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Daytime Nap

The Art of Napping

Taking a nap…

There are some that do it with awe-inspiring expertise, and then there are those who just aren’t daytime sleepers.This post is dedicated to all you non-nappers out there. We’re going to convert you with some great advice and ease you into becoming a member of the napping population!

Did you know that afternoon naps in many other countries are actually a tradition and observed after the midday meal? This rest period revitalizes and prepares folks to tackle the rest of the day. Many recent studies have also confirmed what so many others already know.  A peaceful 20-minute nap does wonders for productivity, energy, and even attitude.

Why aren’t you recharging your batteries on a regular basis? The excuses are usually always the same. “I’m too busy to nap” or “I can’t sleep in the daytime,” or “my mind won’t stop thinking long enough for me to take a rest.”

Napping is an art –pure and simple. If you follow these tips, you too can see how the other half lives!

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Get Comfortable (or as much as you can)

If you are a stay at home parent or work from home, this is not a problem. If however, you are one of the millions of people that have to go to your place of employment every day, this becomes a bit more of a challenge but is not impossible. Most people get an hour for lunch so after your meal, close your office door, find an empty conference room or employee lounge, or even go to your car (seats recline wayyyy back). You may need to try a few different ideas but eventually; you’ll find something that works.

Clear Your Mind

It sounds hard, but do your best to put everything that’s going on in your hectic life aside for a little while. Think of people or things that make you smile. Maybe imagine that you’re lounging on a tropical beach with the waves rippling around you. You’ll find that you are transported to a calm, soothing place that allows you to relax.

Cover Up

There’s something about being wrapped in a cozy blanket that just makes us feel good. Covering up will give you a sense of security and well being. Plus, science has shown that when you feel secure, your metabolism falls, your breathing rate slows, and this allows your body to slip into sleep mode much easier.

Lights Out

Again, not always an option for every scenario but if possible, nap in a dark place. Shutting out light tells your body it’s time to go into standby mode. If you can’t turn the lights out, get yourself a sleep mask which will block the light for you.

Keep it Short

If you sleep too long, you will wake with a feeling of grogginess and disorientation. Long naps can also negatively impact nighttime sleep.  We recommend 20 to 30 minutes at the most. Make sure to set an alarm on your phone so you don’t oversleep.

Make it a Routine

If you nap at the same time every day you will stabilize your circadian rhythms and maximize the benefits. Really, the ideal thing to do is just  make it a part of your daily schedule!

Now that you know all the secrets of becoming a napping professional, give it a try. We think you’ll become addicted in no time. And don’t forget… rainy weekends are perfect times to practice and perfect your napping skills – or, lounge around in your pajamas all day if you prefer!


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The Art of Napping


the art of napping, cat, the pajama companyAt The Pajama Company, we think there are two kinds of people in the world: those who nap and those who don’t.  It could be the fact that we’re obsessed with all things sleep and relaxation, but we think naps rate high up there on the list of the good things in life!

After all, what can be better than taking  a break for some relaxation and rejuvenation time?  And, contrary to what you may have heard, naps do not make you lazy.  In fact taking a nap can actually help you to be more productive and creative and can boost your health.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your naps…

Keep it Short

A short nap can do wonders to help you feel better and perk you up, especially if you’ve been concentrating hard or doing something physical and feel tired.  It’s best to keep your naps to about 20 to 30 minutes so that you can wake up and feel alert afterwards.  If you sleep much longer than that you run the risk of waking up groggy or possibly not being able to wake up at all.  Of course if it’s a rainy weekend, we say stay in your pajamas and nap all day if you like!

Keep it to the Afternoon

Mid afternoon is the optimal time to nap.  This is the time during your day that you usually need it the most.  Your blood sugar typically takes a dip around this time, soon after you had lunch, which can make you feel tired. Napping earlier in the afternoon rather than later will also help to avoid disturbing your normal sleep schedule.

Find a Cozy Nap Spot

Unless I’m sick, I prefer not to nap in my bed.  I choose the couch instead, which I think helps me to keep to shorter nap time.  But find what works for you.  Some people like to nap on top of their bed – without getting under the covers – which is also a good idea.  Either way allows you to be cozy without getting into bed completely.  Be sure to have a light blanket on hand.  You also may want to set an alarm if you don’t tend to wake easily.

If you’re in the office and can’t lay down, close your door and rest your head on your desk.  You may want to grab a sweater or something soft to put under your head and maybe drape your jacket around your shoulders.  This may seem out of the ordinary, but I challenge you to try it and see how you feel.  I’m willing to bet you’ll emerge refreshed and ready to go!

Photo Credit: Takashi(aes256) via Compfight cc

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