Give Pajamas: Five Graduation Gift Ideas

After years of books, class and final exams, a diploma finally gives the graduate an excuse to relax. Whether your graduate is heading onto college or out into the real world, pajamas make the perfect gift to help them unwind and also remind them of the comforts of home. Here are five ideas for the perfect graduation gift.

1. Cupcake Choices Flannel Pajamas —  Nothing beats comfort food and comfort pajamas. Give these pajamas with a gift certificate to their favorite cupcake or dessert place.

2. Blue Madras Cotton Pant — This pant is perfect for a guy or a girl to wear lounging around the house or even out to class or to grab some food. Check out the full selection for similar prints in green, purple, red and light blue.

3. “Beer Pong League” Sleep Pant — Yes, the college graduate may be leaving the frat parties behind, but they will always have beer pong. Celebrate the graduate’s not-so-grown-up life out of college by giving this pant crowning them the “beer pong champion”. Why not even throw in some red cups and ping pong balls for old times’ sake?

4. “Love Bikes” Poplin Pajama — Whether they are moving to a new campus or a new city, a bike is a useful gift for the recent graduate. These pajamas paired with a new fixed gear bicycle will be the perfect reminder of home. Don’t forget the helmet, too!

5. Kashwere Shawl Collar Robe — A truly luxurious gift, this so-soft robe will help the graduate get cozy in their new apartment or dorm room. The unisex robe comes in black, brown, white, cream, pink, and blue. If robes aren’t their thing, check out the companion Kashwere Pink Throw Blanket and Red Throw Blanket.

None of these ideas fit your graduate? Email for more graduation present ideas.


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