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How to Feel Good

You deserve to feel good.  It’s a simple idea really, but one that can get overlooked in the midst of everyday life.

The Pajama Company was founded because we love to make people happy and help them feel good. Of course, we think one of the best feel-good pleasures in life is relaxing in your favorite jammies.

But, there are lots of other ways to add more “feel-good” to your life.  So today we’re sharing some of our favorites…

1. Have designated “Me” time.  Put some time aside just for you where you can do just what you want to do.  Maybe it’s time to relax, go out and meet up with friends, or get a massage.  The idea is that it’s all about you.

2. Take walks.  Whether you work in an office or from home, movement during the day can really help you to feel refreshed.

3. Treat yourself to something beautiful.  A bunch of fresh flowers.  A beautiful new bracelet.  A gorgeous journal.  Surrounding yourself with beautiful and meaningful things will go a long way in boosting your good mood!

4. Engage in regular random acts of kindness. Here are 10 easy ways we’ve shared to spread kindness.

5. Take a nap.  Feeling sluggish or groggy?  Even just a 15 minute power nap can work wonders!

6. Wear something you love.  Nothing helps you to feel good than wearing something you love and that you know you look good in. Make a point to dress in your favorites each day!

Now over to you…what do you add to your everyday life to feel good?

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How to Start the Day off Right

start your dayHave you ever noticed how much better your whole day is when it starts out right?

Instead of rushing around, trying to find your car keys or your other shoe, you feel relaxed and ready for the day.  Rather than skipping breakfast at home and grabbing something on the go, you actually have time to eat and enjoy something healthy.

There are a couple of little things you can do daily to lay the foundation of a good day. Putting a few small habits in place can make a world of difference…

Do a Little Night Before Prep

Doing a few things to get ready the night before can really help to make your morning go more smoothly.  Here are a few suggestions:

– Cue the coffee pot to brew upon your wake up time.

– Plan what you’re going to wear and lay out everything you need to get dressed, including shoes!

– Take a look at your to do list.  Decide: what are the top 3 priorities you can commit to for the coming day?

– Gather what you need by the door – wallet, keys, purse, work bag, etc.  If you can’t find something, now is the time to go chase it! 🙂

Eat a Good Breakfast

Breakfast gets you going in the morning, so give yourself the time to make a decent one and to actually enjoy it!  Here are 16 Quick Breakfast Ideas to get you started.

Enjoy 10 Minutes of Solitude

Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to relax.  Read a chapter or passage from an inspirational book.  Simply sit in the quiet and sip your coffee or tea.  Meditate. The point is to give your self a few minutes to get centered.  Once you’ve done this, it’s much easier to bring yourself back to a more peaceful state of mind later in the day.

Decide How You Want to Feel

This is my favorite. Yup, that’s right, you get to decide how you want your day to feel, and it’s really very simple.  How do you see your day going? Do you want to feel connected to friends or coworkers?  Do you want to feel inspired?  Do you want to feel joyful?  Once you know how you want to feel, ask yourself what 2 things you can do that day to specifically connect to that feeling.  For example, if you want to feel connected at work, maybe you share a new idea in the morning meeting, or invite a new colleague out to lunch, or make a point to ask your boss about her kid’s soccer game.

Now it’s your turn: what are your favorite ways to start the day off right?  Share below!

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