Keep Cool in Summer Boxers

With temperatures soaring it’s time to live in boxers, tees and tanks.  We love the fun of boxers and think you will too.  Summer is all about lounging whether you are at the beach or on your front porch or comfy on your couch.  Lounging is about being comfortable and we’ve put together a boxer, tank and tee collection sure to make you smile.  Here are some of our favorites.

"Sweet and Sour" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Addicted to Love" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Bear Naked" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Wildest Dreams" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Almost Ready" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Yummy" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Peace, Love & Happy Hour" Boxer from Be As You Are $16

"Dam It" Boxer from Hatley Nature $16

"Peace, Love & Cupcakes" Tee from Be As You Are $24

"Happy Hour" Men's Tee from Life is good $25

"Beer Pong League" Tank from Be As You Are $22

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Find Your “Happy Place” This Summer and Go There

Here at The Pajama Company, we love to lounge and think summer is the perfect season to kick back and relax.  Not sure how to start this adventure of  “Chilln’?”  Begin by finding your perfect  “Happy Place.”  Find it and  and go back to it often.  Maybe it is plopped under your favorite tree, in your garden, on your deck or porch, poolside  or just in a quiet corner of your home.  Whether you have all day or just 20 minutes to spare, use the time doing what you love.  Settle in with your journal and add one more page, daydream, meditate, snooze, write a blog post, read the next chapter of the book you started months ago or simply sit.

For some, taking time to relax is daunting.  For some, life is such a whirl that stepping away even for a moment is stress inducing.  Funny how it’s possible for lounging to be stressful.  For some, it truly is.   For the type A, overstressed we say start the process of relaxing a little slower.  Start by coming home and just doing a quick change from work clothes to pj’s or boxers.  Something so simple can work very well to melt away a few tense muscles. It’s you saying, “I’m home.”  You’ve officially left the office, the playground, the sports field, the “Mom” taxi.  You may still have tons to do but putting on pj’s means you are home.  Many tell us that they do their best work in pajamas and we believe it.

We love to talk about lounging and love lounging in pj’s.  We know grabbing a little quiet time is so healthy and rejuvenating.  Find your “Happy Place” and go there, even for just a moment.  You will thank yourself.

Summer is the time to smile a little more, laugh a little more and simply do what you love a little more.

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Nightshirts Perfect for A Princess or A Queen!

With Royal Wedding fever at full pitch it’s time to plan the perfect outfit for that early morning TV watching Friday!  We’ve put together a collection of our nightshirts just right for the occasion.  Afterall, at 3am it should be a little bit of style, a little bit of fun and a whole lot of comfort!  Don’t you agree?  We love Emerson Street’s famous “Nightshirt in a Bag” because it’s roomy and it’s fun.  Let’s celebrate the wedding with nightshirt comfort and nightshirt fun.  At $28, these nightshirts are a great price for gift giving for your family, friends and especially for you!  The Emerson Street shirt “one size fits most” nightshirt is a white 100% cotton coverup with a thin black V neckline, and comes rolled in a cotton bag. Emerson’s art is not only featured on the nightshirt but is printed on the white drawstring cotton bag as well. We also love love love the cute nightshirts from “My Favorite Nightshirt” company.  Also $28, these oversized tee shirt style nightshirts come in a see through plastic bag with black handles.  The prints are sweet and fun.

"I'm Just The Queen"

"Wine Princess"

"I'm a Princess That's Why!"

"The Princess Wants to Sleep"

So fluff the pillows, pour some bubbly and enjoy the wedding in nightshirt style!

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Spring Pajamas Are Here!

Finally, finally it’s spring and we are ready to celebrate the season with new cotton pajamas!  Cool cottons are lightweight and comfy for warmer days and nights.  We love all our new prints and think you will too!  Pajamas are a perfect way to express your personality and celebrate what you love.  For pet lovers…we have pajamas, for wine lovers…we have pajamas, for beach lovers…we have pajamas, for sports lovers…we have pajamas, for food lovers…we have pajamas.  We all lead busy lives so time to lounge is cherished.  We think jumping into wonderful, cheerful, soft pajamas makes our down time just happier and more relaxing.  Here are a few Spring Pajamas we love today.

