Time for Tea

time for tea“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky

One of the best things about the cooler months is having hot tea on a more regular basis.  You can really drink hot tea anytime, but enjoying a cup of tea in your PJs can become a nightly ritual to look forward to in fall and winter.

Here are some fantastic teas to try!

Harney & Sons

African Autumn – Delicious flavor!  This is an herbal tea made with Rooibos, a South African red bush, and flavored with orange and cranberry.  Not only does it taste really good, it makes the whole room smell divine while your brewing it!  A great choice for fall.

Love Life – Visit the Harney & Sons tasting room in Millerton, NY and you’ll be hooked. We can’t enough of this one. It’s a green tea with coconut, vanilla, and strawberry and it’s delicious!

Yogi – Honey Lavender Stress Relief – This is another Rooibos based tea.  The lavender and chamomile make this one really soothing and relaxing.  One you’ve had a cup, you’re ready for bed!

Good Earth – Sweet & Spicy – This tea has a really tasty cinnamon flavor and is equally good hot and cold.  It doesn’t need any sugar so it’s a great one to drink if you’re watching your calories. Even if you’re not big on cinnamon, give it a whirl.  It actually has a very similar flavor to the Chai Tea that Oprah recently released with Teavana.

Do you have a favorite tea or tea ritual?  Tell us about it below!

P.S.  – Did you know that George Orwell actually wrote an essay on crafting the perfect cup of tea called “A Nice Cup of Tea” back in 1946?  Check it out…

Photo Credit: Sunchild57 Photography via Compfight cc

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Pajama Food: Donuts

Donuts definitely fall in the category of yummy pajama foods!  There are so may varieties and who can resist a glazed or jelly filled delight with a delicious cup of coffee?  There’s no denying that they’re typically high in sugar, fat, and calories, but this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every now and again, right?!

Go Local

Independent donut shops have popped up quite a bit in the last few years, and chances are you have a local donut place near you, so scout them out.  And, if you’re travelling, check out Travel + Leisure’s list of America’s Best Donuts for donut shops to visit in several cities!

Make Your Own

There are tons of creative and delicious donut recipes out there as well, so why not try your hand at a homemade batch!  Here are some great recipes…

Classic Glazed Donuts from Epicurious

Cookies ‘N Cream Donuts from Shugary Sweets

Donut Holes from Tablespoon

Vanilla Creme-Filled Donuts from Brown Eyed Baker

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Donuts from A Kitchen Addiction

Triple Chocolate Donuts from Style Me Pretty

Take the Krispy Kreme Challenge

If you’ve never heard of it, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is an annual charity race that takes place in Raleigh, NC, that started as a dare between a few NC State students.  It soon got national coverage with people coming in from all over the country.  As they say, the challenge “epitomizes the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude”.  Its a 5 mile run, but halfway through participants are challenged to eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, and then run the rest of the race.  Now that’s a challenge!

Photo Credit: kennymatic via Compfight cc

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Pajama Spotlight: Lazy One


by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

As we have said before, we make it our mission to find and offer you the best of the best pajamas.  We look for companies who have quality products, care about the world, and if they can make us laugh, that’s definitely a bonus!

Lazy One is another one of our favorite pajama brands.  The company is nestled within the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah and features comical designs of “wacky wildlife” on their boxers, nightshirts, and pajamas.  We love their guiding philosophy “humor is funny”, which you can see all over their fun designs.  Lazy One is all about keeping people feeling warm and fuzzy and making them laugh at the same time!

The company even revived and remodeled the classic “Flapjack” pajama which we love and is one of our best selling PJ styles.

As a herd of nature lovers, Lazy One continually strives to “go green” as they move toward becoming a plastic-free company. Hangers made from recycled paper, biodegradable bags and an emphasis on recycling are all top priorities of Lazy One.

