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Wrap Up Warmth with our Cozy Holiday Gift Guide!

The holiday season is here, and what better way to spread the warm fuzzies than with gifts that bring the coziness level to an all-time high? We’ve rounded up a bunch of fantastic finds for everyone on your list. From comfy flannel pajama pants to matching family PJ sets, get ready to sleigh the gift game this year!

Pajama Picks for All Ages: Discover the magic of giving the gift of cozy with snuggly PJs that elevate bedtime to the highlight of the night! Dive into a world of cool and comfy pajama sets for adults, kids, and those tricky-to-shop-for teens. From classic patterns to whimsical designs, there’s a perfect pair for every personality. Because who doesn’t appreciate the joy of slipping into a fresh set of PJs? It’s like gifting a nightly celebration of comfort to everyone on your list!

Robes- Because Everyone Deserves a Little Luxury: Treat your loved ones to a touch of luxury with cozy robes that feel like a warm hug. Whether it’s a plush fleece number, a silky satin wrap, or a robe with a hood for that extra touch of snuggle, these robes are perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, post-shower bliss, and impromptu dance parties in the living room.

Flannel Pants for the Win: Know someone who practically lives in their PJs? Gift them the ultimate in chill attire – flannel pajama pants! Perfect for students pulling all-nighters, cozying up with a good book, or anyone who just loves a good lounge, these pants are as stylish as they are snug. With patterns ranging from classic plaids to funky prints, they’re a must-have for the fashion-forward comfort seeker.

Guys Can Be Comfy Too: Make the dudes in your life happy with pajamas that bring both style and comfort to the table. From classic sets to laid-back lounge pants, these picks are perfect for the man who knows the importance of downtime. With breathable fabrics and designs that transition seamlessly from couch to coffee shop, he’ll be looking good and feeling great.

Don’t Forget your Furry Friends: Pamper your precious pups with cozy doggy pajamas because, let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite as charming as a dog in a snug set of PJs. These adorable outfits not only add a touch of festive flair but also keep your furry friends warm during winter cuddle sessions. With various sizes and styles available, you can ensure your dogs are as stylishly cozy as their human counterparts. It’s a delightful way to share the warmth and joy of the season with your beloved fur babies!

Matching Magic with Family Pajama Sets: Create Insta-worthy family moments with matching PJs for the whole crew. From cute prints to holiday-themed designs, these sets are perfect for cozy movie nights and capturing those precious memories. With options for every family member, you can turn bedtime into a festive celebration that brings everyone together.

Sock-It to them with Cozy Toes for Every Mood: Step up your gifting game with a dash of warmth for their feet! Explore our collection of fun and fuzzy socks that make the perfect stocking stuffer or standalone gift. From festive holiday prints to quirky patterns, these socks are designed to suit every mood and occasion. Treat your loved ones to the joy of toasty toes, because a great day starts with cozy feet!

Snuggle-Approved Extras- Pillows and Blankets Galore: Spruce up their space with extra snuggle-worthy gifts like decorative pillows and blankets. Whether it’s a festive cushion that adds a pop of holiday cheer to their sofa or a cozy throw that’s perfect for chilly nights, these accessories add a touch of warmth to any home. Plus, they make lounging on the couch feel like a luxurious escape.

There you have it – a fun and fabulous holiday gift guide that’s all about spreading warmth and joy! Click away and discover the perfect presents for everyone on your list. ‘Tis the season to be cozy, after all!

8 Fun Activities to Celebrate National Family Pajama Day

National Family Pajama Day is almost here, happening on November 14th. It’s that delightful day when you and your loved ones can don matching PJs and enjoy a fun-filled day together. So, roll out of bed, put on your coziest sleepwear, and make this day extra special with these relaxed and enjoyable activities.

1. Christmas Card Photo Shoot: Start your pajama-clad day by creating lasting memories. Gather your family and set up a DIY photoshoot. Put on your favorite holiday-themed pajamas and snap some heartwarming family pictures. These images will make the perfect addition to your annual Christmas cards, ensuring that your friends and family receive warm and festive greetings.

