BYOP: Bring Your Own Pillow

By Emily Friedman, The Pajama Company Summer Intern

Many of us look back on childhood sleepovers fondly: baking cookies, movies, and the inevitable pillow fight. It begins innocently enough, an unexpected bonk on the head by a rogue down pillow. Before long, it dissolves into a full-fledged war, feathers flying in every direction. At the end, one victor emerges, proudly hoisting his or her victorious pillow.

Every year, in the Big Apple, you can relive these memories at the Pillow Fight NYC. This year, it was held on April 7th at Washington Square Park. Alliances form, blows are thrown, and laughter can be heard in droves. However, NYC isn’t the only place to enjoy an old-fashioned pillow fight. Cities and towns around the world celebrate International Pillow Fight Day, meaning you’ll have no trouble finding a place to practice your childhood skills. By the end of the day, you’ll be an expert at whacking people across the head with a pillow. Not to mention that by the time you finally get home to set your head on your actual pillow, you’ll be exhausted enough to fall right asleep.

Now, this pillow fight presents a good question, what do you wear? One could go with a breathable pair of shorts or a sassy pair of footies to distinguish yourself from the hustling and bustling crowd. Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself amongst old friends, new friends, and pillow fight enemies.

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