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Fun Family Activities to Savor the Rest of Summer


It’s summertime which means the kids are home and looking for fun things to do. With the warm weather and long days, summer is the perfect time to get outside and play. 


Before Autumn comes knocking, we’ve got you covered with bundles of fun because each one of these summer family activities are easy to do, full of fun, and sure to create lasting memories. So, grab your sun hats and flip flops and get ready to savor the rest of summer with fun activities for the whole family. Laughter included!

Create an Activity Hub at Home

Where do all the best ideas come from? Perhaps they blossom from dinner-table conversations, or maybe your family bonds in the backyard? Well, having a central hub in your home will help invite and stimulate fun activities. Designate a loft, playroom or area of your home that’s warm and inviting. It’s here that you can slow down, kick back and have quality time together. The best part about creating this space is that you can turn it into a fun family project. Take votes on which area of the home should be the official family hub, and let the kids chime in with what they want in that space. Bring in fresh summer wildflowers, some of their favorite toys, and stimulating activities like board games and art supplies. 


Bonus Tip: Make the family hub a no-tech zone, that way when you are all together for family time, no distractions take any of you out of the moment.

Transform Your Yard into a Waterpark

For those extra hot days, all you need is a hose, sprinklers or an inflatable pool to cool off. Kids love playing and splashing around in the water, so show them how easy it is to do that in your own backyard. Whether you buy a Slip N Slide, turn on all the sprinklers, or have a full-fledged water gun fight, playing in the water is a fun way to cool off and laugh uncontrollably. 

Pick Fresh Summer Flowers

Summertime is the best time of the year to get outside and explore. Bring the outside in and fill your home with the sweet scent of summer with some freshly picked wildflowers. Natural treasures are blooming all around you just waiting to be collected. Go for a stroll through your neighborhood or local park and pick a fresh bouquet of wildflowers. Forage beneath fallen trees for accent leaves and wild greens. You can each pick flowers to make a grand bouquet, or you can each customize your own bouquets. Once you’ve got your unique creations, scatter them throughout the home (don’t forget to add them to the family hub). 

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love cold treats during summertime? Take the kids for an ice cream outing, or get crafty and make homemade ice cream. Hello, pinterest! There’s no shortage of fruity and fresh ice cream recipes online. But, if you’ve got a craving for a specific flavor, an ice cream run is always a fun and refreshing idea, especially if you live in a warm or humid climate. Take turns once a week allowing each member of the family to choose where they want to go. From frozen yogurt, ice cream parlors to shaved ice stands, cold treats are sure to keep you cool all summer long.

Have a Sunny Picnic at your Favorite Spot

Whether you live at the beach, in the mountains or in the desert, flora and fauna thrive nearby. Pack up sandwiches, fresh fruit, and refreshments and head to your nearest nature preserve or sunny haven to have a picnic. Tote along a football, frisbee, or deck of cards to turn your picnic into a full-fledged sporting event. Wherever your picnic takes you, fun is sure to follow!

Go On A Scavenger Hunt in Your Neighborhood or Town

Not only is a scavenger hunt an exciting event for the kids, but it’s a fun way to get better acquainted with your neck of the woods. Turn your scavenger hunt into a nature walk by adding items to the list that draw from your environment. Live in a wooded area? Add pinecones to the list. Live by the beach? Challenge the kids to find a purple seashell or washed up shark egg. Live in a big city? There are endless options at your fingertips! A scavenger hunt is a creative and unique way to enjoy a long summer day or night outside together.


Lazy summer days have a way of reconnecting us with life’s lovely simplicities. Take the opportunity to show your kids that there are endless ways to have fun without technology. Not only will this promote family time, but it’ll enhance their creativity. Simple activities like blowing bubbles, playing hide and seek, having a relay race or throwing a frisbee are great ways to unplug and engage with one another. There’s no substitute for pure, good old fashioned fun, and unplugging is the first step to living it up with your family. Giggles guaranteed!

Have a Pajama Party

Those fun-filled summer days are sure to lead to exhausted summer nights. Well, that’s the perfect time to have a pajama party! Stock up on snacks, popcorn and your favorite treats with a family pajama night. Best part? The options are endless. Have a movie marathon in your coziest summer pajamas. Tie your pajama party into a cupcake party and spend the evening baking delicious sweet treats in your pj’s. Take out your favorite board games and play the night away. Cozy up with the family in your summer pajamas for endless laughter and quality time. From summer florals to short sets and onesies, we’ve got pajamas for the whole family!


Whether you stretch your legs and explore the great outdoors this summer, or bring summer inside with fresh flowers and a pajama party, there’s plenty of fun family activities to enjoy this summer. Get ready for lots of laughter, quality time and unforgettable memories!


Can’t get enough summer fun? From recipes to staycation ideas, browse the blog for more summer activities for the entire family!


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