10 Signs You’re a Homebody!

1. Your couch bears the permanent indentation of your body.

2. You just binge watched a whole season of House of Cards and you’re just coming back to life.

3. You curiously note that you replace your pajamas much more often than your jeans.

4. You’re on a first name basis with the Thai food delivery guy and you’re pretty sure he’s expecting a Christmas gift.

5. Your idea of the perfect night out is catching the early-bird special so you can come home after and immediately get in your PJs!

6. Books, books, books!  Need we say more?

7. Your friends call you the Imelda Marcos of slippers.

8. Snow day? No problem. Your pantry and fridge are already stocked to feed you for weeks on end!

9. When a friend calls to cancel plans, you’re not mad at all. In fact you feel like you just won the lottery!

10. Your motto: pajamas + wine = happiness.

Photo credit: ashleyg via etsy.

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