2. Breakfast in Bed: Begin your day of comfort with a hint of indulgence. Treat your family to a luxurious breakfast in bed. Everyone can choose their favorite morning treats – from fluffy pancakes to crispy bacon. Enjoy a leisurely morning in your pajamas, as you savor these delightful moments.

3. Movie Marathon: For a truly relaxed National Family Pajama Day, set up a movie marathon. Choose some of your family’s favorite films or TV series, make a giant bowl of popcorn, warn up some hot chocolate, and prepare for hours of cozy entertainment. Your matching pajamas will provide the perfect attire for this cinematic bonding experience.

4. Living Room Campout: Transform your living room into a cozy campsite. Gather blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags to create makeshift tents and forts. Share ghost stories, enjoy indoor s’mores (made in the microwave, of course), and let your family’s imagination run wild. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the camping experience while staying warm and bug-free in your pajamas.

5. Pajama Fashion Show: Channel your inner supermodel on this special day. Host a pajama fashion show where each family member gets to strut their stuff on the catwalk (or in your case, the living room). Encourage creativity and silliness by wearing your pajamas in the most stylish way possible. You’ll share a lot of laughter and create unforgettable memories.

6. DIY Spa Day: Make National Family Pajama Day a day of relaxation. Set up a DIY spa experience for the family. In your comfy PJs, take turns giving foot massages, applying face masks, and simply unwinding together. Share stories and create an atmosphere of tranquility and closeness.

7. Pajama Baking Challenge: Move the baking session to the next level with a pajama-clad baking challenge. Each family member can choose a baking project, and, in the spirit of competition, aim to create the most delicious treats. Taste-testing is, of course, an essential part of the challenge.

8. Bedtime Story Exchange: As the day comes to a close, savor a moment of togetherness. Host a bedtime story exchange where each member selects their favorite book or story to read aloud. Sharing stories and quality time before bedtime ensures a peaceful and heartwarming end to your National Family Pajama Day.

This November 14th, embrace the snugness of your favorite pajamas and celebrate National Family Pajama Day with these easygoing activities. Snap some photos along the way to capture the warmth and joy of this delightful day with your loved ones. Whether it’s the cozy moments spent together or the playful activities you engage in, National Family Pajama Day is a time to create lasting memories and strengthen your bonds with your family. So, put on those PJs, relax, and enjoy every moment.

Creating a Cozy and Comfortable Home Away from Home Dorm Room

As summer days blend into the vibrant hues of fall, it’s time to gear up for an exciting new academic year. College life awaits, and along with it comes the adventure of settling into your very own dorm room. We know leaving the comforts of home can be a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you create a cozy oasis right on campus!

Picture this: a dorm room that feels like a warm hug, a familiar nook where you can relax, study, and make unforgettable memories with your new buddies. Yes, we’re talking about turning your dorm into a true home away from home! To get you all set for a successful college experience, we’ve put together a fantastic checklist that focuses on bringing comfort and a sense of belonging to your dorm room. Trust us, you’ll have a blast!

The Ultimate Study Space: Designate a comfortable study area with a plush, ergonomic chair for hours of focused learning. Essential supplies like a desk organizer, post-it notes, pens, and a soft desk lamp create a productive yet cozy environment. A pair of noise-canceling headphones ensures uninterrupted concentration on studies.

Sleep and Relaxation: Let’s turn your dorm room into a cocoon of comfort where shut-eye and comfort are essential for being active and alert in your busy student life. Pajamas will be an important part of your wardrobe (Link to dorm room category if there is one otherwise I think just to the home page) so make sure you have a wide variety of options to choose from because let’s face it…laundry might not always be at the top of your to-do list. So, whether it’s catching up on your favorite shows, hanging out with friends, or simply enjoying some “me time,” PJs will be your go-to companions, and when you pair them with cozy socks, a plush robe and soft slippers you’ll be at the top of your comfort and style game.

Cooking and Dining: Turn your dorm into a culinary haven with essential cooking appliances like a microwave, instant pot (if permitted), small fridge, and coffee maker. These must-haves allow you to whip up simple and comforting meals when dining options are limited. With the right tools, you can recreate your favorite recipes from home, indulging in familiar flavors even while away at college.

