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7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer 2019

Goodbye June gloom, hello sunshine! That’s right, summer if officially here. To kick off the longest day of the year, we’re bringing you 7 fun ways to celebrate summer 2019.


Get ready for long days outdoors, sunbathing, fresh summer recipes and warm summer nights. Who’s ready for the best summer yet? We sure are! Read on for exciting summer solstice celebration ideas, and how to slow down and enjoy all the summer fun this year.

  1. Make Your Favorite Fresh Summer Recipe  

Seasonal summer foods are usually light, zesty and of course, fresh. To kick off summer this year, make your favorite fresh summer dish. This could be as simple as a refreshing mint iced tea or zesty shrimp tacos.


A fresh fruit salad is a popular and delicious summer recipe that’s quick and easy to make. Buy your favorite seasonal fruits, slice and dice accordingly, throw them all in a bowl and voila, you’ve got a delectable snack or side dish! Seasonal summer fruits include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, mango and kiwi. Top your fruit salad with fresh mint leaves to add a punch of freshness to an already light summer dish.


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2. Host An Outdoor Feast 

People around the world have celebrated the summer solstice for centuries. Summer is universally recognized as a time of new beginnings and rebirth. That’s why a summer celebration and gathering with your friends and family is a great idea. If you’re ready to celebrate summer with fun activities, host an outdoor feast or potluck! Have friends bring their favorite summer dishes, throw burgers on the grill and celebrate the light and jovial atmosphere of summer

3. Have A Summer Bonfire

Another fun idea to kick off summer is to have a bonfire! Whether you live near a beach, forrest, river, lake or have a large backyard, a bonfire is a fun summer activity for the whole family! Roast marshmallows, share stories, invite a friend or family member who plays guitar and sing along to campfire songs. A bonfire is an exciting way to enjoy the warmth of summer nights with the ones you love.


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4. Splash Into Summer With A Pool Party

One of the best ways to celebrate the first day of summer is with a pool party! Lay out and bask in the glorious summer sun rays. Play marco polo with the kids, dip your toes in the water and revel in the warm summer sunshine.


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5. Gardening with the Kids

There are so many great summer activities for kids, and one you can do as a family is gardening! Whether you and the kids tend to your existing garden or plant something new, spending time together outside is a hallmark of a fun summer. Harvest summer vegetables or pick fresh flowers to fill your home with the sweet floral scents of summertime

6. Go on a Hike or Nature Walk

Pack up a picnic and head to a local trail, park or wilderness area for a summer hike or nature walk. It’s always fun to watch the seasons change, and summer solstice is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors during the warm summer days. Collect wildflowers, listen to the birds singing, and see what kinds of animals you can spot. Nature walks are an interactive summer activity for kids and parents to enjoy together.

7. Enjoy Warm Summer Sunsets and Stargazing

Is there anything more glorious than a summer sunset? No matter where you live, you’ve likely got your favorite sunset spot. Head out for a long drive or ride bikes to your favorite lookout to watch the sunset. Stick around as pastel hues set the sky on fire and fade into nighttime. Then, lay out on a blanket in the grass and watch the night sky come to life.

Ready to Soak Up The Best of Summertime?

With so many fun things to do this summer, be sure to slow down and savor every moment. Fortunately, summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and the perfect opportunity to plan a fun-filled summer! Which activity will you do first?


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