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Most Fashionable Pajama Sets

Pajamas are a Fashion Statement, According to Experts

For some, wearing pajamas outside of the home is a regular occurance. Stepping outside to get the mail. Making a quick run to the grocery store on Saturday morning. Maybe that’s just how you roll (we’re not here to judge). But recently fashion gurus in magazines like Glamour and GQ have declared that it’s officially en vogue to wear your PJs outside of the house and, well, we couldn’t be more excited.

GQ recently noted the visible shift in men’s fashion towards bold colors and vibrant fabrics, calling them “deeply swaggy.” This awards season men donned ensembles that were designed to make a statement, much like the ladies’ gowns. Men are leaning towards comfort with breezy fabrics like silk and cuts that are more on the casual side, like nice PJs you don’t mind wearing to the grocery store.

In the last decade, women’s fashion has made a steady shift towards comfort over outdated notions of “high fashion.” Yoga pants and athletic wear have become increasingly popular choices for running errands or getting brunch with friends. These outfits are now the rule, not the exception. The fashion industry responded to this trend with more fashionable athletic wear, trendy leggings, and a wonderful jean-legging hybrid known as “jeggings.” Similarly, women’s pajamas have also stepped it up with a number of styles you could potentially wear around town. These are some of our favorites.

8 Fashionable Pajama Sets You Can Wear Anywhere

The Cat's Pajamas - Evergreen Women's Set

1. Evergreen Voile Cotton Pajama Set by The Cat’s Pajamas

This adorable 100% cotton pajama set is perfect for the warmer months. Voile is an ultra-soft semi-sheer fabric, so you might want to pair it with a tank top if you’re considering wearing the top outdoors. The evergreen pattern evokes freshly pressed flowers in spring.

PJ Salvage Women's Dots Cotton Pajama Set

2. Lemon Dots Cotton Pajama Set by PJ Salvage

The cheery soft yellow dot pattern on this woman’s pajama set is a classic. The subtle design could easily be worn underneath a blazer, as pictured, or over a pair of jeans to run errands on the weekend.

Green Pinstripe Poplin Pajama Set Bedhead

3. Green Pinstripe Classic Poplin Pajama Set by Bedhead

Very in line with trending “pajama style” menswear, this crisp green and white stripe set is comfortable in bed or outside the house. 100% cotton means that the set is made from breathable fabric, making these pajamas a great choice for any time of the year.

Kiku Luxe Pima Cotton Pajamas The Cat's Pajamas

4. Kiku Luxe Pima Cotton Pajama Set by The Cat’s Pajamas

Luxe Pima is an ultra-soft, super light tightly woven cotton. These gorgeous pajamas as are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The gray is paired with a modern pop of color in a timeless floral design. In the summertime, you could absolutely wear the top outside with a pair of shorts or rock the pants to brunch with a crisp white shirt.

Paisley Plaid Vintage Jersey Classic Pajama Set Munki Munki

5. Paisley Plaid Vintage Jersey Classic Pajama Set by Munki Signature

In this awkward stage between winter and spring, this ‘vintage’ paisley and plaid pattern is a great combination. This soft jersey pajama set gives off a “modern cowgirl” vibe in a flattering, classic cut.

Blue Chelsea Classic Pajama Set by Bedhead

6. Blue Chelsea Classic Pajama Set by Bedhead

You don’t have to be a soccer fan to sport this classic blue ‘Chelsea’ pajama set from Bedhead. 100% English cotton is styled with a button down front and notch collar. Look put-together on your way to bed or on your way to pick a paper.

PJ Salvage Give Love Classic Pajama Set

7. Give Love Classic Pajama Set by PJ Salvage

Whether it’s a little black dress or a comfortable black pajama top, this adorable pattern from PJ Salvage is always in style. Pair this easy breezy cotton top with a pair of khaki shorts and wedges and you’ve got an effortless springtime weekend look.

