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This Just In: Pajama Short Sets

Happy Monday, friends!

One of the things that makes our day around here like nothing else is when we have new pajama styles to offer you! We get so excited about new goodies and these short sets are no exception.

And, they’re perfect gift ideas for Mother’s Day (coming up May 10th), graduations, bridal showers, and of course spring and summer birthdays!

Check out our entire shorts set collection here, and our favorites below…

Munki Munki Women’s “Octopus” Cotton Jersey Pajama Shorts Set



Munki Munki Women’s “Peacocks” Cotton Jersey Pajama Shorts Set in Blue


bSoft “Tropical” Jersey Pajama Shorts Set


 bSoft “Pink Seashells” Pajama Shorts Set


Oh, and we should tell you…our bSoft short sets come in 4 other styles as well! Want to see them all? Click here.

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Nightshirts That Make Us Smile

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

Finally, finally it’s nightshirt weather and we’ve just added 13 new Emerson Street designs to our collection. The fun of Emerson Quillin’s artwork combined with the comfort and style of the nightshirt makes Emerson Street’s “Nightshirt in a Bag” the perfect gift. With the addition of our new designs, we now have an assortment of 71 different nightshirts! Choosing the perfect one for yourself, your friends, your family is now a fun challenge. We have seen Emerson Street nightshirts used for “Girls Night Out” celebrations, “Girls Night In” celebrations, Anniversaries, Reunions, Holidays and more. Priced at $28, this 100% cotton v-neck “One size fits most” nightshirt comes rolled in a cotton drawstring bag that also features Emerson’s artwork. Here are some of Emerson Street’s best sellers plus a few new designs that put a smile on our face. Don’t you agree that pj’s and nightshirts should not only be comfy comfy but also add a little dose of fun?

Wine Princess


Some Days You Just Have To Create Your Own Sunshine!

Mature and FabulousIf You Snooze, You WinIt's Official "I've Become My Mother!"

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Spring Pajamas Are Here!

Finally, finally it’s spring and we are ready to celebrate the season with new cotton pajamas!  Cool cottons are lightweight and comfy for warmer days and nights.  We love all our new prints and think you will too!  Pajamas are a perfect way to express your personality and celebrate what you love.  For pet lovers…we have pajamas, for wine lovers…we have pajamas, for beach lovers…we have pajamas, for sports lovers…we have pajamas, for food lovers…we have pajamas.  We all lead busy lives so time to lounge is cherished.  We think jumping into wonderful, cheerful, soft pajamas makes our down time just happier and more relaxing.  Here are a few Spring Pajamas we love today.

"Fairgrounds" from Munki Munki $94

"Meow" from PJ Salvage $52

"Peace Love & Happy Hour" PJ Pant from Be As You Are

"Cupcakes" from The Cat's Pajamas $86

"Sailing Dogs" from Hatley Nature $34

"Carolina Paisley" from Bedhead $142

"Tennis" from Munki Munki $94

"Book Lover" from Frankie & Johnny $64

"Whales" from Munki Munki $94

We think pajamas are just for you and are a fun way to show what you love.

Celebrate Spring with Pajamas!

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This Week’s Staff Picks

It’s Wednesday and here is what we love this week at The Pajama Company

"Doggy Love" Kids Pajamas from Papa Bear  $34

"Doggy Love" Kids Pajama from Papa Bear for Ages 2-14 $34

Big Feet Navy Plaid Flannel Footed Pajama $44

Footzies PJ Pant $24.99 Footzies Tee Shirt $19.99

Munki Munki Women's Flannel "Skater" Pajama in Blue $86

"Carolina Paisley" Ruffle Pajama from Bedhead $142

"Pigs Fly" Flannel Pajama from PJ Salvage $70

"Making the Moose out of Life" Men's Flannel Pajama Pant $34

Kashwere Kids Super Soft Blue Striped Hydranga Robe $50

"STress Gets Better With Wine" Nightshirt in a Bag $28

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Everybody Loves Matching Family Pajamas for The Holidays

