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New Family Holiday Traditions, Matching Pajamas

New Ideas for Fun Family Traditions

As the days get shorter and the colors of fall give way to frost, our lives become wrapped in tradition. It begins with Halloween: trick-or-treating, neighborhood Halloween parties, themed family costumes, or just stealing all the peanut butter cups out of your kid’s candy stash… no matter how big or how small, the shift from fall to winter signals a shift into a season filled with traditions and memories that will last a lifetime.

There are popular traditions that you share with others, such as the turkey you might be cutting into in the coming days, and then there are ones that are unique to you and your family. Young families have the special and unique opportunity to start traditions with their families and choose what their children will remember from their childhood about this special season — and might pass on to their own.

Here are a few ideas for new traditions you might like to start with your family this holiday season.

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Great Gifts: Holiday Pajamas

What’s more fun than finding festive holiday pajamas under the tree? Here are some of our favorites, just to make your gift giving easier…


PJ Salvage

Women’s Gingerbread Flannel Pajamas

Hatley Nature Kids

Falling to Sleep Snowflake Pajamas

Hatley Nature

Men’s Beary Xmas Flannel Pajama Pants

PJ Salvage

Women’s Hot Chocolate Flannel Pajamas

 Big Feet Pajamas

Adult Red Fleece One Piece Footy

We’ve got footies for the whole family!

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Meet Our New Holiday Editor, Let’s Talk Pajamas

By Anne Badanes, The Pajama Company Holiday Editor

First impressions are tough. For me, I usually wonder whether my clothes are right when I meet someone new. Ta Da…right now my attire is perfect as I am wearing my favorite plaid pajamas while I write this blog for The Pajama Company. Here is the the story of my pajama passion.

During my college years, long flannel nightgowns were popular and I wore them for years. While they hid a stomach full of late night pizza, they made me look like an over sized Wendy in Peter Pan. Moreover, they’d get tangled around my legs in bed. At a bridal shower, flannel nightgowns were called armor for new brides.  I heard that and quickly switched to SSS nightwear–short, silk and sexy. Not only were those flimsy things chilly, but they were hard to launder. Once I had a baby who woke up several times each night, I needed something else to wear to bed.

Fortunately, that was about the year that Ellie joined our family as my new sister in law. She was one of the first women I knew who loved pajamas and always looked cute in them. That was years before she began The Pajama Company. Yes, she’s a  woman who has walked her talk for years–the pajama evangelist. She gave me a pair of pajama bottoms and I became a convert.

Currently, my favorite pajamas are the ones I am wearing now, a pink plaid pair that was left here when my daughter moved out. I have a drawer stuffed with my own pajamas, but this pair hung alone on a hook in her bedroom when she left for college. As I straightened up her room, my emotions were in limbo between tears and the elation of an empty nest. I saw the lonely PJs and remembered all the mornings when I was unable to get her out of bed. They were soft and smelled of her. I paused on the way to the laundry basket, wondering whether to launder them or retain her scent.

Finder’s keepers. They are my favorites.

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Cyber Monday Pajama Deals

Happy Cyber Monday! We want to make your holiday shopping SIMPLE at The Pajama Company today and have four pajama deals just for you. Only one Discount Code can be applied per order so choose the discount that best suits you.

Use Discount Code MONDAY today at checkout and receive 15% off anything in our store

Use Discount Code BEDHEAD today at checkout and receive and additional 20% off Bedhead Pajamas

Use Discount Code SIMPLE today at checkout and receive free UPS Ground Shipping within the USA on orders $25 and over

Use Discount Code BARGAIN today at checkout and receive an additional 25% off our Today’s Specials sale merchandise

Make your shopping count for a little bit more today because today we have partnered with Every Mother Counts for our “Maternal Health Cyber Monday” event. We will contribute 10% of our Cyber Monday sales to Every Mother Counts focused on increasing education and support for maternal and child health around the world. Today we are “Doing Good in Pajamas” and thank you for shopping with us.

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14 Ways to Turn Your Pajamas Into A Halloween Costume

Halloween Pumpkins

1. White footies and a gold crown makes you Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

Big Feet Jersey Footy $44

2. Put on your red “Bear Bottom” Flapjacks with a white or gray beard and an old hat and you’re Grandpa.

Bear Bottom FlapJacks $48

3.  Red and Blue plaid pajama pants with a red or blue  hoodie and a few Romney and Obama buttons makes you an Undecided Voter.


4. Tape googly eyes and a round orange nose to a red knit hat, pair with red footies and you’re Elmo.


5. Pair our famous “Sushi” pajama with a chefs hat and you are a Sushi Chef.

The Pajama Company

6. Make a crown of paper petals, pair with green footies and you’re a Flower.


7. Combine our plaid flannel pajama pant with your favorite team hoodie plus sneakers or uggs and you’re a College Student.

8. Our Cupcake pajamas plus a tray of cupcakes and a crown makes you the Cupcake Queen.


9. Add a tail and ear to your leopard print footies and you’re a Leopard.


10. Tape a black jack o’lantern cut-out face on top of our orange top and bottom from Footzies and you’re a Pumpkin.

11. Put on flannel pajamas and glasses, carry a laptop and you’re a Blogger.

12. Put on our “Dog Person” nightshirt and carry some stuffed cuddly dogs with leashes and you’re a Dog Walker.

Dog Person Nightshirt

Dog Person Nightshirt

13. Pair our “Come to the Dark Side” pajama pant with red horns and you’re a Devil (who loves cookies).



14. For the truly lazy … put on this “Like “t-shirt and you’re a Facebook Profile

Happy Halloween!

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