6 Ways to Make Your Holiday More Joyful

We agree that holiday time is “the most wonderful time of the year”, but let’s face it, it can get stressful. With presents to buy, busy social calendars, cookies to make, cards to write – there’s a lot on our plates this time of the year.

But we say it doesn’t have to be so stress-filled, if you set the intention to add more fun to your holiday. Here’s our list of some things you can do to add the joy back into your holiday:

1. Holiday Music

One of the things that makes Christmas music so special is that it’s only on for a few weeks during the year. So take advantage! Don’t forget to cue up your favorite holiday station on i-tunes or Pandora while you’re cooking, wrapping presents, or looking for a parking spot at the mall. Look into local holiday concerts put on by schools, churches, or other area organizations and go listen!

2. Christmas Tea

Find an area restaurant that serves British high tea. Invite your best friend (or a group of friends) and get dolled up in your holiday best. This can become a really fun annual tradition!

3. Bake Cookies with Kids

We can get so busy ticking things off our to do list that we forget the fun! So instread  staying up past midnight madly baking, set aside a fun afternoon to bake cookies with your kids. They’ll love helping you mix ingredients and decorate. They will appreciate the extra time with you during the holidays!

4. Take One Thing Off Your List

We know you’ve overbooked yourself – we all do it. Take a look at your calendar and take at least one thing off your list. Here’s a hint how to do this, either delegate it, cancel it, or reschule after the holidays.

5. Sparkle!

Add something fun to your wardrobe that reminds you of the spirit of the season. Here are some of our favorites: a red plaid scarf, a shimmery top, sparkly earrings, or that wacky Christmas sweater!

6. Something Special

Do something totally special (and secret) just for you. Go get a bright red manicure. Indulge in an hour long massage. What about that one thing you really want? Buy it for yourself!  We won’t tell…

6 Ways to Make Your Holiday More Joyful


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