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What is your Pajama Style?

What Is Your Pajama Style?

Ever wondered what your ultimate pajama style might be? Answer these 6 questions and you will find your match!

My favorite drink on a winter night is:

a) Wine, as usual

b) Milk & Cookies

c) Cosmopolitan

d) Hot chocolate

My ideal vacation is:

a) Backpacking through the Amazon

b) Disneyworld

c) New York City

d) A cabin in the woods

My favorite movies are…:

a) Sci-fi thrillers

b) Classic Disney, animated

c) Musicals

d) Romantic Comedies

My favorite outfit is:

a) Sundress + flats

b) Oversized tee, leggings + flip flops

c) Little black dress + heels

d) T-shirt, jeans + Converse

My favorite meal is:

a) Tacos

b) Mac + cheese

c) Arugula salad + chicken

d) Roast with potatoes + carrots

My friends would describe me as:

a) Free-spirited, flexible and on-the-go

b) Young at heart, energetic, FUN!

c) Organized, prompt, dependable

d) A good listener, laid-back, an old soul


Mostly A’s: (Nightshirts) You are a nightshirt kind of gal. You can’t be bothered with keeping track of matching pieces and you certainly don’t want to be bound up by footed pajamas or sweaty flannels. You are a free bird ready to tackle the world to the beat of your own drum!

emerson somedaysmodel200

Mostly B’s: (Footed Pajamas) Footed pajamas are your jam. You like being cozy and let’s face it, you are a kid at heart. You see the obvious benefit to wearing your blanket (hello, no need for socks!) and you are too confident to care what anyone thinks!


Mostly C’s: (Matching Set) Miss matchy-matchy! You are orderly and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free life (you probably even have Tupperware that matches!). You are trendy no matter where you go, even in your own bedroom!

lazy navyclassicfam340

Mostly D’s: (Warm Flannels) The comfy zone is where you like to hang. Fireplaces and hot chocolate are at the top of your list for winter must-haves. You rock the traditional flannel look (and slippers?) because being cold is never in style!

pjsal coffeemodels

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How to wear your pajamas to work with style

Tomorrow is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! Quite possibly our favorite unofficial holiday of the year. After all we think you can do your best work in pajamas.

We also think that wearing your pajamas in public can be chic! Here are a few quick tips to pull of wearing your PJs to work with style:

1. Pick the best pajamas for the job! (no pun intended)

Some PJ fabrics are really light for comfort, which is perfect for home but no so much for the office. Make sure the pajamas you wear aren’t see-thru or worn out.

And here’s another tip: if you know your jammies wrinkle easy, you might want to iron them with a little spray starch just so they stay looking fresh for the whole day.

2. Trade in slippers for a cute pair of shoes.

We love the look of pairing a fancier heel with a pajama set. Or consider wearing a fun striped sock with a pair of converse and your favorite PJ pants. A great pair of shoes can give your pajamas just the right touch for the office!

3. Layer.

Uplevel the look of your pajamas with something from your regular wardrobe for a stylish look. Consider wearing a pretty lace tank top or colorful tee shirt under your pajama top with a pair of skinny jeans. Or, add a blazer or the right cardigan to a PJ set. Not only will you look put together, but you’ll stay warm and cozy.

4. Accessorize!

Add sparkle and style with your favorite earrings, necklace, watch, etc. Throw on a bold scarf or a belt if it works with the outfit. Choose a coordinating bag and you’re ready for your day of style and comfort!

Now over to you – how to do you wear your PJs with style? 


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Your Pajama Fit Guide: How to Choose Just the Right PJs

You deserve a fabulous pair of pajamas.

But in a world of so many cool pajama choices, how do you know which ones are right for you?

Has this happened to you? You head out shopping because you need some new clothes, only to come home with a bunch of stuff that just doesn’t work. Maybe a shirt you love, but that does not quite go with anything else you own. Or a skirt that’s really cute, but you only wear it once because it pretty uncomfortable.

If you are lucky, you realize the mistaken choices and can return them. If you’re not so fortunate, you end up with a bunch of stuff in your closet that you never wear.

We don’t want this to happen with your pajamas.  We want you to find just the right ones.  Think Goldilocks when she found just the right bed. The type that you’ll wear over and over again and absolutely love. I’m talking about PJs that express who you are and make you feel cozy and happy when you put them on!