Bedhead Men's 3D Stripe Cotton Pajama Set

8. Blue 3D Stripe Fine Cotton Pajama Set by Bedhead

Deep V, anyone? This stylish classic pajama cut is flirty and flattering with vertical baby blue and white stripes. Fine 100% cotton will keep you cool and comfortable in the warmer months, but are light enough to sleep in comfortably under a quilt in the winter. The shirt’s style is so trendy right now, you could even get away with wearing it on a casual Friday.

If you thought this list was fun, check out The Pajama Company Blog for more posts on family fun, movie and book lists, yummy recipes, and tips for rest and relaxation: thepajamacompany.com/blog

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New York Street Style: Pajama-Inspired Pants!

By Cat Fish, The Pajama Company Director of Outreach

Everybody knows that the Big Apple is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. We at The Pajama Company have noticed that one of the of the hottest trends for summer in NYC is pajama-inspired pants!

These spunky trousers are loose and comfortable in the summer heat. They look casual and chic paired with a simple tank or cotton t-shirt. We met Tessa Peach (pictured), who was rockin’ her fun and colorful pants while spending the day exploring Central Park.

Check out The Pajama Company’s Just PJ Pants section for an array of bright patterned pajama pants!

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Pajamas At Prom

A fashion trend has truly stuck when it makes it way into the halls of high school. And according to Teen Vogue and The Wall Street Journal, that is exactly where the fashion forward pajama trend is headed this spring.

Teen Vogue suggests girls wear pajamas could be the big trend at proms this year.

Of course, pajamas in high school is no new fad. Teens have been wearing pajama pants to class for years (whether or not it’s pajama day). But pajamas have never been seen at prom, until perhaps this season.

According to Teen Vogue’s April 2012 prom issue, high schoolers could be trading in their formal dresses for formal pajama sets. Teen Vogue’s fashion news director told the Journal that teens inspired by rebellious, trendsetting celebs who have dressed up their pj’s for high profile events  — see Salma Hayek, Rihanna and Rachel Roy‘s recent looks — could be making fashion statements at proms around the country this year. She suggests teens looking to emulate the runway and red carpet looks pair their pajama sets with “red lips, heels and festive jewels” to make the prom outfit complete. (Make sure to check out our tips on dressing up pajamas as well!)

Here are a few of our favorite pajamas that could easily be dressed up and made into the perfect prom outfit.

This pajama set was worn on the red carpet by Rachel Roy. $162

Wear "Whales" for an even more unique look. $94

This violet satin pajama has a more feminine touch. $142

Are you planning to wear pajamas to prom? Tell us about it and send pictures to media@thepajamacompany.com.

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How To Turn Your Pajamas Into A Fashionable Outfit

Now that stars like Rihanna and Salma Hayek have been spotted looking stylish in their pajamas, there is no question that pajamas outside of the house is a fashion trend. And why shouldn’t it be? Pajamas are comfortable, lightweight and flattering.

If you can’t get your hands on Rihanna’s Pucci pajamas, there’s still hope. We have tips to help you make this trend your own and examples of how to do so with pieces from our collection.

To turn your sleepwear into street wear, just follow these three rules:

Rule #1 Wearing pajamas out of the house is not an excuse to look sloppy. Take a shower, do your hair and make-up and make sure your pajamas are clean and freshly ironed.

Rule #2 Pair your pajamas with non-sleepwear accessories like heels or sandals or a classic blazer or cardigan.

Rule #3 Be creative!

Here are a few examples using items from our own collection.

Pair these Navy Toile Classic Flannel Pajama Pants

with a navy blue sweater (like this one from stylebop.com)

and blue flats (like these from Steve Madden)

Complete the outfit with accessories like a scarf or bracelets.

Roll up the legs of these pajamas to the length of a cropped pant.

Pair with a black tank top and denim shirt (like this one from Lands End)

And red wedge sandals (like these from TOMS).

How do you style your pajamas?

