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Paris in Pajamas

paris in pajamas

Bedhead Women’s “Blue Eiffel” Nightshirt $114

Ahhh, Paris. The city of lights and chocolate croissants (avec le cafe, of course) and fashion and so many beautiful and delicious things. Parisians are known for their passion for life’s simple pleasures: enjoying food and life and friends.

We love Paris, but since we can’t always be there, we also like to think of it as a state of being. Kind of like Sabrina in this famous scene from the classic movie. Life with rose colored glasses or “la vie on rose” as the French say.

So why not add a little Paris to your PJs and cultivate the feeling of “la vie en rose”? Audrey Hepburn was known to have said, “Paris is always a good idea” and we totally agree.

So here’s to Paris in Pajamas!


The Cat’s Pajamas “Eiffel Tower” Pajama Set $94

bedhead kidseiffelhearts450

Bedhead Kids “Eiffel Hearts” Pajama Set $58
bedhead blueeiffelpoplinsetclose500Bedhead Women’s “Blue Eiffel” Pajama Set $140

bedhead tweencafeduparis600

Bedhead Tween “Cafe du Paris” Pajama Set $66

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Matching Family Pajamas

We’re so excited – we’ve got TONS of new pajamas in matching styles for the whole family, just in time for the upcoming holiday season!

Four of our PJ brands, the beautiful Bedhead, cozy footies from Big Feet & Lazy One, and vintage-inspired FlapJacks – come in sizes to fit your family.  Check out the entire Matching Family Pajamas Collection here!

Kids love to have PJs that match Mom and Dad. It’s also fun to make it a family tradition to hang out in your matching pajamas on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Who knows, you could get inspired like the internet-famous Holderness family, and create a dancing family Christmas card clad in your matching jammies?!

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10 Things you don’t know about pajamas

We might wear our PJs every day, but how much do you really know about them?

1. Coco Chanel introduced lounging pajamas in the 20’s and revolutionlized pajamas for women.  After that, they became a totally acceptable and fashionable alternative to the traditional long nightshirt.

2. People in Africa and South Asia call their PJs “night suits”.

3. The traditional pajama set of a jacket-style shirt and pants came through Britian, but orginated from Muslims in India.

4. Before 1950, it was common for pajamas to have a drop seat to make it easy to use the the bathroom.  We see this feature on our Flapjacks as a novelty, but who knew it was a regular thing?

5. In Japan, it’s totally acceptable to wear a set of silk PJs out in the day or evening!

6. The World’s Largest Footed Pajama Party was held in Austin, Texas on March 11, 2012 where 309 adults were dressed in their footies and broke the Guiness World Record.

7. In eastern China, it is not unusual in the late afternoon or evening, for adults to wear their pajamas in public around their local neighborhood.

8. It’s thought that footed pajamas came about to protect people’s feet from bed bugs and termites.  Eek!

9. In the roaring 20’s high society men and women would wear their PJs to the beach.

10. Nightcaps were popular to wear to bed in the 19th century.  The were intended to keep people’s heads warm, but got their long pointy shape so that they were long enough to wear as a scarf, but not long enough to pose a choking hazard.

Who knew?!


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Just for fun: The Pajama Song

Need a pick-me-up or a mid day dance break?  The Pajama Company on YouTube is the place!

This is where we celebrate the happiness that comes from fun in pajamas. Watch, dance, sing, and join in the pajama party.

You won’t want to miss “The Pajama Song”, written and performed by Alex Badanes.  It’s our fun, toe-tapping ode to pajamas!

Happy Friday!

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How to wear your pajamas to work with style

Tomorrow is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! Quite possibly our favorite unofficial holiday of the year. After all we think you can do your best work in pajamas.

We also think that wearing your pajamas in public can be chic! Here are a few quick tips to pull of wearing your PJs to work with style:

1. Pick the best pajamas for the job! (no pun intended)

Some PJ fabrics are really light for comfort, which is perfect for home but no so much for the office. Make sure the pajamas you wear aren’t see-thru or worn out.

And here’s another tip: if you know your jammies wrinkle easy, you might want to iron them with a little spray starch just so they stay looking fresh for the whole day.

2. Trade in slippers for a cute pair of shoes.

We love the look of pairing a fancier heel with a pajama set. Or consider wearing a fun striped sock with a pair of converse and your favorite PJ pants. A great pair of shoes can give your pajamas just the right touch for the office!

