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10 Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Getaways

10 Last-Minute Labor Day Weekend “Getaways”

Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah of the summer season before we settle into fall. It seems that on September first — regardless of the weather — everyone is wearing boots and scarves and sipping fall-spiced coffee.

Every long weekend has a popularized way to spend those three days. Since Labor Day weekend is about savoring the last lazy days of summer, many people opt for a beachside getaway. If a 4-day weekend isn’t in your forecast, don’t feel bad! You can still “get away” without a getaway. Check out our tips for a restorative summer staycation, plan to stay local, and get inspired by these ideas.

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Relaxing Labor Day Weekend Activities

1. Local Beach

You don’t need to travel far and wide to enjoy a beach vacation. If you’re near the coast, travel to one of your local beaches for a getaway that’s close to home. Think outside the box: lakes and rivers have beaches too! Opt for lesser known destinations if you can. Fewer crowds means more relaxation.

2. Cultural Weekend

Instead of going to a new exotic locale, why not be a tourist in your own backyard? We often overlook sites and attractions that are closest to us. Discover museums, historic sites, and art galleries that are near to you and see your hometown from the eyes of a visitor.

3. Picnic

It’s a bit old fashioned, but classics never go out of style. Pack a picnic and plan to spend a lazy afternoon in a local park. Lounging under a shady tree, reading, or enjoying your family’s company outdoors is a wonderful way to wrap up the summer season.

4. Hiking

Maybe you can’t make a mountain getaway work for you, but how about a nice long hike? Search for nearby trails and make a day of it. What better way to end your summer than in a peaceful natural environment, soaking up some great views.

5. Explore a New City

If you can swing a day trip, consider visiting your nearest major city. Even if you live in a metropolitan area, consider taking a drive or a train to a new city for the day. This will give you the thrill of getting away and being a tourist, without the hefty price tag of an urban hotel or Airbnb. Have an adventure!

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6. Spa Day

Not all of us know the feeling of “carefree summer days.” If you’re aching for a much-needed vacation, but it isn’t in the cards — how about splurging on a spa day? Many spas have affordable half day packages or discounts if you purchase three or more services. Explore your options and plan to take some time to relax.

7. On the Water

Maybe you’re unable to rent a boat, but how about a kayak or canoe at a nearby lake or river? Not only is kayaking great exercise, it’s a peaceful, meditative activity. Just you on the water surrounded by leafy green foliage. Take it all in at a slower pace.

8. Seafood Feast

Many associate summer with the ocean, beaches, and an abundance of fresh seafood. Why not getaway to a local restaurant and enjoy some seafood? Maybe the restaurant is on a beach, on a lake, or inland. But with the right ambiance, you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from home. If you like to cook, skip the restaurant and try out some beach-inspired recipes at home!

9. Bike Ride

Summers of childhood were usually filled with long bike rides: down the street, to friend’s houses, on back roads. If you don’t own a bike, consider renting or borrowing one for the weekend. Spend a day trying to recapture those simple childhood thrills.

10. Let’s not and say we did?

Are you ‘that friend’ or ‘the family’ who is known, perhaps a little too well, for being the life of the party or the host with the most? Why not sit this one out? Spend a weekend at home, lounging in your pajamas, eating takeout, and putting your feet up before the busy holiday season kicks in. This is the last long weekend of the summer, but not the last one of the year!

For more ideas for rest and relaxation this fall season, check out The Pajama Company at our blog, thepajamacompany.com/blog.

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What you need for your summer staycation

Sometimes the most relaxing kind of vacation is when you have absolutely no where to go.  No bags to pack.  No itinerary to follow. No plane to catch.  Just time to veg out and enjoy being.

Instead of jetting off to some other destination a summer staycation – a vacation at home – can be just what you need.  And with a little advance planning your staycation can be relaxing and fun and just as good as a trip away.

Here are some tips and things to cosider when planning your summer staycation:


Chances are you’ll spend a lot of time just chilling out on your staycation, and you’ll want some entertainment, so gather what you think you’ll want:

– A stack of good books.

– Favorite movies.

– Craft projects.

– Games you may want to play.


Why not try out something you’ve always wanted to do or been meaning to do during your staycation?

– Camp in your own back yard.

– Go to the water park.

– Visit a neighboring town.

– Be a tourist in your own city.  Explore museums, the zoo, or aquarium.

– Have a neighborhood block party.

– Find a drive in movie theater or outdoor film festival.

– Host a family reunion.

– Go tubing!


It’s probably a good idea to plan out your meals ahead of time.  That way you won’t have to spend your precious time at the grocery store or deciding what to do for dinner.

If you’re into cooking, decide what you’ll cook when and get everything you need. Not a cook?  Stock up on snacks and treats and make sure you have plenty of take out menus on hand.

You also may want to make reservtions ahead of time at your favorite restaurants!

The key is to make some plans ahead of time so you can enjoy your time off at home.  And remember, no cleaning or household chores are alowed!  This is time for pure relaxation and fun, just as if you were off in some other place!

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