2017 Holiday Gift Guide from the Pajama Company

Ultimate Holiday Gift-Giving Strategy: The ‘2-Stop Shop’

It feels like Labor Day was only yesterday and yet somehow we’ve managed to fast forward through Halloween, blast past Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner?! Begin the annual lies: “I’m going to get my Christmas shopping done early this year” and “I’ll have the gifts wrapped by the end of November…” Sound familiar?

These are the lies we tell ourselves until mid-December when we end up on an aimless 10-hour Saturday mall run, buying whatever wrapping paper is left at Rite Aid, and giving at least six people on our list Starbucks gift cards. Hey, we’ve all been there. That’s why we’ve decided to help you out with a new strategy: The ‘2-Stop Shop.’

One part Cyber Monday and one part last-minute drugstore run, this strategy is designed to personalize the bejeezus out of your Cyber Monday haul for easy, thoughtful, personalized gifts for everyone on your list.

Step 1: Pick a Theme

Pick one theme for your holiday gifting and splash it across your entire list. By choosing a theme you will shop at one store for everyone, eliminating the dreaded Saturday-in-December-mall-crawl. For example, if your theme is outdoors, you might shop for everyone at Cabela’s. If your theme is foodie, you might browse Williams-Sonoma. You can also shop at a convenient catchall store like Target and use the theme to narrow your focus.

Step 2: Make Your List + Browse Cyber Monday Deals

By Black Friday most stores offer previews of their Cyber Monday deals. Browse and bookmark so you’re ready to go when the sales start. Cyber Monday is an excellent alternative to avoid the crushing crowds and stress of Black Friday. Additionally, if you do all your shopping in one place, you will probably meet the minimum amount to qualify for free shipping, so it won’t cost you anything extra to shop from the comfort of your home.

Step 3: Purchase + Personalize

Once you’ve made your purchases, personalize each gift with a trip to your local drugstore or dollar store. Pick up your wrapping paper and gift bags and throw in a couple little things for each person to create a thoughtful touch. Is your theme foodie? Pick up a funny apron for dad to go with that set of gourmet marinades. Use festive ribbon to tie a cookie cutter to the baking cookbook you got for your sister. Toss chocolate Santas into gift bags for your nieces and nephews. Pick up little trinkets that have special meaning or relate to inside jokes you have with friends. Have fun with it!

Relaxation-Themed Holiday Gift List

To show you how the ‘2-Stop Shop’ strategy works, we’ve selected the theme relaxation and created a holiday gift list that includes everyone in the family.

Give Pajamas and Coffee for the Holidays in 2017

PJ Salvage Women’s Coffee Time Flannel Pajama Set from The Pajama Company

Lazy Saturday Morning

These warm flannel pajamas are perfect for lounging on a leisurely Saturday morning. Personalize this gift with a mug, coffee beans, and biscotti.

Give a Bathrobe and an At-Home Spa Day for the Holidays 2017

Kashwere Super Soft Shawl Collared Robe from The Pajama Company

Spa Day

A luxurious bathrobe will encourage your special someone to put their feet up. Personalize this gift with bath salts, nailpolish, and a face mask.

Give footie pajamas and a movie night, holidays 2017

Lazy One Kids “Timberland Bear” Footy from The Pajama Company

Movie Night

For the young or young at heart, give a pair of footie pajamas. Personalize this gift with a DVD, popcorn and movie theater snacks.

Give Silly Slippers, Holidays 2017

Fuzzy Friends “Grey Elephant” Slippers from Aroma Home from The Pajama Company

The Perfect Bedtime

For littlest ones on your list, give a pair of silly slippers, a bedtime book, hot chocolate, and a teddy bear.

Give Pajama Pants to Your College Kid, Holidays 2017

Boxercraft Stewart Plaid Traditional Flannel Pajama Pant from The Pajama Company

Dorm Duty

For the college-aged nieces and nephews, you can’t go wrong with comfy pajama pants. Include a pack of instant noodles, snacks, a thermos, or an iTunes giftcard to encourage them to kick back in their dorm room.

Give a Romantic Night in with a Bathrobe, Holidays 2017

Kashwere Super Soft Shawl Collared Robe from The Pajama Company

Romantic Night In

A plush robe, massage oil, chocolates, and a scented candle. Bonus points if you watch a few videos online to learn massage techniques!

Give Slipper Socks, Dog Lover, Holidays 2017

Aroma Home Knitted “Dog” Slipper Sock from The Pajama Company

The Bookworm

These warm fuzzy slipper socks are perfect for a cozy night in. Throw in a paperback, an assortment of teas and cookies, and give the gift of a quiet evening.

Give Pajama Pants, Sports Fan, Holidays 2017

Daisy Alexander Classic Green Flannel Pajama Pant from The Pajama Company

The Sports Fan

Give a pair of extra comfortable pajama pants for lounging, a branded beer mug, and game day snacks for a thoughtful gift bag.

The Jetsetter

For your friend who’s always on the go for work or for fun, pick up a pair of comfortable PJs that she can slip into after a long day of travel. Personalize the gift with travel-sized items and an eye mask.

For more ideas for getting festive in your PJs this holiday season, visit The Pajama Company at our blog, thepajamacompany.com/blog.

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