Staying Active and Energized: Embrace a healthy lifestyle by bringing along fitness tools that keep you active and energized. Resistance bands, hand weights, a yoga mat, and a medicine ball are perfect for quick and effective workouts in the comfort of your dorm room. For a dose of fresh air, don’t forget to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to take relaxing strolls around campus and explore the beautiful surroundings.

Personalizing Space: Infuse your dorm room with your unique personality and style by adding decorative pillows, posters, and wall decor that inspire positivity and creativity. Surround yourself with motivational quotes, artistic prints, and images of loved ones to create a space that feels like your own little sanctuary. Introducing plants and greenery into your living space not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also promotes a sense of tranquility and well-being, making your dorm room a calming oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of college life.

Creating a warm and inviting dorm room ensures you have a sanctuary to relax, recharge, and build lasting memories during your college experience. Embrace the exciting journey of campus living and have a great year!

Gifting the Perfect Pair of Pajamas

Everyone loves (and needs) a great pair of comfortable pajamas! What better reason to give the gift of Pajamas this holiday season – or for that matter to celebrate those close to you at any special occasion throughout the year.

So now you have the perfect gift idea – but how do you pick the perfect pair of pajamas to give with so many choices out there? We’ve got you covered. Follow these tips to pick out the ideal pair!

thecats hollyjollylife)

Who’s on your gift list?

Pajamas are considered a personal gift and are usually gifted to those close to us.  Think about who you’re buying for and ask yourself some questions about their style and interests to help you narrow it down.

Would they prefer pajamas with a more tailored look – like a two-piece classic set? Or, would they be more comfortable in a lounge style set? You can even mix and match pieces with some of the more casual styles.

Color is also something to think about.  Do they have a favorite color or pattern that they really love? The options are endless. You can find pajamas in any color and with tons of different designs to fit any personality.

Think about their interests and what they are passionate about. Are they an animal lover? Gardner? Do they have a love of food & wine? Whatever their interests, it’s pretty likely that you’ll find a set of PJs that expresses this and it’s sure to put a smile on their face.

pjsal cozyupsittingBLUSH-8 800

Where do they live?

Consider where your gift is headed. The fabric of the pajamas plays a big part in keeping a person comfortable in either warm or cold climates. You want to make sure you pick the right pair for the right climate and time of season.

If the person you are buying for lives in warmer climate, consider purchasing pajamas made of a lighter fabric such as cotton or satin. These fabrics are breathable and help to keep you cool. If they live in a colder climate, pick a pair made of a warmer cozier material such as flannel or fleece that will keep them warm when the temperature dips.

averie natale

What about the Kids?

Kids love snuggling up in their jammies. Pajamas make a great gift for kids and can help ensure they will get a good night’s sleep.  Some things to consider when shopping for kids are the age and size of the child.  For infants, footie pajamas or flapjacks are great choices – something that covers them but accommodates for easy diaper changes. Add a snug sack to keep them warm in colder climates.

lazyone kidsclassicmooselife

For toddlers, it’s a good idea to go with a footless pair of pajamas.  This allows them to be barefoot, so as they learn to walk, they will have more stability and it helps to keep them from slipping. Also, for kids potty training it’s a great idea to stick with a two-piece set.

For all kids, Pick a fun colorful pattern, and when choosing the correct size make sure that the pajamas are not too tight or restrictive, but fit comfortably and stretch with the child as they move at night.

lazyone redbuffalofamilyflapjack


Make it a family affair

If you are looking for a gift for an entire family, then matching family pajamas are a must! It’s a hot trend that keeps getting bigger and you can even include the dog! Plus, you’ll look great spending your time together and the themed photo opp makes great social media content!


Pajamas make the perfect gift for the special someone(s) in your life. You know they will love them, wear them, and appreciate them.  Happy Shopping.


8 Must Have Fall Essentials

Autumn is officially here and like it or not, it’s time to pack away summer and think of cooler temperatures and shorter days.

Switching seasons means you should think about the things you’ll need to get you through until spring arrives. We’d like to share our favorite fall essentials that we have found to make the transition easier.