"Fairgrounds" from Munki Munki $94

"Meow" from PJ Salvage $52

"Peace Love & Happy Hour" PJ Pant from Be As You Are

"Cupcakes" from The Cat's Pajamas $86

"Sailing Dogs" from Hatley Nature $34

"Carolina Paisley" from Bedhead $142

"Tennis" from Munki Munki $94

"Book Lover" from Frankie & Johnny $64

"Whales" from Munki Munki $94

We think pajamas are just for you and are a fun way to show what you love.

Celebrate Spring with Pajamas!

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No More Cold Feet

We all have a touch of “Spring Fever” today but sadly winter is still lingering.  Not to worry because our new collection of  “Snuggle Socks” from Life is good has just arrived and we think you will love it.  Fresh spring colors and prints will at least help us dream of Spring on this last day of February.  Soft and cozy, the Sunggle Sock is made of 98% poly and 2% Lycra spandex with a small Life is good label at the top of each pair.  At $10 a pair you might just want more than one.

Life is good Snuggle Sock in Riveria Blue

Life is good Hibiscus Snuggle Sock in Pink Sorbet

Life is good Daisy Snuggle Sock in Spring Green

Life is good Pink Hearts Snuggle Sock

Life is good Rivera Blue Snuggle Sock

Life is good Rouge Snuggle Sock

Life is good Striped Snuggle Sock in Pink Sorbet

Life is good Striped Snuggle Sock in Sky Blue

Life is good Sunny Yellow Snuggle Sock

Which Snuggle Sock is your favorite today?

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Be My Valentine

With Valentine’s Day Just 7 days away, it’s time to decide on that perfect gift.  It’s the perfect day to tell your Valentine to pamper herself with a little rest and relaxation.  We love how pajamas shout “pour another cup of coffee” or how pajamas just make that Saturday morning feeling last all day.  Giving pajamas for Valentine’s Day says  it’s time to take a break and catch your breath, it’s time to do just what you love.  We love pajamas and especially for Valentine’s Day.  Pajamas are for you, the recipient.

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Our Top 10 Holiday “Gifts for Geeks”

Of course, we all have at least one lovable Geek in our lives and sometimes finding the perfect gift can be challenging.  Today, we are here to help.   Here are  our Top 10  “Gifts for Geeks.”

1. You must have one social media fan in your life…and when it is time to rest his/her  internet weary head on something…voila…the perfect pillow.  These gems are truly one of a kind, handmade by Craftsquatch.  We all love unique gifts that capture a smile and these social media pillows do just that.  12″x12″ square and made of the softest fleece around.  Grab yours today before they are gone into cyberspace!

Twitter Bird $28

Google $28

RSS Icon $28

2. We think every Geek has quietly wished for his or her very own warm, snugly pair of Footie Pajamas. Perfect for video gaming, programming, reading, relaxing or just talking to Mom on Skype.  Choose from a fabulous selection here for Geeks of all ages.

Red Fleece $48

Navy Plaid Flannel $44

3. We know Geeks love Tee Shirts with a sense of humor and we have just that in our full of fun Be As You Are collection.

Game Over $24

Call Me Text Me $24

4. It’s quite possible that your Geek has one or two foibles, quirks, dare we say dysfunctions?  Our Inner Truth Journals might be just the thing for those late night scribbles.

My Dysfunctions Inner-Truth Journal $18

5. Is there anything nicer than a bright red snowman print flannel pajama for the holidays?  We think not.

Red Snowman $52

6. After hours of computing or gaming, extreme hunger is inevitable and we have the perfect solution…Chocolate of course.  Our Emergency Chocolate Bar is designed for “Immediate relief of Chocolate Cravings, Lovesickness, Exam Pressure,  Mild Anxiety and Extreme Hunger.”

Emergency Chocolate $10

7. A little bit of Pinstripe can go a long way. Instead of going for the full Pinstripe Suit with polished tasseled loafers, we kind of like the simple Boxer. Made of fine Egyptian cotton, the boxer is  a great look for lounging and doesn’t require much effort for your sometimes slightly disheveled Geek.

