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Pajama Halloween Costume Ideas

6 Pajama-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to Halloween, there are those people who meticulously plan their costume a year in advance — finding the perfect props and carefully sewing, stitching, or gluing their masterpiece together — and then there are the rest of us. Halloween is less than a week away and we’re willing to bet you don’t have a costume either.

Rather than be the party pooper who shows up to the Halloween bash as themselves, look no further than your pajama drawer. By utilizing your pajamas in these six simple costume ideas, you will be warm, comfortable, and at least a hundred dollars richer for not having ordered a last-minute costume online.

Unlike an inflatable T-Rex or a garden gnome, you can wear your pajamas again and again. Here are costume ideas for the rest of us.

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What is your Pajama Style?

What Is Your Pajama Style?

Ever wondered what your ultimate pajama style might be? Answer these 6 questions and you will find your match!

My favorite drink on a winter night is:

a) Wine, as usual

b) Milk & Cookies

c) Cosmopolitan

d) Hot chocolate

My ideal vacation is:

a) Backpacking through the Amazon

b) Disneyworld

c) New York City

d) A cabin in the woods

My favorite movies are…:

a) Sci-fi thrillers

b) Classic Disney, animated

c) Musicals

d) Romantic Comedies

My favorite outfit is:

a) Sundress + flats

b) Oversized tee, leggings + flip flops

c) Little black dress + heels

d) T-shirt, jeans + Converse

My favorite meal is:

a) Tacos

b) Mac + cheese

c) Arugula salad + chicken

d) Roast with potatoes + carrots

My friends would describe me as:

a) Free-spirited, flexible and on-the-go

b) Young at heart, energetic, FUN!

c) Organized, prompt, dependable

d) A good listener, laid-back, an old soul


Mostly A’s: (Nightshirts) You are a nightshirt kind of gal. You can’t be bothered with keeping track of matching pieces and you certainly don’t want to be bound up by footed pajamas or sweaty flannels. You are a free bird ready to tackle the world to the beat of your own drum!

emerson somedaysmodel200

Mostly B’s: (Footed Pajamas) Footed pajamas are your jam. You like being cozy and let’s face it, you are a kid at heart. You see the obvious benefit to wearing your blanket (hello, no need for socks!) and you are too confident to care what anyone thinks!


Mostly C’s: (Matching Set) Miss matchy-matchy! You are orderly and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free life (you probably even have Tupperware that matches!). You are trendy no matter where you go, even in your own bedroom!

lazy navyclassicfam340

Mostly D’s: (Warm Flannels) The comfy zone is where you like to hang. Fireplaces and hot chocolate are at the top of your list for winter must-haves. You rock the traditional flannel look (and slippers?) because being cold is never in style!

pjsal coffeemodels

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Nighty Nite!

Warmer weather means time for nightshirts! Click here to view our fun and breezy nightshirt collection. Here are some favorites:

Hatley Nature

“Bearly Sleeping” Women’s Nightshirt in Pink


Emerson Street

“Fate brought us together, or was it wine?” Nightshirt in a Bag


My Favorite Nightshirt

“I’m a Princess That’s Why!” Nightshirt in Pink


Hatley Nature

“Breakfast in Bed” Women’s Nightshirt in Yellow


Emerson Street

“I’m Good in Bed…I Can Sleep for Days!” Nightshirt in a Bag


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Gift Guide: Holiday Nightshirts

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor 

Yippee! Our holiday nightshirts are here! We think nightshirts are such an awesome gift because they’re always lighthearted and cute and the truth is, you really can’t have too many of them.

Head on over here to shop the whole adorable, funny, and festive collection.

Have a favorite? We want to hear…tell us in the comments below!

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Our August Photoshoot

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

It was the perfect Saturday afternoon for a “Pajama Photoshoot” and we made the most of it. Good friends plus a gorgeous pool set the scene for some fantastic photos. We love pairing our pajamas with different accessories, dressing them up and dressing them down. We think pajamas are meant just “For You” and are meant to reflect your personality and your sense of fun and relaxation. Maybe today you’re feeling a little bit glam or like a rock star or like a sleepyhead. Whatever your style is today, we’ve got the pajama perfect for you. This is why we love love love pajamas. Here are some of our favorite moments.

Lounging in Pajamas

An Apple A Day


A Little Bit of Glam

"Drinky Poo" Capri

Pajamas Poolside


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Nightshirts That Make Us Smile

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

Finally, finally it’s nightshirt weather and we’ve just added 13 new Emerson Street designs to our collection. The fun of Emerson Quillin’s artwork combined with the comfort and style of the nightshirt makes Emerson Street’s “Nightshirt in a Bag” the perfect gift. With the addition of our new designs, we now have an assortment of 71 different nightshirts! Choosing the perfect one for yourself, your friends, your family is now a fun challenge. We have seen Emerson Street nightshirts used for “Girls Night Out” celebrations, “Girls Night In” celebrations, Anniversaries, Reunions, Holidays and more. Priced at $28, this 100% cotton v-neck “One size fits most” nightshirt comes rolled in a cotton drawstring bag that also features Emerson’s artwork. Here are some of Emerson Street’s best sellers plus a few new designs that put a smile on our face. Don’t you agree that pj’s and nightshirts should not only be comfy comfy but also add a little dose of fun?

Wine Princess


Some Days You Just Have To Create Your Own Sunshine!

Mature and FabulousIf You Snooze, You WinIt's Official "I've Become My Mother!"

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Nightshirts We Love

Listen Honey-I Can't Talk Right Now...I'm At The Gym Working Out!What could be better than to beat the day’s stress by relaxing  in a big comfy nighshirt that just feels wonderful!  Well, welcome to the world of Emerson Quillin.  Emerson’s now famous “Nightshirt in a bag” combines that rare combination of sidesplitting humor and exceptional artistry.  Featured on “The View” as well as other media, Emerson’s nightshirts have evoked smiles all around.  His “Listen Honey” character is pure fun.  Choose the nightshirt that is “you” or truly your friend or family.  We know it’s there among his 80+ collection.  Emerson’s “Nightshirt in a Bag” makes a great gift that is sure to please.  The artwork on the nightshirt is also found on the drawstring bag which comes with the shirt.  No gift wrap required on this goodie, and the good news is “Nightshirt in a bag” is just $28.  Shopping done! The pleasure of gift giving is in the fun of the gift so we think Emerson Street nightshirts make the art of gift giving, well, just about perfect.

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