After a hectic day at the office or on the playground, a comfortable, fun pair of pajamas makes things right!

Our pajamas are cozy, cheerful and comfortable. They're sure to make you happy and relaxed. Once you put on a pair of pajamas from The Pajama Company, you'll feel better. When you're wearing pajamas, the world is a happier place!

Pajamas: from the Hindustani word “piejamah,” also called “PJs,” “jimmies,” “jimjams,” or “jammies.”  Few people would argue that the perfect pair of this snuggly nightwear promotes happiness and restful sleep.Let’s face it, it’s a hectic world and stress abounds.  More and more it seems like a moment’s peace is hard to come by.  So that precious little time we get with our creature comforts at the end of the day, or those rare mornings when we get to just lounge around the house; these are the moments that rejuvenate us. We offer a wide assortment of cozy, cheerful and comfortable pajamas.