The right pajamas. Because the temperatures can be all over the place in fall, it’s necessary to have a variety of pajamas that you can choose between.  You don’t want to be too hot, nor should you be cold when you sleep. Comfort is key as it ensures a good night’s rest which in turn makes for more productive days. From lighter cotton to flannels and footies, make sure you have choices.


A few good books. On the days when the weather is blustery and cold and you don’t want to go anywhere, there’s nothing like curling up in your most comfortable pajamas and a cozy blanket with a good book. Pick up several books because as we all know, there will be plenty of opportunities in the upcoming months to hunker down.


A variety of tea. When you’re curled up in your favorite pajamas reading a good book, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea to complete the mood. We recommend having a variety to choose from so that you can pick the one that suits your mood. We prefer herbal teas because they help you relax and many can provide immune defense and other health-related properties. With so many brands and flavors on the market to choose from you’re sure to find tons of tasty options.


A heavier moisturizer. The change of season also means drier air both indoors and outdoors which can take its toll on your skin.  A good moisturizer will provide protection and keep your skin healthy and happy.


Baking ingredients. There’s something about fall that brings out the Julia Child in us. Make sure you have all the supplies in your pantry now so that when the urge to bake hits, you’ve got everything you need to make those yummy pies, sweetbreads, and cakes.

Fall candles

Fall-scented candles. Enhance every fall day with scented candles that fit the season. From pumpkin spice to warm vanilla, even the dreariest of days can be significantly uplifted with your favorite scent wafting through your home.


A working slow cooker. Pull out the slow cooker or crock pot and plug it in to make sure it works because it’s chili, beef stew, and pot roast season. There’s nothing better than comfort food during the colder months.  Plus… a slow cooker makes meal time way easier so you have more time to hibernate.

Prog. Therm

A programmable thermostat. OK so this isn’t as glamorous or as fun as the others however it’s a must; especially these days when prices of everything including heat are through the roof. If you don’t already have a programmable thermostat, it’s time to look into one. Keep your home comfortable without spending an arm in a leg to do so.

Fall isn’t all bad, we have plenty of warm weather days and the colors in many parts of the country are breathtaking but we all know that there will be some not-so-pleasant days as well. If you have some of these essentials it will make staying in so much better!

The Ultimate Closet Cleaning Guide

We’ve been spending a lot of time at home… a lot of time. Over the last year, you’ve likely learned a lot about the home you live in and you’ve probably done a lot of organizing as well. Cleaning out cabinets, storage closets, drawers, basements, and attics is somewhat of a national past-time these days. But… have you cleaned out your main wardrobe closet yet?

If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Did you know that the clothes closet is usually the very last place people organize when cleaning or de-cluttering their homes? Why is that? It’s because our clothes are the hardest things for us to let go of, and they hold a sentimental place in our hearts. Every shirt, dress, pair of pants, sweater, and jacket can be linked to an event in your life or memory. This year, before spring hits, vow to tackle your closet head-on. Clean it out, get rid of things, and make room for new beautiful items.

We’ve got some tips to make the process as painless as possible. So make a pot of coffee, put on your comfy pajamas, and let’s go!


Who gets what? To begin with, decide what’s going to happen with the things you’re going to get rid of. You may for instance have family or friends who need or want your hand-me-downs. There will also likely be things that you can donate to your local thrift shop, shelter, or charity. Keep them separate as you put them in bags or boxes.

Looking at clothes

Start at one side. It’s very easy to become distracted when you’re cleaning out your closet. Pick a starting point and follow the flow. Move through each section one by one. Whatever you encounter, don’t allow yourself to stray from the game plan or you’ll end up with a bigger mess than you know what to do with.


Let go. As stated earlier, clothes have many sentimental memories and we all have those few items that we’ll keep forever, but you can’t keep everything. The rule of thumb is if you’ve gone two seasons and haven’t worn an article of clothing, chances are you will never wear it again. Get rid of it. It’s only taking up space and adding to your clutter.