This week we launched our “Matching Family Pajamas” category here at We know there is something about winter and something about the holidays that makes it wonderful to just relax at home together in pajamas. Kids just love, love, love to wear pajamas that match Mom and Dad. It’s fun to see families all in pajamas and all matching.  It’s just happy, and isn’t that what the holidays are all about? We really love our footie pajamas from Big Feet Pajamas for the family and our fabulous collection of matching pj set, pants and sleepshirts from Hatley Nature. How fun for kids to see Mom & Dad in matching footies. We’ve heard our customers tell us that they love footies and love the fun of reclaiming a bit of childhood with footies. We know many families have the “Matching Pajama” tradition for the holidays. For some it’s Thanksgiving, for others it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah. Always popular are bright red flannel pj’s with snowmen and our Papa Bear flannels are just that and perfect for the entire family. Here are a few of our new matching goodies. Let us know what you think and take a moment to share any of your matching family traditions.

"Bears on Plaid" Flannel Men's PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Bears on Plaid" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Applique Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Christmas Animals" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Mens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Red Snwoman" Flannel Pajama Set for Adults size S-XXL $52 and Kids size 2-18 $34

Big Feet Adult Red Fleece Footies $48

Big Feet Kids Red Fleece Footy $36

"Making the Moose out of Life" Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Making the Moose out of Life" Womens Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Making the Moose out of Life" Mens PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

Time to get matching!

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New Flannels from PJ Salvage Have Arrived

We are so excited  here at The Pajama Company about our new fall flannels from PJ Salvage.  We know you love the comfort and softness of PJ Salvage flannel pajamas.  The “Boyfriend” fit makes them slightly oversized and perfectly cozy.  Every season PJ Salvage pajamas are sweet and fun.  Today we are introducing “Sundae Surprise” in pretty pink, “Pigs Fly” in blue, “Peace Out” in a fun multi color and “Rough Rider” in a colorful print on white.   PJ Salvage pajamas make a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Rough Rider $70

Peace Out $70

Pigs Fly $70

Sundae Surprise $70

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Bedtime Stories We Love

The bedside lamp is turned low, the covers form a cushy fortress of wool and knitted quilt, and the air is electric with anticipation. In a few moments, our parents or older relatives will crack the spine of our favorite bedtime story, opening a portal into a world we will never forget. No matter how old we become, the stories that are read to us as children remain in our memories until we pass those stories on to our children, forming a generational tapestry of imagination.

So it is with “Goodnight, Moon,” one of the most beautiful bedtime stories ever written. With spare, elegant prose, and lush illustrations that invite you to linger in the pages of the book long after you have fallen asleep, “Goodnight, Moon” is the story of a bunny rabbit who wishes every item in the house a good night’s rest. Simple, yet affecting, this book was originally published in 1947, and remains a staple of nighttime storytelling.

While still on a bunny rabbit theme, the adventures of “Bunnicula” are excellent bedtime fare for the slightly older child. The amusing stories of a vampire bunny, as told by the family’s dog Harold, will encourage kids to develop not only their imaginations, but their sense of humor and adventure.

Picture-based books, especially those that feature glossy, full color photographs or renderings of fantastic ancient cultures, will enrich a child’s dreams, and invigorate the desire to explore. “See Inside an Egyptian Town” features detailed cross-sections of ancient Egyptian dwellings, palaces, and pyramids. Nothing is more exciting than the sensation of being able to peer into the past, especially when that past involves such magnificent monuments and artifacts as ancient Egypt.

Despite the fact that the “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” was deemed to be suitable bedtime reading for the characters of the grandfather and grandchild in the television series “Mad Men,” analytical historical texts should not necessarily be employed as a way to put children to sleep. However, more complex fictional fare, such as Madeline L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” can make for quite exciting bedtime reading for exceptionally advanced children. A child will never forget the experience of reading an entire novel, night by night.