Check out some of our most-loved PJs from Lazy One…

Lazy One

Bear Cheeks Boxer

Lazy One

Bear Hug Nightshirt

Lazy One

Moose Caboose FlapJack

Lazy One

Sawing Logs Pajama Pant

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Five for Friday: Forever Summer!

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

Ahhhh, summer. I don’t know about you, but summer seems to fly by for us.  And this weekend, we just want to hold on to it a bit longer.  Dig our feet in the beach sand, share a great meal with family and friends al fresco, feel the sunshine on our faces!

In that spirit, we’re celebrating summer forever this weekend! Use code FOREVER now through Monday at checkout and get free UPS ground shipping on any order over $24.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Easy Blackberry Ice Cream // the view from great island


Emerson Street Nightshirts // The Pajama Company


15 Centerpieces for Your Summer Table // Apartment Therapy

32 “Slow Living” Inspired Ways to Savor Summer // Mark’s Daily Apple


Summer Forever // jonstich

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What’s a Life in Pajamas?

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

We say a life in pajamas is your life…only better.

Better because you get be cozy and you get to feel great!

Better because you get to wear your very favorite PJs.  You know, the cozy flannel ones with sock monkeys on them!  Or maybe your cute cat person nightshirt?  It could even be those awesome footies that cover you from head to toe!

You get to be totally comfortable and at ease in your pajamas.  And, you get to do what you want – work, play, lounge around, go out – you name it!

The bottom line is life is better in pajamas because it’s all about you!

A life in pajamas is the good life!  So we say, wear your pajamas and be happy!

What does a life in pajamas mean to you?  Tell us in the comments below!

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Are You an Early Bird or Night Owl?

Have you ever noticed how some people are clearly morning people while others are seem to be night owls?

Early birds, or “larks” as some call them, rise early and easily.  They’re typically in a good mood (which can really annoy night owls!) and can be pretty productive or creative in the wee hours of the morning.

Night owls, on the other hand,  start getting into their groove later into the evening or night.  This is usually the time of the day when they get their best work done and have the most energy.  And, they’ll usually tell you outright that they are NOT morning people!

If you have a preference for one over the other, there are some real reasons why.  According to WebMD being an early bird or a night owl is all about your personal circadian rhythm – also know as your internal clock. There’s also other research that shows actual differences in the brain between the two types as well.

Does it Matter?

You’ll hear people say that “the early bird gets the worm” and that getting a jump start on the day will help you to get more done.  And it may be true for some people.

But it has also been said that night owls can be more productive and creative.  Some also say that they’re more relaxed, and on average need less sleep.

But as we always say, go with what works for you!  No matter what your preference, its important to embrace your own natural pattern and not struggle to make yourself different than how you are.

Early birds definitely benefit from the fact that a day time schedule is what the outside world works on.  But, if you’re not an early riser, no need to fight it.  Take advantage of the night hours when your brain is at its best and most creative.  Sleep in and arrange a later work or school schedule if you can.

And the same goes for early birds.  If you get up early you might need a mid-day nap.  And, there’s no need to force yourself to stay awake for those late night movies either. We say get in those PJs and go to bed as early as you want!

Not sure where you fall on the spectrum?  Take this quiz over at Real Simple and find out!

We also love Buzzfeed’s funny take on the topic… “You Know You’re a Night Owl When…”

Photo Credit: Alan Cleaver via Compfight cc

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20 Ways to Make the Most of the Rest of Summer

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

Although some of us may be gearing up for back to school, we still have a little over a month of the official summer season left!

That means its time to get the most out of the warmer weather and long days, before the change of seasons is upon us.

To help you along,  We’re giving you 20 fun ways to make the most of the rest of your summer…

1. Float in the pool.

2. Make a campfire – roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories!

3. Go to the waterpark.

4. Play on the swings!

5. Go camping.

6. Go to the farmers market and grab some late summer goodies!

7. Spread out a blanket and read under a shady tree…

8. Call in lazy!

9. Learn to paddle board.

10. Throw an outdoor dinner party.

11. Tour your city’s local historic sites and landmarks.

12. Take the dog for a hike in the park.

13. Go to an outdoor movie.

14. Sit on the porch and sip lemonade.

15. Lay in the hammock and do nothing!

16. Have a beach day.

17. Grab a blanket and go star gazing…

18. Go tubing.

19. Take a spontaneous weekend trip to the mountains.

20. Go out for an ice cream cone!


Photo Credit: *Seth via Compfight cc

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Dorm Room Must Haves!

