Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

12 Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner, we know that many of you have family holiday portraits scheduled in the coming days. When you are planning your family portrait this holiday season, consider some outside-the-box options.

Each year we receive dozens in the mail that, frankly, all look the same — and into the trash they go!  Ditch the matching sweaters and have some fun this winter with pictures that are guaranteed to bring holiday joy.

Matching Family Flapjack Pajamas

Matching family pajamas from Lazy One.

1. Matching Flapjacks

Nothing brings out your silly side like matching pajamas. Flapjacks are a super cute and fun alternative to color-coordinated formalwear. They are also a great way to create a holiday vibe in you photo before the Christmas decorations go up.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

2. The Joy of Family

Poke fun at all that “quality time” you’ll be spending with your family this holiday season with a family portrait that’s so funny and honest it hurts. The card could also serve as a PSA to your loved ones to put the phones down this holiday season!

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

3. Too Big for Santa?

Too big for Santa? No such thing. Go to your local mall and pay Santa a visit for a classic photo with a twist. Instead of having the kids sit on Santa’s lap, it’s time for the parents to take a turn.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

4. Silent Night

Ain’t it the truth! With the kids home from winter break, all the parents will understand this endearing play on words. Silent night, indeed.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

5. Wrapped Up in the Holidays

Everyone’s least favorite part of holiday decorating: the lights. One goes out, they all go out. Why are they blinking now?! It takes three hours to untangle them and another twelve to locate the one lightbulb responsible. Incorporate them into your portrait for an extra festive photo!

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

6. Winter is Coming

Have fun with pop culture with this absolutely epic ‘Game of Thrones’ reference. This photo is sure to be the Christmas card everyone in your family will be talking about this year.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

7. Ugly Sweater

The go-to funny holiday photo, ugly Christmas sweaters are a popular theme for holiday cocktail parties and family portraits alike. Don your most hideous Christmas sweater or pick some up at your local thrift shop. Smiles, guaranteed.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

8. Love is Everything

Create what is arguably the most relatable family holiday portrait. The holidays are the most stressful time of the year. We have all been to a family gathering or two that didn’t go quite as planned… poke fun at the fam with a staged “awkward” holiday portrait everyone can relate to.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

9. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Another funny portrait classic! Dress dad up as Santa and stage a smooch with the kiddos looking on. It’s funny, playful, and absolutely adorable. This portrait will be the one you put on your mantel every year.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

10. Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep in heavenly peace? ‘Co-Sleeping’ is when a child… and a dog… and a cat… and two more children… end up in your bed at some point in the night. Really, every parent co-sleeps at some point. This wonderful, relatable pose is made even cuter with a set of matching family pajamas!

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

11. Over-the-Top Family Portrait

Get everyone a matching sweater and lean into the idea of the super-staged over-the-top family portrait. And when we say get everyone a matching sweater, we mean everyone. This perfectly posed pooch in his matching argyle getup makes for a hilarious and adorable family photo.

Funny Family Holiday Photo Ideas

12. Embrace Your Crying Kiddos

Rather than stress out about grumpy little ones during your family portrait session, embrace it. Some of the cutest and most hilarious family photos are the less-than-perfect ones we never planned for.

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