3. Layer.

Uplevel the look of your pajamas with something from your regular wardrobe for a stylish look. Consider wearing a pretty lace tank top or colorful tee shirt under your pajama top with a pair of skinny jeans. Or, add a blazer or the right cardigan to a PJ set. Not only will you look put together, but you’ll stay warm and cozy.

4. Accessorize!

Add sparkle and style with your favorite earrings, necklace, watch, etc. Throw on a bold scarf or a belt if it works with the outfit. Choose a coordinating bag and you’re ready for your day of style and comfort!

Now over to you – how to do you wear your PJs with style? 


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Our Top 10 Favorite Pajama Videos!

We’re sharing our favorite PJ videos with you today because we know that like us, you’re probably cold, feeling a little wintered-out, and could use a little pajama cheer! Well, here you go…

And now for the pajama fun…

1. Annette Funicello’s Pajama Party

2. A Dad getting his groove on in his PJs…

3. Shit People Say in Pajamas – The Pajama Company

4. The Toll Trolls Pajama Song

5. The Pyjama Song

6. Bananas in Pajamas

7. The Pajama Song

8. Tea Time with Tayla’s “Pajamas”

9. #XMAS JAMMIES – Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family!

10. The Pajama Twist – The Pajama Company

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5 Happy Things

1. Pajamas. They do indeed make us very happy, especially putting them on at the end of a long, tired day.

2. This amusing post – How to Carry Off Pyjamas from Mr. Porter. We love that he shares our belief that comfort at the end of the day is important. What’s more he argues that men’s pajamas should be as” elegant as a good suit”, because after all, “the people who see you in your loungewear are the people whose opinions really count – wives, girlfriends, partners and children.” Sounds like a men’s pajama revolution!

3. Coffee all day. We feel so strongly that we’ve dedicated a Pinterest board to it.

4. Holiday Spirit. Yep, The Pajama Company headquarters is already embracing the spirit of the season. We’re playing our Christmas music favorites and check out our logo decked out in his Santa hat!

5. Frog Wisdom. Feeling inspired by Kermit the Frog’s wise words…”Life’s like a movie. Write your own ending.”

What’s making you feel good today? Tell us in the comments below!

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Life is Better in Pajamas

Cozy, relaxing, and fun…life is always better in pajamas! And speaking of that, we’re popping in to tell you about our Flash Sale this weekend! We’re making room for new arrivals, so this weekend only our entire Hatley Nature collection is 20% through Sunday, Nov. 9th! Use HATLEY20 at checkout for your savings.

Happy Saturday, pajama friends!


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Pajama Treats!

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

Whether you are having an official Pajama Day, or you’re enjoying an evening lounging in your PJs, the right food is a MUST.  Of course, pancakes, waffles, and eggs are a natural fit for the pajama inclined.  But this time we’re talking super yummy stuff – comfort food, favorite snacks, and delicious desserts!

What else goes with comfy pajamas, chilling out, and a great movie (or maybe even a binge of a your favorite show), right?!

Well, we’ve got your round up for the perfect PJ splurge foods below.  Spoiler alert: if you’re on a diet and you don’t want to be tempted to cheat, you will want to stop reading right about now!

Nachos – This is my personal favorite food ever. If I had to live in my PJs eating nachos for the rest of my life, it would be ok by me. Some of my favorite recipes are here, here, and here. And just in case you need some extra queso, here you go.  It’s a staple!

Popcorn – It’s really easy to make really great popcorn at home, and I say forgo the microwave for the best popcorn.  Just take some popcorn kernels and a medium pan with a lid and follow the directions on the popcorn bag.  The best part is that you can season it any way you like it -as much or as little butter and salt as you like.  Here are a few awesome popcorn topping ideas.

Snack Mix – To me snack mix is the perfect combo of salty and sweet.  This one – Ooey Gooey Cereal Crunch Mix – will knock your socks off!

Brownies – If you’re not a baker, of course you can always pick some brownies at the local store or sweet shop. But if you’re ready to make a homemade batch this is your must try recipe: Salted Caramel Brownies. THE BEST. Just a little warning, don’t make if you’re home all alone!

Sundaes – I love ice cream sundaes because you can make them any way you want.  Here are some great ideas: Ice Cream Sundaes 3 Ways.  Ummmmmm…

Milkshakes – So easy to make!  You can make a milkshake by simply blending milk and ice cream together in your blender, and then adding in other  flavors, chocolate syrup, strawberries, you name it.  If you want to get more creative, here are 12 milkshake recipes. Yum!

Smores – You don’t even need a campfire, you can actually make this gooey treat right in your kitchen! Check out this recipe for Indoor Smores.

Photo Credit: via Compfight cc

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