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The Absolute Best Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea

If Father’s Day snuck up on you (again), don’t panic! While you might not be able to snag a reservation at a steakhouse this late in the game, you can give dad a gift he’s guaranteed to love: the gift of relaxation. If dad works all day and picks up a second shift as Superdad all night — cooking dinner, helping with homework, wrangling kiddos at bathtime, or scaring away monsters under the bed — he’ll appreciate having the house to himself in his favorite pajama pants on Sunday.

Here’s The Pajama Company’s simple five step guide for planning the best “day off” for dad. No advanced reservations required!

Kasher Super Soft Collared Robe from Pajama Company

Kashwere Super Soft Bathrobe — featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things!

How to Plan the Most Relaxing Father’s Day for Dad

1. Give the gift of comfort!

Let dad know your plans for Father’s Day the night before. Then surprise him with something comfortable to spend the day in. He’ll want to put his feet up, so consider a luxurious bathrobe, pajama pants, fun pajama set, or silly T-shirt — a thoughtful little present he can lounge in all day long.

2. Make a plan for the kids.

Have a late breakfast together, so dad can sleep in. The kids will be eager to give dad their gifts and he’ll get plenty of Father’s Day hugs before you depart for the day. Plan to spend the afternoon out. Take the kids to a playdate, the park, a movie, an arcade, to visit their grandparents… anything to keep them busy for the day so dad can have the house to himself on Father’s Day.

3. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served.

What’s Father’s Day without steak? Steak and eggs for breakfast sounds super fancy, but it’s a surprisingly quick and easy meal to make. Other easy breakfast ideas: Easy Steak & Egg Bake or this epic “breakfast hoagie” that can be made on a baguette to feed a family! Since you’ll be out for most of day, keep it simple and have all his favorite sandwich fixings ready to go in the fridge: cured meats, cheeses, quality bread, and all the toppings! For dinner, consider firing up the slow cooker or reheating a no-fuss pre-made dish like baked ziti, chili, or a frozen pizza.

Dad T-Shirt for Father's Day

A super T-shirt for Superdad! This fun shirt from LA Imprints makes a great Father’s Day gift. Only 8 left!

4. Everything within arm’s reach.

For an extra-thoughtful touch, set up his favorite spot on the couch so everything is within arm’s reach: his favorite drink, slippers, an assortment of snacks, books, magazines, newspaper, and the remote of course! Be sure to include a comfy pillow and a blanket as well. If you want to be cute, throw in an eye mask for that inevitable afternoon nap! He’ll appreciate that you remembered his faves and went the distance to ensure a day of complete relaxation.

5. Dinner and a movie.

When you return from your day out, simply reheat dinner and settle in with newly “zenned-out” dad. Continue the pampering and let him pick a movie for the family to watch or pick a game for a game night. If you opted not to give him a gift yet, this would be the perfect time to surprise him with matching family pajamas (the family that lounges together…). Whatever you choose to do on Sunday evening, spending a relaxing night with his favorite people beats a crowded steak house every time. For more gift ideas or inspiration for family activities, visit us at thepajamacompany.com/blog.

Father's Day Gift Ideas from The Pajama Company

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How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing like getting a bad night’s sleep to throw off my day. When I’m sleep deprived, it affects my concentration and productivity, my overall mood and mindset, and makes it hard to get through the day.

We know that quality sleep is necessary for overall health and peace of mind.  Sleeping gives our bodies and brains time to relax and rejuvenate.  Just like eating, sleep is necessary for our survival.

Stress can be a big factor in sleeping well – whether it hampers your ability to get to sleep or it wakes you up in the middle of the night.  Lots of other factors can come between you and restful sleep – whether it’s eating patterns, your ability to get comfortable, or what you do leading up to bedtime.

Here are some tips to help you slip effortlessly into dream land…

Keep to a schedule.

Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each night – even on weekends.  According to the Mayo Clinic, keeping to a consistent schedule sets up your sleep-wake cycle, and will help you to get better quality sleep.

