Pajamas Made In America

“Where are your pajamas made?”

That’s the question we hear most consistently from our customers, and one we are excited to discuss. Like many Americans, we look for opportunities to support the American worker and American entrepreneur and we consider the environmental impact of foreign imports. We also strive to be transparent in everything we do at The Pajama Company.

That’s why we’re proud to tell our customers about the three brands we carry that produce 100 percent of their merchandise in the United States:


Be As You Are

The Cat’s Pajamas

In addition to these American made pajamas, we carry gift pillows that were also produced in America. You can find all our Made in America items at The Pajama Company.

Is the “Made in America” label something you consider when making a purchase?

This Bedhead pajama is made in America

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8 thoughts on “Pajamas Made In America

  1. Joyce Butler

    I think you should be making nightgown for women and girls. They seem to be outdated because you can’t find them in most stores. A lot of women and girls like these better that the pj’s. I’ve heard other women complain about this.
    Let’s start seeing nightgowns on the racks.
    Joyce Butler

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for asking Joyce. We do have nightshirts for women but gowns are hard to come by. We will be getting some chemise gowns soon.

  3. Jean Rasch

    You say your products are 100% made in USA and then I locate a pink pajama set i like that says “imported”. Seems like bait and switch.

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