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A Matching Family Pajama Day? Yes Please.

Many people find that they suffer from some sort of post-holiday blues after the excitement and fun of the season ends. The decorations have been put away for another year, its cold outside, and the days are still way too short. You know you need to snap out of it, but how?

Solution: A matching family pajama day!

Bear Essentials FlapJack

We’re sure you’ve heard of this hot trend where the whole family (even pets) wears matching family pajamas, and if you have jumped on the bandwagon already you know what all the hoo-ha is all about. It’s just plain fun and can really bring a family together. Even better you are cozy and comfy while creating lasting family memories.

We’ve got some great ideas for making the most of your family pajama day so take note and make some plans to try this yourself!

Big Feet Family Footies

Karaoke Party

One of the hottest gifts this holiday season was the Karaoke machine. If you have a newly acquired singing device you have hours of fun right in your own home. Even if you don’t have one – no worries. There are several apps that like Smule or SingSnap that provide access to thousands of songs and can be downloaded for little or no cost. Then, gather together and sing your hearts out. You’ll have a great time and who knows – you may even find you have the next great singing star right under your own roof!


Set up Camp

Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t go camping. You just have to improvise. First, clear a space in your home and either pitch a tent or create a makeshift tent with blankets. Then bring on the camping fun. If you haven’t already, put on your matching family pajamas and roast hotdogs (and marshmallows for S’mores) in the fireplace or over the stove, tell scary ghost stories, and play campfire games like charades. An awesome added touch is adding ‘stars’ to your campground. Hang some twinkle lights from the ceiling or drape them over the tent and let your imagination take over!

Bear Bum Matching

Photo Op

Matching family pajama day is the perfect time to get some great group photos that are totally Instagram worthy! You can pose in so many different ways and really let the goofiness come out. The fun can be two-fold as you might just take the picture for your holiday card this year!


Game Day

With technology taking over our lives, we often forget about days-gone-by and family game time. Why not resurrect the past and bring out those old board games or create makeshift games of your own like Pictionary. You’ll bond with the brood and taking time away from your phones and computers can be an invigorating experience.

Get Crafty

You can spend the whole day in your matching family pajamas having a craft day. If you need inspiration, there are lots of holidays coming up that you can make decorations for like Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Another great theme to lift you out of the winter doldrums is spring! Make crafty flowers, butterflies, baby animals, and more. A quick Pinterest search will yield tons of ideas!

Now that we’ve got your wheels spinning, you’ll probably have some other great ideas of your own. The most important thing is that you are all together as a family and enjoying one another’s company.

We’d love to see how you all look in your family pajamas. Feel free to post your pictures here or on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see you!


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Friday Night In: Pajama Date Night Ideas

Experts and laymen agree that the best way to keep the spark alive in a relationship is regularly scheduled date nights. While no couple would disagree that time alone together to connect and be a couple would, duh, help you maintain and even deepen connection with your partner, reality sometimes makes this a challenge.

Regular date nights sound simple in theory, but the follow-through can get messy. Maybe you have conflicting work schedules. Maybe you have children and spending $100+ on dinner and a babysitter just isn’t on the table. Maybe you and your partner are new parents who aren’t ready to leave your infant in the care of someone else.

Yes, these situations undoubtedly present challenges when planning a date night and holidays like Valentine’s Day add extra pressure. Consider some of these options as stress-free alternatives.

sushi pattern pajamas

Nothing says “date night in” like takeout and pajamas! This fun new pattern from PJ Salvage is fit for the occasion.

10 Great Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

1. Vinyl Listening Party. We just love this idea! Whether you already have a record player or pick up a secondhand player on Craigslist, take turns sharing albums and songs that you love with your partner. Since vinyl has made a comeback, there are plenty of shops popping up where you can get used records on the cheap. Another easy alternative is to take turns playing songs and playlists on Spotify. This activity goes pairs well with a bottle of wine.

2. Roast Marshmallows. Did you know you can find an electric s’mores/fondue maker for $30? We were surprised too. This is a fun, safe, and easy way to enjoy a little taste of summer all year round. Throw some blankets on the floor, open a box of graham crackers, and pretend you’re camping for the night. If you want to create an adult version of the classic s’more try different kinds of artisanal chocolate bars, made with hints of chile, sea salt, caramel, or lavender.

