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Gift Closet Worth Sharing!

By Makenzie Lynch, The Pajama Company Intern

At some point or another, each of us has been at one end of a gift closet. You might have one, or you might have received a last-minute gift from someone delivered straight from the gift drawer, but we all have experience with the trinket-filled, all-pleasing gift closet.

Gift closets are for seemingly everyone. They ensure that if you don’t have time to get a present, or can’t think of anything spectacular, you can still show others that they’re appreciated. However, the gifts in a gift drawer have to be all encompassing. Because you don’t know who they’ll be for when you buy them, you have to make sure anyone could like them. They must be universal.

Now, here’s an obvious answer to the question of “What is universal enough to please everyone?” Sleep of course! We all do it. Babies, parents, grandparents, everyone! Additionally, I have yet to meet a person who doesn’t love sleep.

Filling your gift drawers and closets can be hard, but The Pajama Company has some amazing, affordable gifts to stock up on for a rainy day.

Consider an eye mask for a boss or co-worker! Simple, but subtly showing you care.

Maybe a chocolate bar for your best friend if she’s having a rough day? The funny quotes on ours are sure to cheer up a pal. Plus, if you always have a couple in your gift closet, you’ll always be prepared for a bad day.

Finally, everyone always loves a good mug (of which we have plenty!).

Check out our full gift collection on thepajamacompany.com


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