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A Matching Family Pajama Day? Yes Please.

Many people find that they suffer from some sort of post-holiday blues after the excitement and fun of the season ends. The decorations have been put away for another year, its cold outside, and the days are still way too short. You know you need to snap out of it, but how?

Solution: A matching family pajama day!

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We’re sure you’ve heard of this hot trend where the whole family (even pets) wears matching family pajamas, and if you have jumped on the bandwagon already you know what all the hoo-ha is all about. It’s just plain fun and can really bring a family together. Even better you are cozy and comfy while creating lasting family memories.

We’ve got some great ideas for making the most of your family pajama day so take note and make some plans to try this yourself!

Big Feet Family Footies

Karaoke Party

One of the hottest gifts this holiday season was the Karaoke machine. If you have a newly acquired singing device you have hours of fun right in your own home. Even if you don’t have one – no worries. There are several apps that like Smule or SingSnap that provide access to thousands of songs and can be downloaded for little or no cost. Then, gather together and sing your hearts out. You’ll have a great time and who knows – you may even find you have the next great singing star right under your own roof!


Set up Camp

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t go camping. You just have to improvise. First, clear a space in your home and either pitch a tent or create a makeshift tent with blankets. Then bring on the camping fun. If you haven’t already, put on your matching family pajamas and roast hotdogs (and marshmallows for S’mores) in the fireplace or over the stove, tell scary ghost stories, and play campfire games like charades. An awesome added touch is adding ‘stars’ to your campground. Hang some twinkle lights from the ceiling or drape them over the tent and let your imagination take over!

Bear Bum Matching

Photo Op

Matching family pajama day is the perfect time to get some great group photos that are totally Instagram worthy! You can pose in so many different ways and really let the goofiness come out. The fun can be two-fold as you might just take the picture for your holiday card this year!


Game Day

With technology taking over our lives, we often forget about days-gone-by and family game time. Why not resurrect the past and bring out those old board games or create makeshift games of your own like Pictionary. You’ll bond with the brood and taking time away from your phones and computers can be an invigorating experience.

Get Crafty

You can spend the whole day in your matching family pajamas having a craft day. If you need inspiration, there are lots of holidays coming up that you can make decorations for like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Another great theme to lift you out of the winter doldrums is spring! Make crafty flowers, butterflies, baby animals, and more. A quick Pinterest search will yield tons of ideas!

Now that we’ve got your wheels spinning, you’ll probably have some other great ideas of your own. The most important thing is that you are all together as a family and enjoying one another’s company.

We’d love to see how you all look in your family pajamas. Feel free to post your pictures here or on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see you!


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Meet Our New Holiday Editor, Let’s Talk Pajamas

By Anne Badanes, The Pajama Company Holiday Editor

First impressions are tough. For me, I usually wonder whether my clothes are right when I meet someone new. Ta Da…right now my attire is perfect as I am wearing my favorite plaid pajamas while I write this blog for The Pajama Company. Here is the the story of my pajama passion.

During my college years, long flannel nightgowns were popular and I wore them for years. While they hid a stomach full of late night pizza, they made me look like an over sized Wendy in Peter Pan. Moreover, they’d get tangled around my legs in bed. At a bridal shower, flannel nightgowns were called armor for new brides.  I heard that and quickly switched to SSS nightwear–short, silk and sexy. Not only were those flimsy things chilly, but they were hard to launder. Once I had a baby who woke up several times each night, I needed something else to wear to bed.

Fortunately, that was about the year that Ellie joined our family as my new sister in law. She was one of the first women I knew who loved pajamas and always looked cute in them. That was years before she began The Pajama Company. Yes, she’s a  woman who has walked her talk for years–the pajama evangelist. She gave me a pair of pajama bottoms and I became a convert.

Currently, my favorite pajamas are the ones I am wearing now, a pink plaid pair that was left here when my daughter moved out. I have a drawer stuffed with my own pajamas, but this pair hung alone on a hook in her bedroom when she left for college. As I straightened up her room, my emotions were in limbo between tears and the elation of an empty nest. I saw the lonely PJs and remembered all the mornings when I was unable to get her out of bed. They were soft and smelled of her. I paused on the way to the laundry basket, wondering whether to launder them or retain her scent.

Finder’s keepers. They are my favorites.

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Everybody Loves Matching Family Pajamas for The Holidays

This week we launched our “Matching Family Pajamas” category here at www.ThePajamaCompany.com We know there is something about winter and something about the holidays that makes it wonderful to just relax at home together in pajamas. Kids just love, love, love to wear pajamas that match Mom and Dad. It’s fun to see families all in pajamas and all matching.  It’s just happy, and isn’t that what the holidays are all about? We really love our footie pajamas from Big Feet Pajamas for the family and our fabulous collection of matching pj set, pants and sleepshirts from Hatley Nature. How fun for kids to see Mom & Dad in matching footies. We’ve heard our customers tell us that they love footies and love the fun of reclaiming a bit of childhood with footies. We know many families have the “Matching Pajama” tradition for the holidays. For some it’s Thanksgiving, for others it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah. Always popular are bright red flannel pj’s with snowmen and our Papa Bear flannels are just that and perfect for the entire family. Here are a few of our new matching goodies. Let us know what you think and take a moment to share any of your matching family traditions.

"Bears on Plaid" Flannel Men's PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Bears on Plaid" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Applique Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Christmas Animals" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Mens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Red Snwoman" Flannel Pajama Set for Adults size S-XXL $52 and Kids size 2-18 $34

Big Feet Adult Red Fleece Footies $48

Big Feet Kids Red Fleece Footy $36

"Making the Moose out of Life" Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Making the Moose out of Life" Womens Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Making the Moose out of Life" Mens PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

Time to get matching!

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