14 Ways to Turn Your Pajamas Into A Halloween Costume

Halloween Pumpkins

1. White footies and a gold crown makes you Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

Big Feet Jersey Footy $44

2. Put on your red “Bear Bottom” Flapjacks with a white or gray beard and an old hat and you’re Grandpa.

Bear Bottom FlapJacks $48

3.  Red and Blue plaid pajama pants with a red or blue  hoodie and a few Romney and Obama buttons makes you an Undecided Voter.


4. Tape googly eyes and a round orange nose to a red knit hat, pair with red footies and you’re Elmo.


5. Pair our famous “Sushi” pajama with a chefs hat and you are a Sushi Chef.

The Pajama Company

6. Make a crown of paper petals, pair with green footies and you’re a Flower.


7. Combine our plaid flannel pajama pant with your favorite team hoodie plus sneakers or uggs and you’re a College Student.

8. Our Cupcake pajamas plus a tray of cupcakes and a crown makes you the Cupcake Queen.


9. Add a tail and ear to your leopard print footies and you’re a Leopard.


10. Tape a black jack o’lantern cut-out face on top of our orange top and bottom from Footzies and you’re a Pumpkin.

11. Put on flannel pajamas and glasses, carry a laptop and you’re a Blogger.

12. Put on our “Dog Person” nightshirt and carry some stuffed cuddly dogs with leashes and you’re a Dog Walker.

Dog Person Nightshirt

Dog Person Nightshirt

13. Pair our “Come to the Dark Side” pajama pant with red horns and you’re a Devil (who loves cookies).



14. For the truly lazy … put on this “Like “t-shirt and you’re a Facebook Profile

Happy Halloween!

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