3. Make Dessert Together. If roasting marshmallows and acquiring new gizmos and gadgets seems like too much work for you, keep it simple and make dessert. Take the time to select a recipe together — something that you’ll enjoy making and eating. After the kids are fed and tucked away in their jammies, mix a couple cocktails and get cooking. The dessert can be as simple as a boxed brownies as long as you’re enjoying each other’s company.

4. Work on a Puzzle. When was the last time you pulled out a jigsaw puzzle? While it may not sound exciting, a puzzle is a surprisingly fun group activity. It’s a simple activity that you can work on together while you talk, enjoy some snacks, and have a beer. You’ll be amazed at how relaxed you feel after taking a break from glaring light of your phone or TV screen.

5. Follow a Bob Ross Video. This is just plain fun. Remember Bob Ross, the iconic TV art instructor from ‘80s? Even if you don’t, the videos are worth a watch. Bob’s soothing voice guides viewers step-by-step through the creation of a landscape painting. While oil paints are expensive, regular old Crayola watercolors — or even markers! — are just a few bucks. Follow along and giggle at each other’s artistic ability.

6. Play Cards. Another simple activity to go with an assortment of late-night snacks: cards. There are plenty of two-person card games that you can play or learn. Some examples include Double Solitaire (yes, you read that correctly), 66, Rummy, Pinochle, and the elegantly named Egyptian Rat Screw. Spending quality time together doesn’t have to be complicated to be fun!

PJ Salvage Sushi Pajamas Thats How I Roll

New PJ Salvage Pattern: ‘That’s How I Roll’. View the collection.

7. Have a Slumber Party. This activity is ideal for the couple who would rather wear fuzzy slippers than slacks or heels on a date. Pick out your favorite slumber party movies from when you were a kid, pile the couch high with blankets and pillows, pop popcorn and indulge in the a nostalgic candy selection from your childhood. Comfortable pajamas and eating too much sugar are musts for this date.

8. Tasting or Pairing. Wine tasting and food pairing classes tend to be fancy affairs. Not only are they expensive, but you have to arrive ready to learn, wearing stuffy clothing. We are not about stuffy clothing. There are a million free videos online that can guide you through any kind of tasting and pairing you can imagine and you can wear your pajamas! Some options out there are whiskey and chocolate, wine tasting, or beer and cheese. Have the items on hand and follow along together for your own private one-on-one pairing.

9. The Ultimate Bucket List. This is a fun activity to get to know your partner. Order take out, light some candles, and make an official “bucket list” of all the things you want to do together, no matter how outrageous. This a great way to get to know more about your partner’s dreams and desires and build on your connection.

10. Adult Coloring Books. Coloring books for grown ups are officially “a thing.” A quick search on Amazon will yield hundreds of adult coloring books featuring complex patterns and scenes for you to follow. Adult coloring books became popular after some studies showed that coloring can have the same positive effects on your brain as meditation. Sit down with your significant other and color yourself to zen-like inner peace.

We hope these stay-at-home date night ideas help you think outside the box for your date night (and opt for cozy pajamas instead!). Check out The Pajama Company Blog at for more ideas for family fun.

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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dates That Don’t Require a Reservation

Oh no! Valentine’s Day is when?! If you’re one of the many who annually forget this holiday, you’re not alone. After all, Valentine’s Day is placed — diabolically — right after the rush of the major holiday season and just after Super Bowl madness. For most people, making a dinner reservation is a struggle within a week of the big date. Don’t panic. We developed a list of reservation-free Valentine’s Day dates that have a little more personality than a prix fixe menu at a crowded restaurant.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

A romantic ‘carpet picnic’ for two — a date you can enjoy in your pajamas!

8 Simple Valentine’s Day Date Ideas Continue reading

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What do I get my man on Valentine's Day?

Mission Impossible-to-Buy-For: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

We’re just going to come out and say it: what the heck are you supposed to get your man on Valentine’s Day? While a passion for chocolate knows no gender, quite often the tasty treats men and women pine for are very different. So where can we get a heart-shaped box of Buffalo chicken wings?