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

Can you believe its that time again already?  The summer is still here but its flying by and back to school is upon us!

Now there are many things you need to have for your dorm room like a refrigerator, cozy bedding, snacks, study supplies, toiletries, wall decorations, etc.  Real Simple put together a great Dorm Room Essentials Checklist to help remind you. We also love the Onion’s Dorm Room Essential List for a laugh!

But of course, we’ve got your run down on the pajama essentials.  The things you need to be cozy all semester long!

Let’s start with a comfy robe…perfect for a chilly dorm room and those hallway bathrooms!

PJ Salvage


Fun pajama pants for late night studying…

Hatley Nature

Pajama Moose

And of course, you must have some warm and fuzzy slippers…

Aroma Home

Frog Slippers

Don’t forget to pack your favorite coffee mug…what college student can survive without caffeine?!?!

Lazy One

Ceramic Mug

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Pajama Treats!

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

Whether you are having an official Pajama Day, or you’re enjoying an evening lounging in your PJs, the right food is a MUST.  Of course, pancakes, waffles, and eggs are a natural fit for the pajama inclined.  But this time we’re talking super yummy stuff – comfort food, favorite snacks, and delicious desserts!

What else goes with comfy pajamas, chilling out, and a great movie (or maybe even a binge of a your favorite show), right?!

Well, we’ve got your round up for the perfect PJ splurge foods below.  Spoiler alert: if you’re on a diet and you don’t want to be tempted to cheat, you will want to stop reading right about now!

Nachos – This is my personal favorite food ever. If I had to live in my PJs eating nachos for the rest of my life, it would be ok by me. Some of my favorite recipes are here, here, and here. And just in case you need some extra queso, here you go.  It’s a staple!

Popcorn – It’s really easy to make really great popcorn at home, and I say forgo the microwave for the best popcorn.  Just take some popcorn kernels and a medium pan with a lid and follow the directions on the popcorn bag.  The best part is that you can season it any way you like it -as much or as little butter and salt as you like.  Here are a few awesome popcorn topping ideas.

Snack Mix – To me snack mix is the perfect combo of salty and sweet.  This one – Ooey Gooey Cereal Crunch Mix – will knock your socks off!

Brownies – If you’re not a baker, of course you can always pick some brownies at the local store or sweet shop. But if you’re ready to make a homemade batch this is your must try recipe: Salted Caramel Brownies. THE BEST. Just a little warning, don’t make if you’re home all alone!

Sundaes – I love ice cream sundaes because you can make them any way you want.  Here are some great ideas: Ice Cream Sundaes 3 Ways.  Ummmmmm…

Milkshakes – So easy to make!  You can make a milkshake by simply blending milk and ice cream together in your blender, and then adding in other  flavors, chocolate syrup, strawberries, you name it.  If you want to get more creative, here are 12 milkshake recipes. Yum!

Smores – You don’t even need a campfire, you can actually make this gooey treat right in your kitchen! Check out this recipe for Indoor Smores.

Photo Credit: craig.letourneau.photography via Compfight cc

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Five for Friday: Easy Living

by Becky Boyd, The Pajama Company Editor

We’re loving the simpler life today.  Its all about slowing down, making life easier, and appreciating the little things.

Happy weekend!

5 Ways to Make Anything Easier // Be More With Less

Dream Every Day Journal // The Pajama Company

It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful // The Nester

A Manifesto for a Simple Life // The Smile Collective

10 Ways to Have a Spa Day at Home // Raining Hot Coupons

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