Give yourself time to wind down. 

In the hour or so before your bed time, its best to avoid stressful or over stimulating activities, and give yourself time to transition into sleep mode. If you have a demanding job, steer clear of checking email just before bed. In fact, it’s best to leave the phone and computer in another room while you sleep. If you typically watch TV shows at night, choose shows that aren’t violent or over stimulating. Reading a light book or magazine can be a great way to ease you into relaxation.

Watch what you eat in the hours before bed time. 

Anything you eat about 2 to 3 hours before bed time has the potential to affect your sleep.  Limit the alcohol and caffeine, and instead try a relaxing herbal tea chamomile or lavender tea.  Sleepytime tea is a great option too!

Take a warm bath or shower.

One of my favorite night time rituals is to take a hot bath before bed. I’ve always found it very soothing and relaxing.  Apparently there is some science behind it as well, as mentioned in this article on health.com. It goes something like this: when you fall asleep your body temperature naturally falls. Taking a hot bath raises your temperature a few degrees higher than normal, and then creates a steeper plummet, sending you off into a nice deep slumber.

Wear comfortable pajamas. (Of course!)

Whatever you choose to wear to bed, it should be loose and comfortable. Get rid of any pjs that don’t fit you properly or have irritating features like scratchy fabric or annoying elastic. Pick pajamas that work for you and make you feel good! Some people are more comfortable in shorts than pants, and others prefer a nightshirt to a two-piece pair of jammies. You might even love a one-piece pair of footed pajamas!

Make sure your bedroom supports good sleeping.

Be sure your bed, pillows, and blankets are truly comfortable. Pillows wear out over time and if they are not supporting your neck properly, it can make it tough to get good sleep. You also want to make make sure your room is quiet and dark.  A noise machine or fan can help drown out sounds that may wake you during the night. If your bedroom is not dark enough, try black-out curtains or wearing an eye mask to keep the light out.

We want to hear from you – what are your tips for getting a good night’s rest?  Share with us below in the comments!

Photo Credit: adwriter via Compfight cc

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Five Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

We know how hard mother’s work, often taking care of everyone except for themselves. That’s why we love to treat them to some special comfort every Mother’s Day. But what gift can you get that your mom will love and will show her how much you care? We have some ideas. Here are five:

1. The Mother’s Day Luxury Bundle — Upgrade your typical pajama or robe purchase to an extraordinary gift package. The mother’s day bundle comes in a cute tied up pillow case (which she can reuse as well!) and includes a nightshirt, soothing eye mask, cosmetic case and chocolate bar. Substitutions are available on request, so just ask if you want something different!

2. Emerson Street Nightshirts in a Bag — Your mom will love these 100% cotton nightshirts printed with hilarious and fun cartoons suited for her unique personality. All nightshirts come in a cute drawstring cotton bag printed with a matching design.

3. Kashwere Robes — This is truly a gift of luxury. Featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things, these cashmere-like robes are incredibly soft and warm and will never shrink or fade. Add a fun pillow that reminds her that she is the family matriarch like the “It’s Good To Be Queen” Green Embroidered Gift Pillow.

4. “Marching Elephants” Flannel Pajama — One of our favorite new pajama sets, this fun flannel pajama from Munki Munki features a bright and colorful exotic elephant design. Add some poodle slippers to complete the comfy outfit! If you are looking for other fun animal themed pajamas, make sure to check out our Animal Lover section for more options.

5. From Paris With Love — Bring Paris to Mom this year with these beautiful Pink “Eiffel” Classic Flannel Pajama from Bedhead. The comfortable fit, and luxuriously soft 100% cotton pink flannel with crisp piping make this pajama one she will never want to take off. Complete the gift by adding an Anne Taintor cosmetic bag, like “Born to be Wild”, for her to take on her next European trip!

Didn’t see anything here? Check out or Just for Mom category for more Mother’s Day gift ideas. Remember Mother’s Day is May 13! 

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