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts and you do want to make him feel special — even if you know he secretly believes it’s a ‘Hallmark holiday.’ On this day fellas are often tasked with dinner reservations, plans, flowers, candlelight, romance… that’s a lot of pressure! Despite being the gender that is most inclined to stick with lifelong routines and habits, research has proven that men actually enjoy surprises more than women do.

Surprise your ‘creature of habit’ with one of these comfortable personalized gifts to remind him that you’re paying attention.

Kasher Super Soft Collared Robe from Pajama Company

Kashwere Super Soft Bathrobe — featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things!

5 Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. The Finer Things

For the man who has it all, you can’t go wrong with a tasteful pajama set. Pair the PJs with a fantastic bottle of whiskey and chocolate that compliments the spirit. For dark chocolate, opt for Red Breast Single Pot 12 Year (or Jameson, if he’s a superfan). For milk chocolate with nuts, George Dickel Superior #12 Whiskey is a truly great bottle for the price.

2. Sports Fan

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Show your support with a sports fan gift basket: branded beer koozies, his favorite brew, a plethora of game day snacks, and an extra comfortable pair of pajama pants to enjoy the game in. You could also consider a gift card to his for his favorite gameday takeout so he can get those Buffalo chicken wings… The heart-shaped box is totally optional.

3. The Pretty Boy

For the man who loves to preen, you can’t go wrong with a soft, plush bathrobe and high-end grooming supplies. Sandalwood-scented luxe shaving cream, new high-end razors, an exfoliating body wash, moisturizer, and a great pomade will do the trick. Show him some extra love by not banging on the door when he’s in the bathroom all morning, trying his new products!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Bookworm

To complete the package, add warm slippers, tea, and biscotti.

4. The Bookworm

Some fellas prefer a quiet evening with a good book. If you’re not sure what he likes, type a few titles from his bookshelf into and the site will generate suggestions based on other users with similar tastes. To complete the package, add warm, cozy slippers, quality tea or coffee, and a box of delicious chocolate-dipped biscotti.

5. The Romantic

If your guy is a cheeseball, he’ll appreciate you going above-and-beyond for your special day. A pair of matching pajamas is sure to bring a smile to his face. Cook up a romantic feast or plan a quick, local weekend getaway by booking a cozy Airbnb in the countryside. Make it extra special by finding an affordable rental for a classic car on a site like Turo.

In truth, he’ll appreciate anything you do to show him that you care. While we don’t have to wait for a holiday to show our partners that we love them, it is nice to have an annual reminder that gives us the chance to reflect on how lucky we are. For more gift ideas, easy recipes, and ideas for fun activities you can do together, visit The Pajama Company at our blog,

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v-day in pjs

9 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day in Your Pajamas

1. It’s just plain cozy. Why get dressed up and go out when you can be snuggled up – warm & cozy – with your sweetie?!

2. Because champagne always tastes better in PJs. (We’ve done our research!)

3. Instead of spending money on a fancy outfit, you have the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a fun new pair of pajamas.

4. You’ll win MAJOR snuggle points with your cat.

5. Romance movie binge. Check out this list of the 50 most romantic movies on Netflix.

6. You get to trade that slinky wrap dress for a fluffy robe!

7. You don’t have to wear Spanx AND you can eat as many cupcakes as you want. #dreamdate

8. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed! Did somebody say “take-out”?!

9. Because there’s no better Valentine outfit on earth than heart footies

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!


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Five for Friday: Love

Happy Friday, everyone!  And, Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow! Just a few things we’re loving today…

Heart Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing // Stylish Cuisine

 Love + Grace “Hearts” Women’s Pajama Set in Navy and White // The Pajama Company

Coffee Love // HopSkipJumpPaper via Etsy

Love is in the Air Mug Set // Outblush

Be As You Are Women’s “Addicted to Love” Pink Boxer // The Pajama Company

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Valentine PJs are here!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we have quite the collection of goodies, just perfect for your loved ones! From heart pajama pants to cozy footies for the whole family to pajama sets of all sorts!  Oh, and don’t forget our super soft and luxurious robes and fun nightshirts!

