Get Advice from our “Sleepover Central” Girls to Make Your Sleepovers Fun and Fabulous

Our Everything Sleepover section is stuffed full of ideas and goodies to make your sleepovers wonderful.  We have introduced our  “Sleepover Central Girls” who are all set to answer your prickly questions and help make your sleepovers fun and fabulous.  Add your questions here and be sure to share any of your favorite sleepover games, snacks and tips.

Dear Sleepover Central Girls,

Whenever I have a sleepover with these two girls they always end up fighting. But if I don’t invite them to my sleepover or invite one and not the other, they get mad at me. What should I do?

We can see you are in a tough situation. Why don’t you try talking to your friends and let them know how you feel about them fighting. If thy are truly your friends, they will listen to you. You should try once more inviting them both to your sleepover, but this time try to keep them away from each other. Like make sure they are not sleeping next to each other and that they are in different groups in games and activities. If that does not work be honest with them and tell them that you cannot continue to invite them to sleepovers if they keep fighting. If they ignore this and continue to fight then they are not being very good friends and do not deserve to be invited back!

I made a new friend at school and I invited her to a sleepover. But she never invited me over to her house after that. Did I do something wrong at the sleepover or does she just not want to be my friend?

Don’t worry if she has not invited you over yet. She may just be shy or her parents might not like her to have people over as much as yours do. There might be things that you don’t know going on at her house that she does not want you to see. Don’t worry that you did something wrong, why don’t you try inviting her over again, and maybe she will be more willing to invite you over once you get to know her some more.

Whenever I have a sleepover, my younger brother always bothers us. My parents don’t understand that I don’t want him bothering me and my friends. How can I get him to leave us alone?

Here is a good idea, you can sit your parents down and talk to them about this. Tell them what has been going on at sleepovers with your younger brother and tell them how you feel about it. They should understand. Although they may not tie him up in his room during all your sleepovers like you would want, they will probably talk to him and keep him busy with other activities while you are having your sleepover. Good luck.

Whenever I have a sleepover my mom always makes us go to bed by 10:00. When I go to sleepovers at my friends houses we always get to stay up till at least midnight. How can I get my mom to let us stay up later?

Tell your mom how you feel and why you think you should get to stay up later. Try and make a compromise with her. For example say you will get into your sleeping bags at 10 but maybe you can stay up watching a movie. If you act mature and suggest compromises when talking to your mom, she will probably agree.

Whenever I have my friend’s sleepover we always like to play with my stuff but then when they go home they leave my room and house a huge mess. Then I always get in trouble and my parents make me clean it up. What should I do?

The next time you are playing with your stuff during a sleepover, beg your friends to help you clean it up before they all go home. If you end up having to clean up the place after everyone goes, well, just think, wasn’t it worth it!

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3 thoughts on “Get Advice from our “Sleepover Central” Girls to Make Your Sleepovers Fun and Fabulous

  1. Eesha Hussain

    I really like the advice on this website and i went on it because me and my freinds are having a sleepover so i would really like to thank this website for their excellent advice.

    Your Sincerally, Eesha Hussain

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