Try on

Check the fit. Make sure to try things on. If you’re like many people, you’re holding on to a lot of clothes that don’t fit anymore. If something is too big, chances are you’ll never wear it again. If too small, and your plan is to lose weight so it will fit again, ask yourself if you’d actually wear it. If not, it’s much more fun to buy new clothes once you shed the weight.

jeans with pin

Look the clothes over. Many times people have clothes in the closet that have a tear, a button missing, or a broken zipper and the intention was to fix them. If you haven’t done it by now, you probably aren’t going to. Send them on to greener pastures.


Think about your current style. Are you holding on to those stirrup pants from 1984 because you’re hoping they’re going to come back in style? Even if something like that were to become trendy again, chances are the look will be slightly different. Let go of the past.


Clean everything. It’s just common courtesy to make sure that whatever you’re giving to someone or donating to charity is clean and smells fresh.

Cleaning Car

Recycle. Most people have t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other items that are too worn to donate or give away, but you don’t want them either. Don’t just throw them away immediately. Reuse them by turning them into rags for cleaning (old sweatshirts are great for cleaning your car) and once they have served their purpose, then you can toss them.

Car Boxes

Out of sight.  Once you are done, get those bags and boxes out of your house. We cannot stress this enough. Load them in the car and drive them to their new homes. If you keep them you’ll start thinking “well maybe I should keep that one sweater because…” and they will without a doubt start working their way out of the bags and back into the closet. You must relocate them at once.

And that’s it. Now you have a closet with lots of room to be refilled with cute, fresh new outfits. Go shopping and have fun. May we suggest you start with pajamas?

Easing into Fall – 5 ways to make it great!

Labor Day weekend is here, and for most, it means the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

For those that love the hot weather, it’s a sad time as we know the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, and winter is just around the corner. We hold on to each day of summer like it’s the last!

For others, this is the best time of year. Cooler days and brisk nights mean bring on the pumpkin spice, warm sweaters, bonfires and snuggling up in your favorite lounging clothes.

Regardless of which side of the tracks you are on, here are some great ways to slowly ease out of summer and work into fall so you can enjoy all that the change of seasons has to offer.

Take advantage of the weather

There will still be some great – even hot weather this year but we will also start to see many days where temperatures are cooler than we’ve been used to. Don’t fret -this is actually the best time to take advantage of your surroundings. Explore a local hiking trail, go to the zoo, or visit a pumpkin farm. It’s not so hot and you’d get so much more enjoyment from your adventure. Every community has so many fun and unique things to do, and the weather is optimal to take advantage of them. You’ll probably find new and exciting places you never even knew about.

Buy something new for the season

A new sweater, a cute pair of shoes, or some really great pajamas can make fall just a little more exciting. Fall fashions are everywhere and you’ll look forward to wearing your new digs and participating in autumn activities. Plus, you’ll be just that much more stylish doing so!

Cook, cook, cook

A plethora of fall produce makes for amazing meals. ‘Tis the season for soup, stews, and baking! Head out to your local farmers market or produce stand and pick up some fresh ingredients that you can turn into some great dinners and desserts. Squash, cabbage, beets, turnips, and apples are in abundance and just waiting to be turned into your next delicious creation.

Give Mother Nature her kudos

In many parts of the country, Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show as the leaves change from green to red, orange, yellow and purple. Make a day of it. Get the family in the car and take a drive to wooded and rural areas where you can take in the stunning beauty that defines fall. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures! Friends and family living in parts of the country that don’t get to witness the phenomenon will be super envious!

Decorate your home

Whether you plant fall flowers like mums, or bring out fall decor to adorn your home, the true colors of fall will definitely help you embrace the season and everything it has to offer. Another great thing to do is to involve your kids in fall craft projects. They can harness their creative sides and you’ll have some life long art that you can display for years to come.


The transition is here and whether you’re a “yay” or a “nay” these fun ideas will help you get the most out of each day.

Happy Fall!


