins
  • Facial tissues
  • Anti-biotic ointment
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • General cold medicines like Dayquil or cough drops

College Laundry

Keep clean package. Whether they have to clean their dorm room or get some laundry done, a package full of these types of products will definitely help take care of some of their needs:

  • A handheld vacuum
  • Paper towels
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Air freshener
  • Laundry pods (which are easy for them to transport)
  • A mesh bag for washing delicates
  • A roll of quarters for doing the laundry


The stress-relief package. Being away from everything they have always known can be a very stressful time for students – especially those leaving for the first time. Send them a package of stress-relieving items that will help them relax and work their way into their new living surroundings:

  • Aromatherapy diffuser
  • Back or foot massager
  • A bonsai tree or Chia Pet (that they can nurture and take care of)
  • A soothing eye mask that they can heat up
  • A relaxing music copulation
  • Herbal tea

Taking care of your kids is your number one priority but now it’s time for them to spread their wings and become young adults. These little boxes of goodies will show them how much you love them and help them make the transition to the next phase of their life. You got this… and they got this too!

12 Pajama Perfect Scary Movies for Halloween Weekend

Another Holiday in 2020 is here, but you’re probably not celebrating like you normally would. With many areas of the country putting a limit on capacities and even canceling many events, how do you celebrate Halloween and still enjoy the fear factor that we crave this time of year? The answer is a scary movie marathon! It’s the perfect time to put on your favorite pajamas, grab a soft cozy blanket, pop some corn, and settle in for a spooky fright night.

With so many choices out there, it might be tough to decide what to add to your playlist. We’ve got some favorites that put us in the Halloween mood and hopefully you too. From classics to modern thrillers there’s something for everyone on this list!

Halloween (1)

Halloween (1978)– No Halloween is complete without the original scary Halloween movie. In this classic flick, Michael Myers breaks out of a mental hospital to go back to his home town to finish the job from 15 years earlier.

Quiet (1)

A Quiet Place (2018) – When extraterrestrial creatures take over earth and all but wipe out living creatures from the planet, the only way to survive is by not making a peep. Don’t scream while watching this movie. You never know who will hear you.

Birds (1)

The Birds (1963) – Alfred Hitchcock terrified an entire generation with this movie about birds that inexplicably attack the people of an entire town. You may never go outside again after seeing this movie from the master of suspense.

Annabelle doll (1)

Annabelle (2014) – Possessed doll, paranormal activity… Need we say more? You’ll sleep with one eye open after this one.

US Movie (1)

Us (2019)- Imagine being haunted by yourself. In this film, a family fights doppelgangers that are out to make them dead. If you like blood and gore while sitting on the edge of your seat then this move is perfect for you.

blog Children of the corn (1)

Children of the Corn (1984) – A creepy cult of bloodthirsty children revolt against adults in this chilling Stephen King flick. You may never go to the country again.

Paranormal (1)

Paranormal Activity (2007) – You never know what you’re getting when you purchase a new home. This couple found out the hard way that their dream house was actually a nightmare

Exorcist (1)

The Exorcist (1973) – This movie is hailed as one of the scariest films ever made for good reason. It will haunt you long after the final credits. Also, pea soup may not be something you’ll eat for quite some time.

blog It (1)

It (1990 or 2017)– Whichever version you choose you’ll understand very quickly why so many people hate clowns. This guy is not here to bring joy.

Shining (1)

The Shining (1980) – After having sheltered in place for so long, this may not be the ideal film to watch unless of course you really trust your spouse.

Amityville Horror (1)

The Amityville Horror (1979) – Another film about a dream house gone horribly wrong, the original version is one that many people will tell you is the scariest movie they’ve ever seen.  And that gets amplified if after seeing it you ever wake up at 3:15am.


The House on Haunted Hill (1999) – Ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in a haunted house overnight? Watch this movie and you’ll wonder no more. You’ll also never accept an invitation from a guy that owns an amusement park to attend a birthday party.