Pinstripe Boxer $19.99

8. We hate to stereotype but is it possible  your favorite Geek might just have one or perhaps multiple furry, fluffy roomates who purr and enjoy  a nice saucer of milk?

Sleeps With Cats Nightshirt $28

9. We know Geeks are generally task oriented and even a bit on the bossy side so again, we have the perfect Gift in the form of a List just for the Holidays.  Our Things You Must Do For The Holidays Notepad includes these tasks:  “Believe in Santa, Dress up the pets, Max out a credit card, Channel Martha, Wear a Santa Hat, Buy me Everything, Learn to Snowboard.”  (Did we mention sometimes Geeks can be task oriented?)

Things You Must Do For The Holidays $8

10. When it’s 2 am and time for a little shut eye or even 3 pm and time for that power nap, the Midnight Mask is the perfect way to create solitude and reset those creative juices.  We know Geeks have to step away from the keyboard, put down the controller, and close the book every now and then.

Midnight Mask $10

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This Week’s Staff Picks

It’s Wednesday and here is what we love this week at The Pajama Company

"Doggy Love" Kids Pajamas from Papa Bear  $34

"Doggy Love" Kids Pajama from Papa Bear for Ages 2-14 $34

Big Feet Navy Plaid Flannel Footed Pajama $44

Footzies PJ Pant $24.99 Footzies Tee Shirt $19.99

Munki Munki Women's Flannel "Skater" Pajama in Blue $86

"Carolina Paisley" Ruffle Pajama from Bedhead $142

"Pigs Fly" Flannel Pajama from PJ Salvage $70

"Making the Moose out of Life" Men's Flannel Pajama Pant $34

Kashwere Kids Super Soft Blue Striped Hydranga Robe $50

"STress Gets Better With Wine" Nightshirt in a Bag $28

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Everybody Loves Matching Family Pajamas for The Holidays

This week we launched our “Matching Family Pajamas” category here at We know there is something about winter and something about the holidays that makes it wonderful to just relax at home together in pajamas. Kids just love, love, love to wear pajamas that match Mom and Dad. It’s fun to see families all in pajamas and all matching.  It’s just happy, and isn’t that what the holidays are all about? We really love our footie pajamas from Big Feet Pajamas for the family and our fabulous collection of matching pj set, pants and sleepshirts from Hatley Nature. How fun for kids to see Mom & Dad in matching footies. We’ve heard our customers tell us that they love footies and love the fun of reclaiming a bit of childhood with footies. We know many families have the “Matching Pajama” tradition for the holidays. For some it’s Thanksgiving, for others it’s Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or the first night of Hanukkah. Always popular are bright red flannel pj’s with snowmen and our Papa Bear flannels are just that and perfect for the entire family. Here are a few of our new matching goodies. Let us know what you think and take a moment to share any of your matching family traditions.

"Bears on Plaid" Flannel Men's PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Bears on Plaid" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Applique Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Christmas Animals" Womens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Christmas Animals" Mens Flannel PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

"Red Snwoman" Flannel Pajama Set for Adults size S-XXL $52 and Kids size 2-18 $34

Big Feet Adult Red Fleece Footies $48

Big Feet Kids Red Fleece Footy $36

"Making the Moose out of Life" Kids Pajama from Hatley Nature $30

"Making the Moose out of Life" Womens Sleepshirt from Hatley Nature $29

"Making the Moose out of Life" Mens PJ Pant from Hatley Nature $34

Time to get matching!

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New Flannels from PJ Salvage Have Arrived

We are so excited  here at The Pajama Company about our new fall flannels from PJ Salvage.  We know you love the comfort and softness of PJ Salvage flannel pajamas.  The “Boyfriend” fit makes them slightly oversized and perfectly cozy.  Every season PJ Salvage pajamas are sweet and fun.  Today we are introducing “Sundae Surprise” in pretty pink, “Pigs Fly” in blue, “Peace Out” in a fun multi color and “Rough Rider” in a colorful print on white.   PJ Salvage pajamas make a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Rough Rider $70

Peace Out $70

Pigs Fly $70

Sundae Surprise $70

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