10 Tips To Unwind And Enjoy A Long Weekend At Home

Get ready for long weekend of lounging and family fun! That’s right, there’s nothing quite like a long weekend at home. You get to sleep in late, lounge in your pajamas and enjoy lazy afternoons. However, sometimes when a long weekend approaches, it’s easy for it to breeze by and before we know it, we’re grinding our gears at work again.


The Staycation


Never underestimate the power of a vacation at home! We’re talking a weekend of unplugging, ultimate lounging and total relaxation. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries, and a vacation at home is the best way to do exactly that!


How will you make the most of the upcoming memorial day weekend? Use these long weekend ideas to slow down, lounge and savor every relaxing moment.


Ready to unwind? Here are 10 ways to have the best Memorial Day weekend staycation.


  1. Get in Staycation Mode


The first thing to do is set your mindset to staycation mode. How do you do that? Slip into your comfiest PJ’s, turn off your phone, don’t even think about checking emails and pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage. It could be a warm cup of tea or a margarita–the choice is yours because this is your vacation at home!


Now, think about what your favorite vacations involve. Is it dancing? Then put on your favorite playlist and have a pajama dance party! Is it going to a waterpark with the kids? Then turn on the sprinklers or put a slip n slide in the backyard and have some fun in the sun. Whatever your dream vacation looks like, transform your home into a mini paradise.


  1. Unplug


Unplugging is a large part of getting into vacation mode. To fully embrace your long weekend at home, eliminate digital obligations that add stress or tug at your attention. Try to avoid falling into the trap of wasting precious lounging minutes by scrolling Facebook or reading the news. This is your vacation at home, nobody else’s, and going online or answering your phone can mentally draw you away from your staycation.


It’s important to have intentions for your weekend. Is your intention to have an ultimate weekend of lounging and relaxation? Then cut out anything that might interrupt that. Weekends too easily come and fly by. Having set intentions and a plan will help you savor every moment of your long weekend at home.


  1. Set Up Your Space For Lounging


To enjoy your staycation without stress, set up your space to be conducive to relaxation. Invite calm into your home by clipping fresh flowers, open the windows to let in fresh air, use a diffuser to waft sweet essential oils into the atmosphere. These subtle changes leading up to your long weekend at home will truly transform your home. Having a vacation at home should feel like you’ve escaped to somewhere fun and new, while retaining the comfort of your sanctuary.


Basically, make your home feel like a fancy hotel or resort. You’ll be ready to order room service! Instead, keep it simple by ordering in. No cooking or cleanup means more time lounging.


Ease Into The Day


  1. Sleep in Late

Take advantage of the long weekend as an opportunity to catch some much needed zzzzz’s. Turn off your alarm and allow yourself to snooze in as late as you’d like–guilt free! When you finally open your eyes after a night of beauty sleep, read a book or take a long bath. Change up your morning routine to include all the things you wish you had time to do in the morning throughout the week. If it helps, put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.


  1. Have Breakfast in Your PJ’s


Stay in your pajamas and enjoy breakfast in bed or around the table with your family. This will contribute to your staycation mindset and remind you that you don’t have to get up and rush out the door. Then, involve the whole family and cook breakfast together. Since it’s a team effort, make it a breakfast pajama party by wearing matching family pajamas.


Enjoy Lazy Weekend Afternoons


  1. Go For a Long Walk


Throughout the week, our daily obligations often negate our ability to slow down and enjoy the little things. Leave the phones and watches at home and go for a long walk. Walking stimulates creative energy, improves moods, boosts self esteem and provides your daily intake of Vitamin D.


Plus, there’s peace and relaxation from engaging in activities without a time limit. Think about it: when’s the last time you did something without regard to time? A long weekend at home is an excellent opportunity to get outside, feel the fresh air and maybe even smell a rose or two.


  1. Invite Friends and Family Over


If hibernation is on your agenda for your long weekend at home, then skip this tip. However, a long vacation at home is a great way to catch up with friends, get energized from social interaction and enjoy quality time with your close friends and family. What better way to chill and hang out with loved ones than to have a BBQ potluck?


  1. Fire Up The Grill and Have A Potluck


Take the pressure off of hosting and have a casual BBQ potluck. A potluck is the perfect way to bond with your loved ones, chill out and have some quality family fun. Best part? A potluck alleviates you from having to cook for everyone. When each guest brings a dish, all you have to do is fire up the grill. The most important thing is to keep it casual, that way you still get the buzz of socializing, without the pressure of having to be the hostess with the mostess.


Mellow Out At Night


  1. Have a Movie Marathon


Some sources encourage a complete detox from digital entertainment during a long weekend at home. However, a movie marathon is an entertaining family activity! Put on your favorite cozy pajamas, pop some popcorn and transform your living room into a sleepover with blankets and pillows.


  1. Make Time for Relaxing Hobbies


Do you love to read but don’t have enough time for it during the week? Never enough time to fit in a long bath? Whatever it is that you wish you had more time to do, make sure you carve some space to do that during your long weekend vacation at home. Afterall, a staycation is all about recharging, unplugging, getting back to basics and enjoying life’s simple pleasures–all from the comfort of your own home!


After luxuriating in peace and calm over a long weekend at home, you’ll head back to work feeling rejuvenated, energized and grounded.


But first, time to unwind!

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