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The ReinDog Parade

By Anne Badanes, The Pajama Company Holiday Editor

I planned to post a blog on how to make the perfect gift for dog lovers, but today is the annual Reindog Parade in Cincinnati; one of the silliest holiday traditions. So instead of making gifts, I will be heading down to Mt. Adams to see the variety and creativity of costumes. As a child we had a Basset Hound, a dog with a droopy frown even though she had the name of Pollyanna. My sister and I tried to make costumes for her, but fitting something over her ample trunk and 2 inch wrinkled legs was almost impossible. We’d try to catch her while she wiggled her long trunk. She’d shake off the bows that we tied to her droopy ears and then hid beneath the bed until we left the room. Creating a fashionista Pollyanna was impossible.

That is why the Reindog Parade tickles me. Somehow the owners find costumes that their dogs will wear for the entire parade route.  Many of the owners are also dressed up and they are almost funnier than their pets., particularly when their well dressed pup attempts to sniff another dog. (Of course, dog owners are a breed unto themselves.) While lots of the dogs have antlers or fancy velvet colors, the prize winners have much more creative attire. Here are my two of my favorites from last year’s parade.














The two pajama dogs were among a big group of jammie dogs and these two might even be smiling.  Teeny Santa looked much less comfortable. There was a Basset who only had a bow taped to his head and of course was frowning. Déjà vu for me.

 The weather forecasters predict showers so it might be a RAINdog Parade.

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