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Find Your “Happy Place” This Summer and Go There

Here at The Pajama Company, we love to lounge and think summer is the perfect season to kick back and relax.  Not sure how to start this adventure of  “Chilln’?”  Begin by finding your perfect  “Happy Place.”  Find it and  and go back to it often.  Maybe it is plopped under your favorite tree, in your garden, on your deck or porch, poolside  or just in a quiet corner of your home.  Whether you have all day or just 20 minutes to spare, use the time doing what you love.  Settle in with your journal and add one more page, daydream, meditate, snooze, write a blog post, read the next chapter of the book you started months ago or simply sit.

For some, taking time to relax is daunting.  For some, life is such a whirl that stepping away even for a moment is stress inducing.  Funny how it’s possible for lounging to be stressful.  For some, it truly is.   For the type A, overstressed we say start the process of relaxing a little slower.  Start by coming home and just doing a quick change from work clothes to pj’s or boxers.  Something so simple can work very well to melt away a few tense muscles. It’s you saying, “I’m home.”  You’ve officially left the office, the playground, the sports field, the “Mom” taxi.  You may still have tons to do but putting on pj’s means you are home.  Many tell us that they do their best work in pajamas and we believe it.

We love to talk about lounging and love lounging in pj’s.  We know grabbing a little quiet time is so healthy and rejuvenating.  Find your “Happy Place” and go there, even for just a moment.  You will thank yourself.

Summer is the time to smile a little more, laugh a little more and simply do what you love a little more.

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