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Rihanna Wears Pajamas On The Red Carpet

Another celebrity traded the designer dress for designer pajamas on the red carpet. Superstar Rihanna showed up for the world premier of her new film “Battleship” in Tokyo on Tuesday in her pajamas.

Of course, these weren’t just any pajamas that she pulled from her closet. The singer wore blue and gold metallic pajamas from Emilio Pucci’s Autumn Winter 2012 collection. To transform the pajamas from sleepwear to evening wear, Rihanna paired them with nude heels and long elegant earrings to complete the outfit.

For those keeping track at home, Rihanna makes the third celebrity we have caught dressing up pajamas. (See: Rachel Roy and Selma Hayek)

Will you be joining in on the trend?

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Five-Year-Old Suri Cruise Wears Pajamas To Dinner (So What??)

The twittersphere was all worked up last week over the news that Katie Homes brought her daughter Suri to dinner wearing pajamasAccording to dad, Tom Cruise, the 5-year-old Suri has her own sense of style and chooses her own outfits.

So did the celebrity kid, who was out to dinner with her mom and grandmother, decide to make a style statement following the leads of fashion icons Rachel Roy and Selma Hayek who were recently seen dressing up their pajamas? Doubtful. (Uh, she’s five. Remember?)

Our guess is Suri chose pajamas for the same reason many of us adults do; they’re comfy, cute and unique.

To turn her pajamas into an outfit, Suri paired heart print capri pant and top with a purple jacket and silver flats.

Some moms are still upset about Suri’s style choice or her mother’s allowing her daughter’s fashion freedom. A writer on babycenter.com points out that mom, Katie Holmes, had an opportunity to bring Suri a change of clothes after their afternoon activity.

But is it really that big of a deal for a 5-year-old to go out in pajamas? What do you think?

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Salma Hayek Wears Pajamas In Public

One may be a fluke, two a coincidence. But three makes a trend.

Yesterday Salma Hayek joined the ranks of style icons turning pajamas into daywear fashion. And we couldn’t be more thrilled!

On Tuesday, Hayek was spotted walking through LAX airport wearing beautiful grey and red polka dot silk pajamas. To upgrade her pajamas from sleepwear to daywear, she paired them with a black cardigan, red and white heels and a black bag.

Now that we’ve seen fashion designer Rachel Roy on the red carpet in pajamas, Swedish fashion blogger Elin Klingshopping in her pj pants and even Lucky magazine weighing in on pajama style, we can proclaim pajamas in public is officially a fashion trend.

So give it a try, and send us a picture!

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Pajamas Made In America

“Where are your pajamas made?”

That’s the question we hear most consistently from our customers, and one we are excited to discuss. Like many Americans, we look for opportunities to support the American worker and American entrepreneur and we consider the environmental impact of foreign imports. We also strive to be transparent in everything we do at The Pajama Company.

That’s why we’re proud to tell our customers about the three brands we carry that produce 100 percent of their merchandise in the United States:


Be As You Are

The Cat’s Pajamas

In addition to these American made pajamas, we carry gift pillows that were also produced in America. You can find all our Made in America items at The Pajama Company.

Is the “Made in America” label something you consider when making a purchase?

This Bedhead pajama is made in America

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NY Mag Fashion: “Pajama Hour is Any Hour”

It’s official: Pajamas are not just for sleeping anymore. Of course, we don’t need any convincing. But it’s always nice to see another magazine making a case for pajamas as high street fashion. Today we hear it from New York Magazine. They posted a couple brilliant slideshows of people looking stylish on the streets of New York City in high end pajamas (extreme high end, we’re talking $1,000 and up for a pair of pj’s).

Even if you’re not planning to spend that much on your sleepwear, the slideshow still reveals a few style tips for any of us looking to work pajama tops or bottoms into our daily wardrobes.

Try pairing funky pajama pants with a classic structured top and blazer.

Wear a pajama top over a solid color dress.

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