What better way to say “I Love You” than with a wonderful pair of pajamas? Get Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders $40 and over – use HEARTS at checkout!

Find our “Be My Valentine” collection all right here.


 Big Feet Pajamas

Adult Chocolate “Hearts” Fleece One Piece Footy

Soft and cozy and so festive!


Super Soft Pink Shawl Robe

Like wrapping up in a fluffy pink cloud!

Love + Grace

“Hearts” Women’s Pajama Set in Navy and White

Made of half cotton and half modal fabric, your Valentine will loooove the comfort of these PJs.

We also have them in red hearts & solid red!

 Hatley Nature

“Hearts” Women’s Cotton Knit Pajama Pant in Pink

These bright & cheery hearts will make your love smile!

 Aroma Home

Fuzzy Friends “Pig” Slippers

Nothing says love like toasty toes!

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Love is in the air!

by Amanda Palmer, The Pajama Company Editor

Yes this is the week everyone either loves or loves to hate! Ahh Valentine’s Day, the day that is filled with roses, cupids and candy.

Well I say skip the candy and flowers and give something I can use all year round! There is nothing more sweet to me than getting a pair of comfy pajamas that I can wear around the house! Yes I am a practical woman and a lot of my sentimental memories are in and around pajamas!

I know on Friday I will be wearing some cozy jammies. Who says you can’t have a romantic night wearing pajamas?

Yes I will be having a romantic night with my sweetie, I will just do it in comfort.

What do I do for my husband you ask? Well of course I cook his favorite meal and we relax at home watching a movie we enjoy with the kids. For dessert I usually do something fun like a chocolate fondue fountain and it ends up being a nice time together.

Want to do something different for your sweetheart this year? Well here at The Pajama Company we do Valentine’s Day differently:

We are bringing a popular family Valentine’s Day tradition of our founder to you: The Valentine’s Day Grab Bag. These specialty pillowcases are filled with a selection of small gifts to share the holiday of love with the whole family.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t just about treating that one special person,” says The Pajama Company founder and president Ellie Badanes. “At the Pajama Company we say you should share the holiday with all the people you love.” 

The Grab Bags are modeled after Ellie’s family tradition and are designed to be shared through an activity for a family or group of friends. 

“Each person takes a turn closing his or her eyes and picking something out of the grab bag,” says Ellie. But there’s a catch: the picker then has to decide who else in the group should get that gift. “It’s a great way to honor all the people you love and help everyone feel special this Valentine’s Day,” says Ellie.

Want to know more of our ideas for this day of love? Well we have a selection of Staff Favorites just in case you need some help choosing.

I know I will be snuggling up with my husband on Valetine’s Day sporting this lovely Kashwere Lightweight Robe humming a happy tune as I dip strawberries in chocolate and relax.

Now we would love to hear from you. Comment to this blog post and tell us how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a wonderfully romantic day and keep on wearing those pajamas!


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Share The Love

By Ellie Badanes, The Pajama Company Editor

All of us at The Pajama Company want to wish you a Happy Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your day is spent with those you love with a large dose of happy and a chance to celebrate in pajamas. We also want to tell you about the Share The Love campaign from our partner Every Mother Counts. Every 2nd Monday we host “Maternal Health Monday” where we work to spread awareness to the issues of maternal and child health around the world. We also donate 10% of our sales those days to the important work of Every Mother Counts with the goal of making pregnancy and childbirth safe for moms everywhere.

Did you know that 800 women die every day from pregnancy and childbirth complications? This tragic fact makes reproductive health problems the leading cause of death world wide for women ages 15 to 44. The worst part is that experts estimate that 90% of these deaths are preventable.

Today, in celebration of Valentine’s Day and as part of their  “Every Heart Counts” month long campaign,  Every Mother Counts is asking our female members of Congress to keep women and girls at the heart of our country’s work here and abroad. We hope you will check it out and join the conversation. Be sure to follow @EveryMotherCounts on twitter and Like the campaign on facebook.

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