So, think of this your virtual “pajama fitting”.  Here are 4 questions to consider before buying a new pair of pajamas:

1. What are your favorite things?

Pajamas come in SO MANY fun patterns and styles!

So what’s your thing?  Are you a beach bunny who loves all things ocean and marine?  Are you a big time dog lover?  Maybe you’re obsessed with all things Paris.

Are you a total hipster? Can’t imagine a world without bacon?

No matter what you love or who you are, we’ve got you covered!

2. What’s your idea of comfort?

Footie pajamas are super cozy and cover you from head to toe.  Its like being wrapped in a blanket. Nightshirts are more breezy and cool.

Sleeve length and pant length – long versus short –  also make big difference, especially if you’re the type of sleeper who tosses and turns and wakes up with your pajama pants twisted around your legs.  My personal pet peeve!

The climate you live in, also comes into play, so keep this in mind as well!

3. How will you wear your pajamas?

Pajamas are for sleeping of course, but they’re also for lounging, and in some cases have become a fashion statement!  So think about how you want to wear your PJs.

For example, I have different pajamas for sleeping versus hanging out.  I like to sleep covered in lots of blankets, so I prefer a tank or short sleeved top and shorts for bed.  To relax and read or watch a movie, I love a classic cotton long sleeve and pant pajama set.

4. What kind of fabrics do you like?

Cotton is cozy, breathable, and easy to care for.  Fleece and flannel are  snuggly and warm.  Jersey is stretchy and silky and feels light against your skin.  What do you find totally cozy?

The bottom line: you should feel totally happy and super comfortable when you put on your pajamas.  Just like Goldilocks, when you put on your perfect PJs, we want to hear you say, “Ahhhh…just right”.

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Our August Photoshoot

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

It was the perfect Saturday afternoon for a “Pajama Photoshoot” and we made the most of it. Good friends plus a gorgeous pool set the scene for some fantastic photos. We love pairing our pajamas with different accessories, dressing them up and dressing them down. We think pajamas are meant just “For You” and are meant to reflect your personality and your sense of fun and relaxation. Maybe today you’re feeling a little bit glam or like a rock star or like a sleepyhead. Whatever your style is today, we’ve got the pajama perfect for you. This is why we love love love pajamas. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Lounging in Pajamas

An Apple A Day


A Little Bit of Glam

"Drinky Poo" Capri

Pajamas Poolside


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Marc Jacobs Takes His Bow in Pajamas

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

We love love love seeing Marc Jacobs in beautiful blackwatch plaid pajamas taking his final bow after his show at this months New York Fashion week. We love seeing pajamas as day wear and think he looked fabulous pairing them with white sneakers. He closed his Luxury line show in beautiful silk pj’s.

Pajamas are all about comfort, luxury and feeling wonderful. Marc asked Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley “What is the most decadent thing anybody could ever do?” and answers “Get all dressed up, do their makeup, and stay at home.”  Lounging at home is luxurious and comfortable. Being home doing what we love is a perfect night and of course, even better in pajamas.

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Meet Cat Fish the New Pajama Company Director of Outreach

By Cat Fish, The Pajama Company Director of Outreach

Hi Pajama Company Community!

My name is Cat and I am the newest addition at The Pajama Company. I am thrilled to be joining The Pajama Company because I share their philosophy that people should do (and wear) what makes them happy. What makes people happier than pajamas?

Editor’s Note: To help us get to know Cat, we asked her to answer a few very important questions.

1. Describe your favorite pajamas.

My favorite pajamas are the red and green plaid flannel pair I wear every Christmas. They are soft and cozy and remind me of eggnog and presents and being with family for holiday celebrations. Sometimes I wear them other times of year just to feel festive!

2. What would your perfect day look like?

I would sleep in, drink a big cup of coffee (or two) and eat brunch with friends all wearing our pajamas. We would venture out and discover a new place (right now I’m exploring different neighborhoods of New York City). Later on, I would take a nap with my cat and watch an episode of my favorite new show, Girls. At night, my friends would try an ethnic restaurant, see some live music, and end the night hanging out on a rooftop overlooking the city. I would, of course, finish the day back in my cozy pajamas reading a good book as I drift off to sleep. Sounds like a good day to me!