10 reasons to love rainy days

Why Rainy Weekends are Actually The Best

Science has proven over and over again that the weather has the power to affect our mood. Shorter days in the winter can make us feel depressed. Cloudy skies can make us feel tired and the sun makes us feel energized. That’s all well and good, but what’s wrong with a little rain? We actually think rainy days are kind of the best, especially during the weekend. Here’s why.

cute bear cotton pajama set

Daisy Alexander ‘Beary Happy’ PJ Set

10 Reasons to Love Rainy Weekends

1. You don’t “have to” go outside.

The great outdoors are, well, great. But after a long, grinding week there’s nothing better than waking up to the pitter patter of rain against your window pane. A rainy day means you don’t have to “make the most” of the weather by getting outside. There’s no reason you have to dust off your bike, go for a jog, take the dog hiking, or meet your friends for a sunny afternoon brunch. You can be an indoor cat without regret.

2. You can catch up on that new series everyone is talking about.

“What do you mean you don’t watch…?” Instead of smiling and nodding when your coworkers dish about That New Show on That Streaming Service, actually participate in the conversation for once. Use your rainy day to pop some popcorn, curl up on the couch, and binge watch a hot new series.

3. It’s hot chocolate weather.

Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself with boring cups of coffee and tea on a rainy day. Make yourself a big mug of hot cocoa with all the trimmings: marshmallows and candy canes if you still have a few lying around the kitchen — they don’t expire, right? Wrap yourself up in a cozy bathrobe and sip while you listen to the gentle sounds of rain outside. Hot chocolate is the ultimate rainy day treat.

4. You can go to bed early.

Even people with the most active social lives need a break every now and again. You’ll notice that on a rainy Friday night, your cell phone will stay blissfully silent. Almost every social butterfly takes advantage of a rainy night to stay in and recharge. So ditch the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), go to bed early, and wake up refreshed!

5. Pajamas for the win!

The number one, absolute best thing about a rainy weekend is that you can stay in your pajama pants for 48 straight hours. Blustery wet weather makes us want to curl up under a warm blanket in our favorite flannels, so why not indulge? Put on your slippers and keep them on until Monday.

6. You can do that thing you said you’d do.

How are the New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you make a promise to yourself to get back into painting, read a book a month, try yoga? If you’re not into lazing about on a rainy day, use your gray weekend to get back on track. Read that book, find a yoga video on YouTube, or bust out your watercolors. Even if none of these items ended up on your list of resolutions, using this time indoors to exercise your mind will help you feel more energized when you go back to work on Monday.

7. Takeout tastes better when it’s raining.

It’s a fact: food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it. Second fact: a comforting container of takeout always tastes better when it’s cold and rainy outside. Take a day off from grocery shopping and order the pizza, pad thai, buffalo wings, or tofu and broccoli you’ve been dreaming about. Then plant yourself on the couch and savor every last bite.

8. You can practice self-care.

In this age of unparalleled connectivity, we really do have to practice self-care. Putting our health and wellness first isn’t an instinct for most modern adults. We have to learn to set time aside to take care of our ourselves. Take a bath, paint your nails, or take a nap. A rainy weekend is the perfect time practice a little self-care.

9. You can do chores without doing much.

Do you know it’s going to rain this weekend? Park your car in the driveway, soap it up, and walk away. Or put your indoor plants outside for a natural watering. Check “water the lawn” off your to-do list. These tiny life hacks can help you feel semi-productive while you spend the rest of the day binge-watching shows on Netflix in your PJs.

cute umbrella pattern pajamas

Ready for a PJ party in the Daisy Alexander ‘Rainy Day’ Classic Pajama Set

10. You can host a pajama party.

If you don’t feel like going out but want to be social, invite a few friends over for a “pajama party.” Encourage them to wear their PJs or their favorite sweatpants, order pizza, open a bottle of wine, and watch a movie together. Nothing makes your home feel cozy on a rainy night like friends and jammies.

We hope this fun little list helps you see the silver lining during your next rainy weekend! For more ideas for family fun, visit The Pajama Company Blog at Don’t forget to check out our new private label, Daisy Alexander, for the perfect rainy day attire!

