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Get Dorm Ready With The Coziest Dorm Room Ever

As summer slowly fades into fall, we welcome the beautiful transition with autum leaves, a crisp breeze and pumpkin spice lattes. But the seasons arent the only thing transitioning because it’s time for wide-eyed freshmens to move into their college dorm! Heading off to college is a huge milestone, and while the anticipation of this new chapter is exciting, having a little tension about the change is completely natural. 


The prospect of finally living on your own is exciting, but what about the comforts you love at home? For many, moving from home to a college dorm is a difficult transition. 


We’re here to help you get dorm ready with the coziest dorm room ever. In fact–your parents will want to crash at your place because it’ll be so inviting! 

Pile on the Cozy Details

Truth is, you are going to spend a lot of hours in your bed during your college years, so let’s pile on the cozy details. Not only do throw pillows add layers of comfort to your bed, they add a personal touch that elevates the coziness of your dorm room. The final touch to your ultra comfy bed setup is blankets. Is there anything more cozy than your favorite fluffy blanket? Put a wicker basket next to your bed and stock it with fuzzy, cozy, fluffy blankets varying in weight and size. After a day of exams, retreat to the dorm and snuggle up inside a cozy blanket. Don’t forget to slip into your coziest slippers the second you walk into your dorm room.

Personalize Your Wall Decor

Say goodbye to drab white walls that lack personality and comfort. One of the most creative and fun dorm room ideas is to decorate your walls with reflections of what you love. Hang a tapestry on one wall for a pop of color and a dramatic backdrop to the cloud of comfort that is your bed. Or, get creative and curate a wall collage including magazine pictures, poloroids of your friends and family, inspirational quotes, photos of your furry friend at home, and band posters.

Decorating your walls creates an inviting space that feels like home, because you’ve got all of your favorite things surrounding you. When home sickness sets in, simply look at the walls to find refuge in the things you love most.

Stay Stylishly Organized

An organized space means a happy and peaceful state of mind, which will ultimately help you stay focused and perform your best. It’s no secret that dorm rooms are typically small, which is why it’s crucial to keep things organized. College is a period of life with high academic and social pressure, so you don’t need clutter adding any stress to your life. Achieve feng shui in your safe haven by minimizing clutter that is proven to drain you of positive energy. Think of moving into your dorm as a fresh start, and in the words of organizational guru, Marie Kondo, only keep things that “spark joy.” Additionally, incorporate organizational items like woven baskets, storage containers and bins to keep your space clean, organized, and full of zen.

Devote an Area of Your Dorm To Cozy Time

Even in the most intimate dorm room quarters, you can carve a space devoted exclusively to cozy time. That corner by the closet? Throw a bean bag and fluffy rug down and make it your reading nook. Got room by the window? It’s begging for floor pillows and throw blankets; make this space your nap zone between classes. Don’t forget to bring your coziest pajamas for those power naps and cram sessions.


An added bonus of delegating a small area of your dorm room to cozy time is that both you and your roommate can benefit from it, though it might be hard not to fight over it because it’s going to be oozing with coziness.

Get Your Zen On

Speaking of cozy vibes, create the ultimate dorm room sanctuary by bringing in elements that are uplifting and make you feel good. Forage the campus for flowers and greenery to freshen up your dorm room. Add a diffuser to your desk and stock up on essential oils to fill the air with reinvigorating aromas. Light candles during those late night study sessions and add a string of lights to the wall to brighten up your space. Add succulents or plants that don’t require a lot of attention, but enrich the room with life and oxygen. These little touches will turn your dorm room into a cozy retreat that fosters focus and productivity.

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The Ultimate Dorm Room Essential – Cozy Pajamas

Chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time in your pajamas, so they might as well be super cozy. Pajamas are a token of comfort, and you likely spent lazy Sundays and weeknights in your pj’s at home, so be sure to bring this dorm room essential for instant comfort. 


Whether you’re snuggling up to a cup of coffee for a netflix binge, studying with friends or strolling the dorm halls in your comfy slippers, comfortable pajamas are a key ingredient to help you get dorm ready.


There you have it! With these dorm room ideas, you’ll have an inviting sanctuary that’s as cozy as home.


Checking your list of unexpected things to bring to college? Perhaps you’re shopping for things to buy for a college freshmen? Pajamas are a great gift and just so happen to be one of the top dorm room essentials! Stock up on cozy pj’s from our dorm ready pajama collection.


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