Snow Day For All

Here at The Pajama Company we got our wish and yes, Wednesday was a Snow Day.  Streets were quiet with the exception of snowplows.  Stores were closed, schools were closed, town hall and even the DMV closed early with snow falling fast and furious.  For us, a Snow Day reflects the feeling we get from pajamas everyday.  It’s about taking a deep breath and learning how to lounge.  It’s about putting the brakes on for a moment and enjoying that 2nd cup of coffee or the next chapter of the book you can’t put down or the latest gossip in US magazine.  Snow Days are February’s way of giving us all a day off, giving us all a much needed “Pajama Day.”   For kids, a Snow Day will be forever etched as a wonderful memory of childhood.  Nothing compares to the exhilaration of hearing the news that school has been canceled.  It’s a pure happiness.  It’s the gift of a day of freedom, a day to do what you love.  Pajamas and Snow Days just go together.  Check out our great collection of pajamas for men, women and kids to get you through this winter and tell us how you spent your much needed “Snow Day.”

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