Best Rainy Day Pajamas daisy alexander

10 Gifts for Stress Management

Gifts That Promote Rest and Relaxation

‘Tis the season for holiday stress! Months of cooking, shopping, family time, and out-of-town guests take a toll on everyone. Since we’re all jonesing for a little R&R after the holiday season, gifts that promote rest and relaxation are guaranteed to be appreciated. These are our top picks for thoughtful holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Women's Pajamas Bee Pattern

Queen Bee by The Cat’s Pajamas

1. Pajamas Fit for a Queen. Queen Bee pajama set by The Cat’s Pajamas is perfect for the queen in your life. This beautiful set is made from Pima cotton, which is premium long staple cotton. When it comes to cotton, the longer the fiber (staple), the softer the fabric. The set comes in three colors and would make a thoughtful, relaxing gift along with some loose leaf tea and a good book.

Father Son Matching Pajamas

Furry Monsters by Munki Munich

2. Something for Superdad. For your “biggest kid,” the man who makes them laugh the hardest, a pajama set that will bring a smile. This jogger set by Munki Munki comes in different colors and patterns and, best of all, comes with a pint-sized version so he can match his favorite little buddy. Throw in a luxe shave kit to give him a little “me” time.

Junk food funny adult onesie

“Junk Food” Hooded Fleece Union Suit by Boxercraft

3. A Little Fun for the College Kid. Is your college-aged kiddo wiped out from Finals and the holiday crunch at their internship? Let them kick back on the couch (in between shoveling the driveway) with this fun union suit by Boxercraft. Pizza and fries are totally optional.

unisex Dinosaur kids pajamas

Dinosaur Union Suit by Big Feet

4. For the Future Paleontologist. Do you have a little one in your house with a bad case of dino fever? Preschool is hard. Let their imaginations run wild before bedtime with this super playful dinosaur onesie by Big Feet.

Kashwere unisex plush bathrobe

Plush Bathrobes by Kashwere

5. A Spa Day for the Workaholic. We all have a friend or family member who gets caught up in “all work and no play.” Encourage them to take a break with one of our customer favorites, the Kashwere robe — once featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things. It is an ultra plush robe that can be worn year-round. Pair with a salt scrub and a face mask to encourage rest and relaxation.

Boxercraft Unisex Plaid Pajama Pants

Unisex Plaid Pajama Pants by Boxercraft

6. Relaxation for Everyone. Let’s be honest: the best part of the day is when you have finished your obligations at work and home and can “slip into something more comfortable” — for us, that something is pajama pants. Everyone appreciates a cozy pair of classic flannel pajama pants. Unisex plaid pajama pants from Boxercraft offer the pattern in every color combination. Give with a mug and hot chocolate to promote quality time with the couch.

Fuzzy Friends 'Duck' Slippers by Aroma Home

Fuzzy Duck Slippers by Aroma Home

7. For the Early Riser. Some of us are morning people and some of us have to wake up in the wee hours to start our day, for a workout, an early shift, or a long commute. During the winter months, those early risers are stepping out of bed and into a cold, dark house. Brighten up their mornings with a pound of quality coffee and these cheerful ‘Fuzzy Friends’ slippers by Aroma Home, with a menagerie of playful characters.

Cowboy Pajama Pants

Cowboy Cotton Pajama Pants by The Cat’s Pajamas

8. Even the Wild Ones Need a Nap. This is a gift for our friends who burn the midnight oil, who live by “work hard, play hard,” who are the first on the dancefloor when they’re not skydiving or mountain climbing. These cowboy pajama pants from The Cat’s Pajamas are perfect for the wild ones with restless hearts. Pair with a nice set of lowball glasses or their favorite spirit.

Party Pups Pajama Set

Party Pups Pajama Set by The Cat’s Pajamas

9. For the Animal Lover. Whether they’re dog people or cat people, The Cat’s Pajamas has a pajama set for the “fur mom” in your life. Caring for pets is a lot of responsibility. Acknowledge their love and their dedication with a gift they can use while snuggling their best friends on the couch. Throw in their furry friend’s favorite treat for a thoughtful, heartwarming gift they’ll love.

matching family pajamas

Don’t Moose With Me by Lazy One

10. Kick Back with the Whole Family. These adorable ‘Don’t Moose with Me’ Flapjack Pajamas come in sizes for the whole family. Give the give of matching family pajamas. They’re perfect for fun family holiday photos and ideal for lazy movie marathons into the New Year.

