Share Valentine’s Day With Everyone You Love With The Grab Bag

At The Pajama Company we believe Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate everyone you love, whether that’s a spouse, partner, friend or relative. That’s why we are sharing our favorite family tradition, the Valentine’s Day Grab Bag. It’s a Valentine’s Day gift and a game.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Choose one of our three options of Be My Valentine Grab Bag: $50, $75 or $100.

Step 2: Gather a group of family or friends on February 14.

Step 3: The youngest person in the group reaches into the grab bag and pulls out a gift. Eyes closed!

Step 4: That person who pulled out the gift has to then decide who in the group is most suited for that gift and then give it to that person. (For example, Susie pulls out a chocolate bar and decides that since Aunt Betty is a total chocoholic that she will give the bar to Betty.)

Step 5: The next youngest person in the group takes the next turn and repeats step 3 and 4. Continue until all people have a turn or until all the gifts are handed out.

All Valentine's Day Grab Bags come with this 100% cotton specialty pillowcase packed with goodies to share.

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