A Chill in The Air

Well, I guess we had better grin and bear it.  There is a chill in the air.  It’s that time of year to switch from pajamas with flip flops to pajamas with uggs or socks or slippers.  It’s that time of year when pajamas feel cozy and warm and just right.  Somehow pajamas just seem perfect for the newspaper and a glass of wine, facebook and a coffee, TV and munchies, DVD and popcorn, twitter and any of the above!  It’s fall.  It’s here and we will somehow cope.  Images of a roaring fire, a blanket, pajamas, that book we meant to read all summer, the movie we can’t believe we never watched (and all our buds are talking about it..embarrassing!) , a warm mug of something wonderful, and of course fabulous pajamas fill our heads tonight.  How sweet that pajamas can just make the world a better place.  All is good.

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