In Wacky News: Bed Races

By Emily Friedman, The Pajama Company Summer Intern

As we all know, beds are traditionally used for sleeping purposes. However, a group of people (perhaps aliens?) have been using beds in entirely different ways. Unbeknownst to us here at The Pajama Company, “bed races” have been going on since the 1950’s.

In bed races, 4 or 5 people push a bed on wheels, while one individual sits atop the (usually ridiculously decorated) bed. In the celebrated Great Grove Bed Race, this push occurs over a distance of 1/8 mile. Eventually, the judges narrow down the competitors to 8 finalists who race to the finish. Bed races are typically judged based on theme, decor, and speed.

True to bed form, every participant in the bed race dons a classy set of pajamas, depending on the theme of their individual bed. Pirate pajamas, Hawaiian pajamas, and princess pajamas all make appearances at the bed races.

For aerodynamic purposes, we love these footie pants.

But for style, you have to go with the biking set.

They’re totally transportation themed!

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