Fall Sleepover Ideas

How to Throw a ‘Pumpkin Spice’ Themed Slumber Party

Three words: pumpkin spice everything. After an absolutely gorgeous summer, fall has finally arrived on the East Coast and temperatures are slowly starting to drop. With school back in session it’s the perfect time for a cozy slumber party, whether you’re in middle school or you’re in college. What better way to celebrate the season than in your favorite pajamas surrounded by all things pumpkin spice?

Not only is pumpkin spice the caffeinated beverage of choice for many this time of year, it creeps into our soaps, candles, and pastries too. The scent makes you feel like you’re hovering over a warm apple pie. To capture this feeling of warmth and comfort we’ve assembled a list of our coziest slumber party must-haves for the perfect fall pajama gathering.

8 Ideas for the Best Fall Slumber Party

1. A Soft and Snuggly Setup

In the designated sleeping area, whether it’s your living room or your dorm room, pull together all the softest, coziest blankets and pillows you can find. Drape them over sofas or arrange them in baskets or strategically placed stacks around the floor. All the soft layers and cushions will invite your guests to settle in and get comfortable for the night.

2. The Scent of the Season

Place ‘pumpkin spice’ air freshener (think plug-ins) or well-attended candles around the room. If you’re using candles, dim the lights to achieve the “autumn glow” effect of a fireplace. splurge on autumn-scented hand soap for the bathroom and stack your fluffy towels high for guests to use if they want to shower off the next morning.

Great Fall Party Ideas

3. Freshly Baked Fall-Themed Treats

Bake or purchase fall baked goods. Think apple or pumpkin pie, fruit-filled crumb bars, or cinnamon-kissed Snickerdoodle cookies. Making s’mores in the oven is another great option. Simple fall snacks include roasted nuts, caramel corn, soft-baked pretzels, and warm dips for your chips.

4. Warm Bellies with Hot Drinks

For drinks, consider warm or cold apple cider and hot chocolate — don’t forget the marshmallows! For the 21-and-over slumber parties (adults like to get cozy too!) mulled wine, sangria made with orange and cinnamon sticks, and hot toddies are a nice addition to the menu.

5. Cozy Fall Activities

There’s something about fall that brings back memories of childhood: the excitement of a new school year, meeting up with friends, Halloween and trick-or-treating, the holidays just around the corner. When planning activities for your child’s sleepover think of the classics: Twister or classic board games like Trouble, Life, Connect Four, and and Clue. These are still fun for teenagers and adults alike! Other adult options could be Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, or the latest card game craze: Cards Against Humanity. Don’t forget to load up on nail polish and magazines with cheezy quizzes and celebrity gossip!

6. Snuggle Up with These Wistful Fall Movies

Pop the popcorn and curl up with one or two of these cozy favorites. Kids movies, romantic comedies and everything in between: Hocus Pocus, Pets, Fantasia or Fantasia 2000, You’ve Got Mail, Good Will Hunting, Keeping The Faith, Rushmore, The Dead Poets Society, When Harry Met Sally, Rudy, Stepmom, Autumn in New York, Practical Magic, and Garden State to name a few. Of course there are millions of Halloween slasher films and psychological thrillers to choose from as well, if romcom’s aren’t your thing.

Adult Women Footie Pajamas for a Slumber Party

Navy Flannel Footy Pajamas from Big Feet Pajamas

7. Don’t Forget Your Jammies!

Fall is the beginning of pajama season. It’s the perfect time of year to break out your flannels for winter. Footie pajamas are still all the rage with the “big kids” reliving the comforts of their childhood. For your ‘pumpkin spice’ slumber party, you might want to think about a pair of pajamas with a fun fall print like these from PJ Salvage.

8. Wake Up to a Warm Fall Breakfast

Oven-baked “breakfast casseroles” are easy to make and can feed a crowd. There plenty of recipes online for various egg, sausage, and hashbrown casseroles, fresh toast, and oven-baked pancakes. For an easy breakfast, heat up frozen waffles and serve with loads of toppings — berries, jams, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce — a variety of muffins (don’t forget pumpkin!) and granola are other options to consider. This may be a great time for the hot chocolate to make a reappearance as a little pick-me-up before your guests head home.

For more ideas for getting cozy in your PJs this fall, visit The Pajama Company at our blog, thepajamacompany.com/blog.

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