No matter the specific book, bedtime stories instill in us a feeling of being loved. To read, and be read to, is an experience that stays with us long after the lights have been turned off.

Here are a few of our featured bedtime stories just for kids:

Bear Snores On is a sweet story about a bear who just loves to sleep $16

It’s Too Soon is about a little bunny who isn’t quite ready for bed $14.95

Little Quack’s Bedtime is about bedtime for Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle and Little Quack  $14.95

The Life of Pajamas is about how one very special pair of pajamas spends the day $11

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The Pajama Company Announces Mother’s Day Luxury Bundle


Popular online sleepwear invites customers to honor Mom’s with luxury bundles

The Pajama Company, the popular online retailer of sleepwear, gifts, and accessories announces the exclusive sale of the Mother’s Day Luxury Bundle.

Mother's Day Luxury Bundle

Available online at, the Mother’s Day Luxury Bundle combines relaxation and indulgence in the perfect present to show appreciation for every mom this year.

The Pajama Company offers a wide selection of pajamas in every fabric and style, as well as robes, nightshirts, slippers, and spa accessories. Shoppers can find a variety of suggested gifts for Mother’s Day under the “Just For Mom” section online at

For an extra $35, The Pajama Company will send Mom a “Mother’s Little Helper” 3.5oz dark chocolate bar from trendy Bloomsberry & Co, a cooling and refreshing “Mint Eye Pillow” from Aroma Home and a “Born to be Wild” small cosmetics case from always fun Anne Taintor. All these goodies are bundled into a pretty white 100% cotton “Flower Pots” pillowcase and tied with a red bow.

"Mother's Little Helper" Chocolate Bar from Bloomsberry

"Mother's Little Helper" Chocolate Bar from Bloomsberry

Cooling Mint Eye Pillow from Aroma Home

Cooling Mint Eye Pillow from Aroma Home

"Born to be Wild" Cosmetics Pouch from Anne Taintor

“Giving Mom a wonderful pajama, robe or nightshirt is just that much better when bundled with a few extra goodies sure to make her smile. Small gifts are fun to give and are a great way to show Mom how much you care this year,” says Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company founder and president. “With a bundle you’re not just showing your love, but you’re also giving the gift of comfort, luxury, and relaxation. As a mother myself, I can’t think of a better gift than that!”

The Pajama Company will be offering the luxury bundle online until Mother’s Day on May 9.

About the Pajama Company

The Pajama Company was founded in 2004 with a mission to spread happiness through pajamas. At shoppers can find a selection of 20 brands of pajamas for men, women, and children and a large variety of gifts and accessories.


For more information on The Pajama Company or on Mother’s Day Luxury Bundles or to schedule an interview with founder Ellie Badanes please contact or call 877 757 4386.

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The Pajama Company Has Spring Fever

Even though the thermometer reads 47 degrees today, we can’t help it…we have Spring Fever.  We have it bad.  Here are a few of our new pajamas from The Cat’s Pajamas, PJ Salvage, Hatley Nature.  We love the fresh colors and the beautiful cottons.   Spring is all about renewal, freshness and happy long days ahead.  We think pajamas spread a little happiness everyday.  Here are few of our favorites today:

"Anchors Away" from PJ Salvage

"Anchors Away" Pajama Pant from PJ Salvage $42

"Rosy Afternoon" Pajama Pant from Hatley Nature  $34

"Rosy Afternoon" Pajama Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Donuts" from The Cat's Pajamas $86

"Donuts" from The Cat's Pajamas $86

And for the perfect oversized nightshirt that you want to wear all day, check out a few of our new styles from Emerson Street and Hatley Nature.  Which are your spring favorites?

"Ruff Night" Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Ruff Night" Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Bad Hair Day" Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Bad Hair Day" Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

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