Love is in the air!

by Amanda Palmer, The Pajama Company Editor

Yes this is the week everyone either loves or loves to hate! Ahh Valentine’s Day, the day that is filled with roses, cupids and candy.

Well I say skip the candy and flowers and give something I can use all year round! There is nothing more sweet to me than getting a pair of comfy pajamas that I can wear around the house! Yes I am a practical woman and a lot of my sentimental memories are in and around pajamas!

I know on Friday I will be wearing some cozy jammies. Who says you can’t have a romantic night wearing pajamas?

Yes I will be having a romantic night with my sweetie, I will just do it in comfort.

What do I do for my husband you ask? Well of course I cook his favorite meal and we relax at home watching a movie we enjoy with the kids. For dessert I usually do something fun like a chocolate fondue fountain and it ends up being a nice time together.

Want to do something different for your sweetheart this year? Well here at The Pajama Company we do Valentine’s Day differently:

We are bringing a popular family Valentine’s Day tradition of our founder to you: The Valentine’s Day Grab Bag. These specialty pillowcases are filled with a selection of small gifts to share the holiday of love with the whole family.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t just about treating that one special person,” says The Pajama Company founder and president Ellie Badanes. “At the Pajama Company we say you should share the holiday with all the people you love.” 

The Grab Bags are modeled after Ellie’s family tradition and are designed to be shared through an activity for a family or group of friends. 

“Each person takes a turn closing his or her eyes and picking something out of the grab bag,” says Ellie. But there’s a catch: the picker then has to decide who else in the group should get that gift. “It’s a great way to honor all the people you love and help everyone feel special this Valentine’s Day,” says Ellie.

Want to know more of our ideas for this day of love? Well we have a selection of Staff Favorites just in case you need some help choosing.

I know I will be snuggling up with my husband on Valetine’s Day sporting this lovely Kashwere Lightweight Robe humming a happy tune as I dip strawberries in chocolate and relax.

Now we would love to hear from you. Comment to this blog post and tell us how you plan to spend your Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone has a wonderfully romantic day and keep on wearing those pajamas!


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