NOTE: The movies we listed above are best when viewed with older children or other adults. If you’re looking for younger kid-friendly movies, there are also many options available. Before making your selections, we highly recommend reading the reviews from other parents to make sure what you’ve chosen will be age-appropriate for your kids.

What’s your go-to movie for a frighteningly fun Halloween? Drop a comment here or share with the community on our Facebook page.


Happy Halloween!  

Back to the Dorms: Your 2020 College Checklist

It’s time to start sending your college students back to school. Whereas in most cases students will be returning to campus to restart their education, the college experience overall will be anything but normal. Despite uncertainties about campus life, one thing is sure; everything from classes to social events will be different and your student will have to make the necessary adjustments.

Their living space will be more important than ever before and you want to make it not only comfortable but also practical. To help you plan ahead, we’ve compiled a sort of “go-to checklist” of essentials you should be sending your student back to school with so they can be successful, and adjust to a hybrid academic year.


Workspace and Supplies: Virtual classes are almost certain to be at least a portion of student learning this year. If the dorm room or apartment your child is living in doesn’t have a desk, you’ll want to make sure that bring one along. And because they will be spending more time than usual at this workspace, a comfortable and ergo-friendly chair will be necessary too. In addition to the furniture, supplies like a desk organizer, post-it notes, pens, a desk lamp, a power strip, and extra batteries are essential to a productive works space. Don’t forget a pair of noise-canceling headphones so they can focus on their studies without interruption.


Kitchen and Cooking: Dining halls and local eating establishments will have capacity limits and can get crowded during mealtime, so your student will likely be making their own meals much more often. Although you will want to find out what the school allows, most will permit a microwave, a small fridge, a coffee maker, and even a single burner cooktop. Believe it or not, you can do a lot with just a microwave! Make sure they have the right cooking components (utensils, microwave-safe plates/bowls, and pots and pans) to create their culinary delights with as well.

Dorm Kitchen (1)

Sleep and Study Space: As we all know, dorm rooms are far from spacious. With libraries either closed or limiting occupancy, the bed in the room may now also double as a study space. A nice bedding set including a plush mattress topper with a throw blanket will cover the comfort part, but also consider a lap desk, an overhead light, and backrest pillow to make study time most productive.

Hipster Hound banner

Pajamas and Comfy clothes: Spending additional time in the dorm room means there will be more time for casual attire. Pajama sets, lounge pants, PJ pants, and short sets all fit the bill quite nicely. Make sure you have different styles for seasonal temperature changes and variety for at least 2 weeks because doing laundry is typically not a college student’s priority.

home-fitness-equipment-1840858_640 (1)

Exercise Essentials: You won’t be able to bring a full gym to school, but a few small pieces of fitness equipment are something every college student should have this year. Because they won’t be walking to class as much and the public work-out areas will be capacity limited- or maybe even closed – students will likely not be as active as they should be. Encourage your student to stay active and provide them with tools to do so. Resistance bands, hand weights, yoga mats, and medicine balls are small and can be stored in a small space. You could also look up some online work-out videos or buy your student a subscription to a website that offers a variety of live online classes. Comfortable walking shoes should also be on the list so during downtimes, they can take a walk, get some fresh air and exercise.

Dorm Room

Room Décor: There’s no place like home never meant more than it does today. Your college student will likely be a bit more homesick this year due to less socializing and get-togethers. Make sure their living space at school is as warm and inviting as possible. A Himalayan salt lamp for example, gives off a warm glow and is also said to have stress-relieving properties and provide a better night’s sleep.  Wall décor, fun accessories, and even plants can really help make a dorm room feel like a second home. As a side note, a vacuum cleaner may be a good idea as well. 

Whether your child is just starting their college career, finishing up, or somewhere in the middle, preparing in advance for the current situation is very important to your student’s success. We wish all students the best of luck in 2020!