Fall Fun Ideas in Flannel Pajamas

Fall is More Fun in Flannel! Some Things Are Just Better in PJs

Summer has officially come to a close. It won’t be long before pajama season is in full swing. Crisp fall air, brisk mornings, chilly nights, crunchy leaves, and cozy blankets slowly steer us indoors before winter. Fall is a season that is based largely on the sense of smell and soft, warm textures. Just the thought of freshly baked goodies, ‘pumpkin spice’ scented everything, wool sweaters, cashmere scarves, and pillowy down comforters are enough to make you want to crawl back in bed for a long nap.

With our internal clock set to hibernate, it’s no wonder we don’t want to get out of our pajamas until April. Here is a list of our favorite fall activities that are far better when enjoyed in the comfort of our favorite flannel jammies.

Ideas for Fall Family Fun

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8 Fall Activities That Are Better in Your PJs

1. Sipping Coffee in Bed

Whether you live in an old house or a drafty apartment, waking up in the wee hours before work can be a challenge. A chilly bedroom and cold floors aren’t exactly inviting you to get up and get ready for work. This is why many people opt to set their coffee timer and grab their cup of coffee to go — to go back to bed, that is. Keeping your PJs on and returning to your cocoon to caffeinate warms you up so you can muster up the strength to head into the shower.

2. A Good Book

After you’ve finished dinner and washed up, it’s time to slip into your pajamas and curl up with a good book. While reading isn’t a seasonal activity, there’s something extra relaxing about reading in your favorite chair under a cozy blanket when the evening chill has set in.

3. Late Night Pie

In the fall we can’t seem to go a week without a baked good landing in our home. Maybe you love to bake or you have friends or family who can’t wait to bake the first apple pie of the season. Either way, odds are there is a pie in your fridge that’s calling your name. Eventually you’re bound to sneak down to the kitchen in the wee hours to warm up a slice. Wrapped up in your favorite flannels with a belly full of warm pie, you’re sure to return to bed sleepy and satisfied.

4. Bubble Baths

After a long, stressful day at work, nothing melts the day away and takes the autumn chill out of your bones like a long hot bubble bath. As the water starts to turn lukewarm, hopping out of the tub and into a pair of soft flannel jammies lets you to take the warmth and comfort of a bubble bath with you all the way to bed.

5. Weekend Brunch

Weekends are for sleeping in and staying in your PJs for as long as possible — all weekend, if possible. Summer brunches are filled with fresh fruits and light fare, but by autumn your morning melon is replaced with french toast smelling of cinnamon and hot stacks of pancakes drenched in maple syrup. The only thing that could possibly make either of those things better is enjoying them in your flannels. With your jammies on you can be as warm and cozy on the outside as you are on the inside.

6. Wine and a Movie

As the temperatures cool and we get deeper into our fall hibernation, going out on the town becomes less and less appealing. Enjoying a movie with a generous glass of red on a Friday night, wrapped up in a blanket or a bathrobe, sounds like a better use of your time.

7. Evening Cocoa

Cocoa, tea, cider, a hot toddy — whatever your poison, it’s better in your PJs. Curling up by the fire or by the glow of your latest Netflix binge with a warm ‘mug of fall’ in your hands will instantly relax you. Cocoa taps into comforting childhood memories and the cinnamon apple smell of cider provides instant stress relief. Treat yourself to a sip of something sweet in your pajamas this fall.

8. Dinner by The Fire

Whether it’s the roar of your fireplace or the twinkle of candlelight, enjoying your takeout by the glow of a fire, no matter the size, makes your rushed after-work meal instantly cozy. Turning down the lights will also help you decompress before heading off to bed, allowing you to fall asleep faster. As an added bonus, research has shown that sitting by a fire may actually help reduce blood pressure. When coupled with the calming effects of your favorite PJs, you’ll be stress-free and off to dreamland in no time.

For more ideas for getting cozy in your PJs this fall, visit The Pajama Company at our blog, thepajamacompany.com/blog.

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