How to Host a Winter Pajama Party

How to Host a ‘Winter Wonderland’ Pajama Party

After we unplug the Christmas tree and pack away our holiday decorations, many people feel a touch of ‘post-holiday blues’ because there is nothing left to celebrate and a long winter ahead. Don’t feel sad! There is a lot to celebrate after the holidays!

For one, we aren’t faced with the daunting task of entertaining in-laws and houseguests for another weekend packed with holiday traditions and formalities. Those of us who travel aren’t faced with another weekend in an airport, dragging luggage and children from coast to coast to visit family. The magical, sparkly, snowy winter weather is still going strong, which means we have a lot to celebrate — right at home.

Without all the holiday obligations, we can gleefully spend the rest of the winter season in hibernation. Why not celebrate what’s left of the season with a laidback ‘Winter Wonderland’ pajama party? Since the kids will be on winter break until after the New Year, you can keep the party to just your family or invite another family to join in. It’s also a great excuse to use those matching family pajamas one more time…

Winter Pajama Party Decor Ideas

Delaying taking down the Christmas decorations? Use your decorative string lights to create a wintery ambiance.

Celebrate the Season with a ‘Winter Wonderland’ Pajama Party

1. Keep it simple.

Since we have spent the last month hosting and partying, the key to this pajama party no stress. Ditch the formalities and celebrate winter, being indoors, and being cozy and comfortable in your pajamas with your loved ones.

2. Get cozy.

Pile up every throw blanket, pillow, and quilt you have in the living room. Piles of blankets placed strategically throughout the room will invite everyone to snuggle in for the night and get comfortable. Remember: there is no such thing as too many throw pillows.

Winter Pajama Party Ideas

Holiday decor will be on clearance, so you can be playful and creative on a budget!

3. Add some sparkle.

Do we really need another reason to avoid packing our Christmas decorations? If you’re feeling festive, hang your twinkle lights inside the living room to create a wintery ambiance. Another option to create a warm ‘winter’s glow’ is electric votives (safety first!).

4. Plenty of games.

If you’re having a PJ party with your family, celebrate being together without the holiday pressure. Bring out plenty of board games, play charades, and get goofy. Cards Against Humanity is a great new game for families with older teenage kids and adults.

5. Light, wintery movies.

For the main event, skip the Christmas movies and opt for fun wintery flicks. Think Cool Runnings, Frozen, Snow Day, Happy Feet, or The Chronicles of Narnia. Keep it the movies light, funny, or magical.

Winter Pajama Party Drink Ideas

photo credit: Gimme Some Oven

6. Don’t skip the cocoa.

This is a celebration of everything we love about winter, so hot drinks are a must! Skip the frills with simple packs of hot cocoa or get fancy with toppings like whipped cream, marshmallows, and peppermint sticks. If you want to go the extra mile, add hot cider or make hot toddies for the grown ups.

If you’d like to make the evening special, check out this fantastic recipe for ‘Homemade White Hot Chocolate’ from Gimme Some Oven.

7. Offer lighter snacks.

Opt for simple, lighter snacks. Popcorn of course, but include some healthier options like cut fruit, tortilla chips and salsa, and baby carrots and hummus. Everyone is going to be burnt out on sugar cookies after the holidays! For a wintery treat, zesty homemade Chex mix (like this popular recipe from Half Baked Harvest)  is great from the oven but store bought is still a crowd pleaser.

Lazy One "Timberland Bear" Footy Pajamas

Lazy One “Timberland Bear” Footy

8. Encourage flannels and footies!

Encourage guests to wear the warmest, coziest, most over-the-top winter pajamas they can find. Footies, flapjacks, snowflake patterns, reindeer, and flannel of course! The more ridiculous the pattern, the better.

9. Order takeout.

We’re all guilty ordering more takeout in the winter, so why stop now? In the spirit of keeping things simple, order a pizza. Hosting doesn’t have to be hard. Keep the party informal with some winter-themed paper plates, which are on sale after the holidays!

10. A hot winter breakfast.

Go the extra mile and serve up a hot breakfast the next morning. Consider easy options like slow cooker breakfasts or a make-ahead breakfast casserole that you can simply reheat and serve in the morning.

For more ideas for getting festive in your PJs this holiday season, visit The Pajama Company at our blog,

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