3. What was the last book you read?

I’m currently reading Do Something That Matters by TOMS founder, Blake Mycoskie (borrowed from fellow Pajama Company employee, Jilly Badanes). Blake writes about his journey founding and building TOMS, and gives advice and inspiration for people who want to change the world. That’s why I’m so proud that The Pajama Company has partnered with Every Mother Counts, an advocacy and mobilization campaign to increase education and support for maternal and child health.

4. What song is currently stuck in your head?

“Dancing On My Own” by Robyn has been in my head all week. It’s on the playlist I’ve been listening to on the subway to work every morning, and it seems to sticks with me all day. Luckily, I love Robyn–so it’s actually a good thing.

 5. What youtube video are you watching over and over?

Nothing makes me smile like a silly kitten video. This one is always on heavy rotation.

 6. Winter or Summer?

Oh that’s tough, but I think I’m a winter gal. I love the holidays, skiing in fresh snow, and drinking hot chocolate by the fire. Pajamas always play a bigger role in winter too, which is just icing on the cake.

7. Stripes or plaid?

Both. At the same time 🙂

8. Where is your favorite place to wear pajamas, outside of your house?

I like to walk to my local coffee shop wearing my pajamas on weekend mornings. If pajamas are cute enough, you can wear them anywhere!

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Enter The Pajama Street Fashion Photo Contest

We have seen pajamas on the runway and the red carpet. Now it’s your turn to show us how you are styling your pj’s.

This week The Pajama Company is holding the Pajama Street Fashion Photo Contest. The person who submits the best photo of themselves wearing an outfit that features pajamas as part of a fashionable daily outfit will win “Anchors Away” red check capri pajama pants. (Refer to Official Contest Rules for more information)

Try wearing pajama pants with a classic shirt:

Or wear a pajama shirt with trousers:

For inspiration on how to style your pajamas into a fashionable outfit, check out our recent blog, How To Turn Your Pajamas Into A Fashionable Outfit, and the great examples from New York Magazine, NY Mag Fashion: “Pajama Hour is Any Hour”.

Enter the Pajama Street Fashion Photo Contest before midnight on Sunday, April 15 to qualify.

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Why Pajamas Make Me Happy

Yes, it’s true…Pajamas make me happy!  Here’s why:

  • It’s the ahhhhhh factor:  You know when you plop into that comfy chair, that cozy couch, that scrumptious bed?  You know what it’s like to just sigh that happy sigh?  Pajamas do just that for me.  Whether it’s a new fresh pair or an old  favorite, the yummy fabric always feels fabulous.
  • It’s the comfort factor:  Pajamas originated as a loose fitting garment and have always been famous for comfort.  Most of my pajamas are an elastic with drawstring waist which is really creates the perfect fit.  With the option to be loose fitting, high or low waisted creates perfect comfort.  There is nothing better than leaving clothes of the day behind and pulling on a great pair of pajamas…isn’t it a good way to kind of leave the stresses of the day behind also?  Pajamas are also there for those chilly days and nights when flannel just warms the body.  Flannel pj’s, cozy socks and a favorite drink got me through many a cold new england evening! 
  • It’s the fun factor:  There are only a few garments that allow for a full expression of personality to shine through.  Pajamas are one.  Pajama prints can reflect your love for dogs, flowers,cars, trains, soccer, cats, martinis, apples, dancing, cakes, golf, football, Paris, pansies, sushi,  ballet, bears and more.  A dog lover can wrap herself/himself in a pair of pj’s covered with happy dogs, pure bliss!  Having a bad day?  Jumping into a fun pj can only help.  For those who always loved their footie pajamas as a child, a pair of footie pajamas for adults provide a little bit of nostalgia and memories of innocence. 
  • It’s the versatility factor:  Pajamas just go with everything and fit my style.  Sometimes, I’m cold and want to snuggle up in a long sleeved shirt and long flannel pant just for the warmth and comfort. Or I might find extra warmth and comfort in a footie pant and shirt or onsie footie pajama in a great flannel or fleece.    Other days, I want to be more trendy with a pajama pant rolled at the waist for the low waisted hipster fit combined with my favorite tee shirt or tank.  When the weather is warm, I love the capri pant with short sleeved top. Sometimes, I love to roll the capri pant and make it a bermuda short….that’s very happy.  See what I mean, it’s all about versatility.  My pajamas. My way. 
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