Footie Fun

Footed pajamas are often thought of as night wear for small kids, but both teens and adults are now wearing footies again!  Many older people like footie pajamas because they bring back memories of the fun they had in their childhood. Historians disagree on the history of the footed pajama. Some say they were brought from Persia in the 1800s, while others claim India was the place of origin and that they were brought to the West in 1880. The word “pajama” itself according to linguists originates from an Indian word meaning “leg clothes.”Pajamas rapidly grew in popularity in Europe where they helped people stay warm during the cold winter nights. By 1898, footed pajamas were advertised for sale in London, and their popularity continued to grow from that point.So why are footie pajamas so warm? Well, the fact that the pajamas are one-piece helps prevent heat from escaping too far from the body. With non-footie pajamas there are a lot of “vents” that allow the warmth generated by the human body to dissipate. The footie traps this warmth and allows it to circulate throughout the inside of the pajama area including around the feet. Since the feet are often the first thing to get cold, the footie pajama was really a blessing in helping people get to sleep in cold climates. Even in the modern age with our centrally heated homes, we can still use footed pajamas to help keep the heating bill lower while still sleeping comfortably.  In fact, saving electricity on heating also has the added benefit of reducing our impact on the environment.

While footed pajamas were originally popular with people of all ages, they eventually became worn mainly by children because of their sensitivity to the cold. However, teens and adults are again taking to these comfortable pajamas both for their warmth, and because they bring back cherished memories from their youth. Footed pajamas are just plain fun for all ages.  We think you will love our great selection of footies from Big Feet Pajama Company, Footzies and Snug as a Bug.

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