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What is your Pajama Style?

What Is Your Pajama Style?

Ever wondered what your ultimate pajama style might be? Answer these 6 questions and you will find your match!

My favorite drink on a winter night is:

a) Wine, as usual

b) Milk & Cookies

c) Cosmopolitan

d) Hot chocolate

My ideal vacation is:

a) Backpacking through the Amazon

b) Disneyworld

c) New York City

d) A cabin in the woods

My favorite movies are…:

a) Sci-fi thrillers

b) Classic Disney, animated

c) Musicals

d) Romantic Comedies

My favorite outfit is:

a) Sundress + flats

b) Oversized tee, leggings + flip flops

c) Little black dress + heels

d) T-shirt, jeans + Converse

My favorite meal is:

a) Tacos

b) Mac + cheese

c) Arugula salad + chicken

d) Roast with potatoes + carrots

My friends would describe me as:

a) Free-spirited, flexible and on-the-go

b) Young at heart, energetic, FUN!

c) Organized, prompt, dependable

d) A good listener, laid-back, an old soul


Mostly A’s: (Nightshirts) You are a nightshirt kind of gal. You can’t be bothered with keeping track of matching pieces and you certainly don’t want to be bound up by footed pajamas or sweaty flannels. You are a free bird ready to tackle the world to the beat of your own drum!

emerson somedaysmodel200

Mostly B’s: (Footed Pajamas) Footed pajamas are your jam. You like being cozy and let’s face it, you are a kid at heart. You see the obvious benefit to wearing your blanket (hello, no need for socks!) and you are too confident to care what anyone thinks!


Mostly C’s: (Matching Set) Miss matchy-matchy! You are orderly and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free life (you probably even have Tupperware that matches!). You are trendy no matter where you go, even in your own bedroom!

lazy navyclassicfam340

Mostly D’s: (Warm Flannels) The comfy zone is where you like to hang. Fireplaces and hot chocolate are at the top of your list for winter must-haves. You rock the traditional flannel look (and slippers?) because being cold is never in style!

pjsal coffeemodels

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Pajamas in Public Can Be Chic

By Makenzie LynchThe Pajama Company Summer Intern

As of recently, wearing pajamas in public has become not only acceptable, but trendy and fashion forward (if worn correctly, of course.) This season, style icons — from top fashion bloggers, to designers, to celebrities — have opted to take a comfier approach to fashion and wear their pjs in public. This is one fashion trend we can’t get enough of here at The Pajama Company. However, not everyone agrees with us.


As we discussed earlier this year, a few officials have tried to ban people from strutting around in their pajamas. Louisiana commissioner Michael William attempted to prevent residents in his district from appearing in public places wearing “garments sold in the sleepwear section of department stores.” A school in Vermont banned students from wearing pajamas to classes. A school in the U.K went so far as to forbid parents from wearing pajamas when picking up/dropping off their children.

Most of the reasoning behind these campaigns comes from the idea that pajamas are unprofessional and unkempt. However, this season we have seen that pajamas can be anything but sloppy. Model Miranda Kerr paired her blue ikat print pajamas with an oversized blazer, nude pumps and big sunglasses for an anything-but-messy airport look (shown above), while Rihanna went for a sleek oriental inspired look on the red carpet.  But one of our all-time favorite looks has to be Rachel Roy’s classic red carpet look in our Bed-Head blue and white stripe pajamas (shown below.)

We would be devastated if these bans kept our style icons, and most importantly the members of our Pajama Company community from trying out these ultra-chic pajama looks. So, in order to keep the pajama critics from talking, we have a few tips for putting your look together:

1.) Make sure your pajamas are crisp, clean, and wrinkle free.

2.) Keep hair and makeup simple and neat. (See Miranda’s sleek ponytail.)

3.) Accessorize! Add a structured blazer, great pair of shoes, a pretty necklace, or big glasses.

5.) Own it! Confidence always makes an outfit, so be proud of your original look and you will get the attention you deserve.


Pajama Chic


For more inspiration on how to put together a fabulous pajama outfit, take a look out our “Stepping Out” board on Pinterest!

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