Five-Year-Old Suri Cruise Wears Pajamas To Dinner (So What??)

The twittersphere was all worked up last week over the news that Katie Homes brought her daughter Suri to dinner wearing pajamasAccording to dad, Tom Cruise, the 5-year-old Suri has her own sense of style and chooses her own outfits.

So did the celebrity kid, who was out to dinner with her mom and grandmother, decide to make a style statement following the leads of fashion icons Rachel Roy and Selma Hayek who were recently seen dressing up their pajamas? Doubtful. (Uh, she’s five. Remember?)

Our guess is Suri chose pajamas for the same reason many of us adults do; they’re comfy, cute and unique.

To turn her pajamas into an outfit, Suri paired heart print capri pant and top with a purple jacket and silver flats.

Some moms are still upset about Suri’s style choice or her mother’s allowing her daughter’s fashion freedom. A writer on points out that mom, Katie Holmes, had an opportunity to bring Suri a change of clothes after their afternoon activity.

But is it really that big of a deal for a 5-year-old to go out in pajamas? What do you think?

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One thought on “Five-Year-Old Suri Cruise Wears Pajamas To Dinner (So What??)

  1. Sharon Anderson

    I think she looks precious and those people who are actually offended are being way too “over-the-top” about it. It’s not like she’s in a nightgown! If she were just an average 5 year old whose parents were NOT both celebrities no-one would care at all…I think it’s such a shame; just let her be the 5 year old that she is.

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