Pajama Dance Party Playlist

Why You Need a Pajama Dance Party

‘Tis the season for stress. According to a recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical School Department of Neurology, 90 percent of Americans experience a heightened state of stress during the holidays. The most prevalent causes of holiday stress are, unsurprisingly, money and family. These two stress factors combined with additional responsibilities and social commitments create a hectic holiday environment.

The dramatic departure from the comfort of our daily routine raises our stress levels. Some people choose to relieve the pressure with a post-holiday vacation, massage, or spa day, but this isn’t an option for everyone. Since most people are strapped for money and time during the holidays, these are not practical solutions.

Pajama Dance Party, Because Science

According to science, dancing increases happiness and decreases the stress hormones that cause depression. Additionally, listening to upbeat music can make you feel energized because it reduces your blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. Now imagine how great you would feel when you combine these positive science-backed effects of dance and music with the healing power of pajamas. That’s right: pajamas.

Some doctors have claimed that pajamas are the key to health and happiness, or at least a great night’s sleep. The theory comes from the science behind behavioral modification. This is the idea is that feeling good on the inside can come from feeling good on the outside. Wearing soft, comfortable pajamas that look great, will make you feel relaxed and ‘put together.’ This bedtime comfort and confidence boost will help you get to sleep faster by easing some of the anxieties that keep you up at night.

It stands to reason that taking just 10 minutes to boogie in your most comfortable pajamas each day could decrease your stress and increase your happiness. During the height of the holiday madness get ready for bed, close the door, and let it out with this pajama dance party playlist.

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10-Minute Pajama Dance Party Playlist

While most people are jamming to Jingle Bell Rock this time of the year, shield yourself from Christmas mall music to avoid triggering holiday PTSD. Instead opt for upbeat tunes that are perfect for getting down in your favorite footies.

1. Dim All The Lights, Donna Summer

This song starts out slow, but builds up to a beat worthy of a disco dance-a-thon. Donna Summer wrote the perfect tune to get you warmed up. Trust us — once you get going, you won’t be able to stop.

2. Uptown Funk, Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

If you can make it a full minute into this song without tapping your toes, you’re probably not human. Just try not to dance. We dare you.

3. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson

We’re pretty sure you can’t make a dance party playlist without at least one MJ song. ‘Billie Jean’ takes the cake.

4. September, Earth, Wind & Fire

Everyone — and we mean everyone — loves this beat. We’re all fuzzy on the lyrics, but we can all dance to this song. When we’re sober, even.

5. Got to Give it Up, Marvin Gaye

Round out your 10 minutes with a more mellow tune as you boogie your way to bed for some light reading to wind down.

To be proactive about holiday stress, check out our Quick Tips for Managing Holiday Stress. For more ideas for getting festive in your PJs this holiday season, visit The Pajama Company at our blog,

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