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Jammin’ in Jammies!

Nothing beats music in your pajamas. A midnight dance party with your best friends, that one lullaby that helps you get to sleep, and the song you listen to while getting ready for school, grooving in front of your mirror. Music and pajamas go together like peanut butter and jelly. Their loose-fighting design enables some truly “out-there” boogie moves. Their bright colors encourage a little loss of inhibitions. The comfort level ensures that you feel free to express yourself, whether by curling up into a ball of sleep or bopping around your bedroom.

Music can truly define a night (regardless of if it’s spent sleeping or partying). Here, we share a few of our favorite pajama jams and fellow pajama lovers rocking out.

A couple of rock stars in their footies:

A cover of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” (our theme song!) done in fab pajamas:

A great “summer nights” song to play over the radio for late night pajama drives with friends:

A sweet lullaby to send you off to sleep:

PS: Match your slick moves and cool tunes with this funny instrument pajamas: Music Pajama by Papa Bear.

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