Nightshirts We Love

Listen Honey-I Can't Talk Right Now...I'm At The Gym Working Out!What could be better than to beat the day’s stress by relaxing  in a big comfy nighshirt that just feels wonderful!  Well, welcome to the world of Emerson Quillin.  Emerson’s now famous “Nightshirt in a bag” combines that rare combination of sidesplitting humor and exceptional artistry.  Featured on “The View” as well as other media, Emerson’s nightshirts have evoked smiles all around.  His “Listen Honey” character is pure fun.  Choose the nightshirt that is “you” or truly your friend or family.  We know it’s there among his 80+ collection.  Emerson’s “Nightshirt in a Bag” makes a great gift that is sure to please.  The artwork on the nightshirt is also found on the drawstring bag which comes with the shirt.  No gift wrap required on this goodie, and the good news is “Nightshirt in a bag” is just $28.  Shopping done! The pleasure of gift giving is in the fun of the gift so we think Emerson Street nightshirts make the art of gift giving, well, just about perfect.

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