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How to Make Your Home Cozy

10 Tips to Make Your Home Cozy for Fall

Crisp, crunchy leaves, vibrant fall colors, and cool refreshing air. This is the time of year that we transition from spending most of our time outdoors to spending most of our time snug in our homes, readying ourselves for a winter hibernation of sorts.

As the days get shorter and daylight during the workweek becomes scarce, we’re often leaving our home when it’s still dark in the morning and returning home to a dark home at night. This can leave our home feeling “cold” and can sometimes make us feel a little depressed. Make your home feel warm, comfortable, and welcoming during the fall and winter months with these simple tips.


cute matching family pajamas fall

‘Don’t Moose With Me’ matching family pajamas by Lazy One.

How to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

1. Leave slippers by the door.

Slippers make you feel instantly warm and cozy the second you slip them on in the morning. Why not keep a pair by the door? That way you can kick off your uncomfortable work-approved footwear and slide into instant comfort.

2. Use soft lighting.

The right lighting can make all the difference! If you have a lot of intense, high-wattage bulbs that emit a severe bright light, consider replacing them with lower-wattage warm-toned lights when they burn out. The difference will make your home feel more like a warm, cozy den and less like an office space.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of throw pillows.

Layering warm, soft fabrics in the form of a few strategically placed throw pillows is a great way to ‘cozy up’ your home. The plush pillows invite you to sit down, put your feet up, and relax. Throw pillows are a simple, affordable way to soften any space and make your house feel like a home.

4. Upgrade your towel to a bathrobe.

There’s no rule that says you can’t walk around your house in a damp towel after you get out of the shower… but why not make every moment at home as comfortable as it can be? After leaving the steamy comfort of a hot shower, a plush bathrobe will keep the chilly fall air at bay. The right bathrobe can make any home feel like cozy and spalike.

5. Curl up by the fire (sort of).

Since most of us don’t have a fireplace, make use of candles to create an intimate cozy atmosphere in the room you’re in. If you are searching for a safer alternative, you can also use electric candles. Electric candles and tea lights are a great choice for people with kids and pets — or those of us who are just a bit forgetful!

6. Keep a throw blanket at arm’s reach.

Another tip for “instant cozy” is to keep a throw blanket at arm’s reach. Whether you’re zoning out in front of the TV after a long day of work or reading a book in bed, a soft throw blanket wrapped around your shoulders or draped over your legs will make you feel warm and snug at home.

Ski Themed Women's Pajama Set

‘Apres Ski’ pajama set by PJ Salvage.

7. Wear the right loungewear.

Changing from your clothes into a pair of clean, comfortable pajamas is a small ritual that says “I’m done for today.” Being comfortable at home isn’t just about how your home looks, it’s how you feel when you’re spending time there. If we want to feel comfortable and also put together, we opt for pajama sets. If we want to just let loose, flannel pajama pants and a T-shirt will do the trick. True comfort is about being comfortable in your skin in your space.

8. The smell of freshly baked cookies.

Scented oil and aromatherapy companies have captured the scents of everything in the natural world in addition to some of our favorite, comforting smells from childhood. Far safer than candles, oil diffusers can be used to create that homey feeling with the power of smell. Even if you don’t bake, you can diffuse vanilla scented oil to make your house smell like cookies just came fresh from the oven. Instant warmth.

9. Bring fall colors indoors.

Bring the fall colors you love indoors with seasonal plants like mums, cut flowers, or arrangements with branches of berries or pussy willows. Flowers and plants are a simple way to bring a natural pop of color to any room. As an added bonus, being in or around nature has the same effect on people as meditation and this one of the reasons why houseplants are so hot right now.

10. Stock up on tea and books.

Tea, good coffee, hot chocolate — prep your pantry with ingredients for some great fall drinks that you can enjoy as the season transitions from cool to cold. Keep a pile of your fall reads near your favorite reading spot, like the couch, a cozy chair, or your nightstand. Having these two fall must-haves at the ready will encourage you to get comfortable and hibernate in PJs this season.

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